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  • Yes! I just got my bike two weeks ago, and I’m loving it! My leaderboard name is GelicaG, what’s yours?
  • Interval sprinting is the best way to run faster. Also, forego running on a treadmill for actual terrain because you will have to run outdoors for your basic training. If you absolutely need to run on a treadmill, try this Treadmill Blast workout and make sure you ramp that incline up a bit. I was able to cut a bit of time…
  • Grilled chicken salad with some really yummy Boathouse Farms Southwest yogurt dressing. It was delicious. :-)
  • You probably did a good bit of damage, but a lot of it won't be seen till later. Next time, remember that moderation is the key!! I'd guess that a chunck of that new weight is water weight because junk food is filled with crazy high amounts of sodium and will make you retain water like no other!
  • I always love having more friends! Add me please! :-)
  • Hi! I'll FR you!
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  • TreavorJ76 is pretty spot on about Air Force BMT. You willl have to many long marches to various points around Lackland AFB carrying issued eqipment and what not. I remember falling aleep while marching in what probably was over 75 lbs of gear, just to arrive an at obstacle course. The course took the whole day, then we…
  • I have the same problem with my daughter. She's three and constantly wants to participate, which usually ends up being a big game to her. I either get up before she does to work out, stay up late to work out, or more often than not I will put her in her stoller and do an extra long walk. Just be prepared to have snacks and…
  • I have a little less than 80lbs to lose. Feel free to add me! I'm always on the app and would like more friends! :-)
  • Same here! I am finally dedicated to a healthier lifestyle. I realized had the wrong outlook before on weight loss, and so now I'm giving this a real 100% effort by changing my mindset getting a good support system in place. Please feel free to friend request me and we can do this together!