Size 24 to 14! pics



  • mathlete99
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    You are the Friday inspiration I needed! Thank you for sharing :) Continued progress toward your goal!
  • Victoriav99
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    Congrats!!1 you look wonderful!
  • OsMomMom
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    Congrats! Your story is inspiring, Keep up the great work.
  • sweetNsassy2584
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    amazing job! Keep it up hun!
  • CharlieBarleyMom
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    That is just fantastic! You look wonderful. Congratulations.
  • stacymama5
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    Congratulations!! That is truly awesome!!!
  • How wonderful! You look great. You have to feel absolutely amazing! I'm sure you have a spring in your step like you couldn't imagine. What a great inspiration for us:)
  • Mich3ll36
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    Congrats!!!! Im currently a 24/26.. started losing at 336, currently at 317. I cant wait for the day that Im your size!! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your pics.
  • Nic620
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    What a wonderful accomplishment!! Great job!
  • DietPep1978
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    Great job! You look absolutely fabulous! Well done.
  • skbohanon
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    Truly an inspiration!! Keep up the awesome work!
  • goblynn
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    You are an inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!
  • Feed_the_Bears
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    That's amazing. I remember when my mom lost that king of weight. Her mind couldn't catch up with her body and she couldn't believe this was the knew her. This is you and you look, and must FEEL, great! Keep up the good work. It's a long slow road, but aren't you glad you got started a year ago?

    Awesome! This helps me deal with the cravings I'm having right now! :)
  • Just_One_Me
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    Ohhhh my GOODNESS YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Keep up the good work ! =')
  • joolie3
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    As someone who hasn't been under 200 pounds in probably 20 years - I am very jealous and inspired all at once. That is just AWESOME.
  • stickwithme
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    Wow! You must be really proud of your hard work and commitment. Thanks for sharing!
  • Masq
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    Awesome job!! I am working hard to break the 200lb mark after 40 as well.
    Great inspiration that it can be done!
    Congrats! :flowerforyou:
  • infamousmk
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    NICE WORK!! Looks like you lost 10 years, too!! CONGRATULATIONS!
  • Thank you for sharing!! You look like you now weigh a lot less than 199, you look gorgeous! And blue is your color!

    I especially appreciate your story because you started about where I started a couple months ago, and it gives me motivation and inspiration. Getting under 200 is a major accomplishment and I can't wait till I can say the same thing. Hopefully by the end of this year!
  • AngelikaLumiere
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    You look great! You deserve a new wardrobe!