The first thing you noticed...



  • skbohanon
    skbohanon Posts: 15 Member
    One of the weirdest things that I wasn't expecting was that I went down a half shoe size. I thought it was weird that I would go UP a shoe size so late in life. I never attributed that to weight gain... until I lost 25lbs (a couple of years ago) and all my shoes were too big.
  • owlgoose
    owlgoose Posts: 25
    my face in pictures.. it would appear i have a jaw line.
  • CherokeeTopaz
    CherokeeTopaz Posts: 310 Member
    The first thing I noticed....

    My face was slimmer and clearer (had acne breakouts) and I felt like I had more energy to do what I wanted. :)
  • AABru
    AABru Posts: 610 Member
    collarbones, my calves and ankles got thinner, my hands got ropey with veins
  • mommyred35
    mommyred35 Posts: 282 Member
    My back fat started to smooth out
  • teresadutton
    teresadutton Posts: 232 Member
    I have only 1 chin, I actually DO have a collar bone, hands and wrists are smaller
  • PinkEarthMama
    PinkEarthMama Posts: 987 Member
    Honestly? My thighs shrank an abnormal amount - 2" each within the first few weeks. I noticed my stockings fit better almost right away.
  • chicfreak9
    chicfreak9 Posts: 78 Member
    I lost a cup size. Always the 1st to go. then i notice my skirts weren't so tight around my waist and hung on my hips (like they were supposed to)
  • diddyh
    diddyh Posts: 131 Member
    Things just firmed up instead of jiggled. I wasn't a different size just firmer.
  • Whooleeah
    Whooleeah Posts: 23 Member
    the first thing i noticed was just feeling good in general.

    i'm not sure if it was that i felt better in my skin, or if i was eating healthier, or if it was the endorphins from exercise, or if it was just general posi-vibes because i knew i was putting me first for once.

    I'd have to agree with you... I haven't lost 100lbs yet or ran any marathon but just putting myself first feels really great.:bigsmile:
  • JAGgirl47
    JAGgirl47 Posts: 70 Member
    I didn't look as old and tired.
  • cjpg
    cjpg Posts: 433 Member
    The very first thing I noticed was my cheek bones. I could see them more pronounced in my face and was like Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor!
  • ryn013
    ryn013 Posts: 116
    My stomach got flatter and I do strength training as well, so my quads got so much bigger and rock hard! :happy:
  • Pascua_j
    Pascua_j Posts: 67 Member
    My hip bones started to stick out! And my boobies went BYE-BYE! LOL! But that's okay though... I still have a bad @$$ booty ;) hubby is not happy ;(

    Me three!!
    well, no hubby to complain but I REALLY miss having boobies. Who knew they were so important to feeling girly?!?!
    As soon as I get a job, I am marching straight to the doctor's office to fix that problem. Can't wait!
  • M1chelles5
    M1chelles5 Posts: 107
    My stomach got much flatter, my collar bones started to show! Everyone else noticed my bootay is getting little girls says my cupcakes are turning into pancakes...
  • dokdeh
    dokdeh Posts: 1
    my collarbones !!
  • NicoleR1980
    NicoleR1980 Posts: 77 Member
    My shirts started to fit looser was a nice feeling:)
  • I started to smile more and felt happy!!!!:)
  • proudmommy1003
    proudmommy1003 Posts: 340 Member
    My engagement and wedding ring fitted again!!!
  • slvannoy
    slvannoy Posts: 2
    The first thing I noticed was that I felt better! Next was that my pants weren't cutting me in half. My husband was convinced that my chest had gotten smaller but I wasn't. So I tried on a blouse that I previously couldn't wear because the girls wouldn't fit beneath the confines of the fabric and gues what? IT FITS NOW!