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  • I agree with your other replies sweetie. You NEED to increase your calories and incorporate strength training into your routine. Kettlebells are brutal but so effective for toning. Give 'em a go!
  • This absolutely!!!!!!!
  • BMI is very unreliable as it doesn't take into account how much muscle a person has. For example, we all know David Haye isn't fat, but his BMI would probably be through the roof! Just go by how your clothes fit and how YOU feel! As your friend i'm sure you won't mind me telling you that you do tend to obsess a bit so try…
  • Fad. Don't do it.
  • Bust: 36 Waist: 28.5 Hips: 38 Wrists: 5.5 Forearm: 8.5 Top of arms: 11 These are mine when I measured last week. X
  • *sighs* I do pretty much only cardio and have done for months. I'm now in good shape and everyone says so- including my GP! I think my ticker speaks for itself.
  • Just increase protein as you need more of that when building more muscle. Re-fuel with protein, water and a little carbs 20-30 mins after your workout. Jx
  • I hope you won't find me sarcastic as I really don't mean to come across that way. I just want to say that diet fads are really not the way to go at all. They are the result of clever marketing aimed at people who are vulnerable to it. The ONLY way to make sure you lose the weight and keep it off is to eat right, exercise…
  • I think (personally) that it's all in how you use the word "treat". I don't see any reason why you can't still have fish and chips etc as long as it is an occasional thing. The only exception to that would be if you have a genuine addiction to these types of foods (in much the same way as a recovering alcoholic can't ever…
  • Be aware that very over-ripe bananas are extremely high in quite fast releasing sugar! They're best to eat when they've just turned from green to yellow. x
  • Not all sugars are created equal. Fructose is a disaccharide but all the other health benefits contained within fruit and vegetables (fibre, antioxidants etc) outweigh this. At the end of the day too much of anything is bad for you but it's just using common sense and moderation. Ketchup etc has LOADS of sugar so it might…
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  • Eat more! this REALLY helps shift a plateau. Also, do your weights before cardio. Jx
  • I've told you lots of times what you need to do. Eat more (healthy, calorie and nutrient dense food), do more strength training on alternate days and a little cardio on the others. We all store and lose fat in different areas in different ways. For some people, the first place they lose fat might be from their face, for…
  • Could just be water bloating. Try monitoring your sodium intake and be sure to drink plenty of water every day. Don't forget that its not unusual for us girls to retain water just before and during that time of the month too so if it's around that time for you this could be an explanation. If you're eating a healthy amount…
  • I do this sometimes. It is much harder than people think lol
  • You don't need weights or any other equipment for resistance training if you try body weight exercises like planks, squats, lunges, press ups etc. Do these sessions on alternate days and do a bit of cardio on the other days. Have 1-2 days off every week though.
  • You might be losing "weight", but that's not necessarily losing the fat you want to lose. You read my article on the dangers of restricting too much?
  • ^^^This sounds much more realistic
  • Haha love it! x
  • ^^^^This! I wouldn't have used the word retards, but what this guy says is right. There are a lot of people who think they know it all on here and they don't have the qualifications/knowledge to back it up. Be careful who you listen to Sammie.
  • I eat sometimes 100+g of mostly "good" carbs per day. I think my ticker speaks for itself.
  • I've already answered these questions for you. Also, who's telling you not to go over 40g carbs and why?????
  • I'm gonna try THIS^^^^ I usually add some fruit and a tiny sprinkle of sweetener. Lovely. Really takes the bitter taste out of it.
  • ^^^EXCELLENT advice!!
  • ^^This! If the nutritional supplements you're thinking of starting are cheaper than actual food, they're probably not as nutritionally sound as they are marketed to be. High quality nutritional shakes cost quite a lot!
  • See your GP about this. Is there a reason for your lack of appetite in particular? Good food doesn't have to be particularly pricey so i'm sure you would be able to find something out there.
  • This^^^ Also, is there a reason you're reducing carbs? they're not as bad as people think sometimes. Your foods look great!!! really yummy too!!
  • Diets don't work. Eat healthy, drink water and exercise. Create a 500 calorie deficit each day and you're on target to lose 1lb a week.
  • This^^^^ Also the sugar value in a banana goes through the roof when it starts to go brown. They're fine to eat but best when they're just ripened as the sugar is lower.
  • Haha almost 60lbs gone and you've seen my progress pics and my fiance STILL hasn't noticed!! Lol. Well done x