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  • My experience with keto was that I had to give it about 5 days to get the carb dependent vibe out of my system. it's going to vary by person depending on how much carbs you fed your body. After that my body solely relied on the fat and I stay very satiated. My best suggestion would be to not give up. One of the things that…
  • I'm not familiar with "carb" sensitivity. But as far as gluten... a blood test won't show a sensitivity, only for celiac. You've got to remove the gluten from your diet and then monitor how you feel to determine your sensitivity. My sensitivity was discovered because for 6 months I was exhausted and then I had constant…
  • I tried to have a Treat Day this weekend and *barely* went over my calories! :) All the posters who've said that you just naturally start to gravitate towards the healthy food are right. I wanted to indulge and totally didn't have the heart's desire! :)
  • OOOOO... now I like this calculator!! This seems a bit more accurate and in line with other feedback I've received. And it just seems more logical to me as well. Thanks for sharing this one!
  • I went to both of these sites and did the calculations... there was a 481 calorie variance and 286 BMR variance between the 2 sites (using the exact same stats). So frustrating.
  • Ditto. Except my day is Friday. :)
  • Ditto. Except my day is Friday. :)
  • One of the weirdest things that I wasn't expecting was that I went down a half shoe size. I thought it was weird that I would go UP a shoe size so late in life. I never attributed that to weight gain... until I lost 25lbs (a couple of years ago) and all my shoes were too big.
  • Awesome job!!! You look fantastic and I can only imagine that you feel even better!!!
  • You look incredible!! Congratulations and thanks for posting such awesome inspiration!
  • You will get up at 4:30am with a sinus infection and upper respiratory infection, put on your workout clothes and then fall asleep in the workout room (with your workout clothes on) because you realize that you're STILL sick. :(
  • I don't have the second one, but I thoroughly enjoy my first one! :) I haven't been able to do it in a week and it's killing me. I've been horribly sick with sinus infection. I'm so ready to feel better so I can get back to my Zumba!
  • Hello all! I'm glad I found this thread as I've been having the same questions! I wear the Polar HRM on my wrist and will measure my heart rate between each exercise. And I've been entering the final calorie burned count on MFP from my HRM as opposed to the calorie burn amount on EA. There is about a 100 calorie difference…
  • Truly an inspiration!! Keep up the awesome work!
  • I average about 2 liters a day... which I believe is 64 oz.