You know you're addicted to working out when...



  • sagetracey
    sagetracey Posts: 607 Member
    You look for ways to add an extra 5kms to your cycle commute to work in the morning because it is too dark to ride home after work.
  • skbohanon
    skbohanon Posts: 15 Member
    You will get up at 4:30am with a sinus infection and upper respiratory infection, put on your workout clothes and then fall asleep in the workout room (with your workout clothes on) because you realize that you're STILL sick. :(
  • jennkain97
    jennkain97 Posts: 290 Member
    You actually WANT to get up in the morning...even if it's 4:30 am

    4:30? I'm done by then :wink:
  • jennkain97
    jennkain97 Posts: 290 Member
    You go on vacation and are excited becasue you can workout everyday :)

    <guilty!> drives my husband nuts!
  • Jenjaz1910
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    Not sure if this has been said but "You forget how long and what your hair looks like as you ALWAYS have it scrapped up"
  • Bumdrahp
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    I loved reading these.. I feel like it's going to motivate me!!! I have been lacking motivation and FORCING myself into workouts... Thank you guys, great thread! :)
  • carlosdon
    carlosdon Posts: 125
    your playing workout games instead of real ones!
  • biged335
    biged335 Posts: 734
    ... it's American Craft Beer Week and you only drink one Great American Craft Beer and go home early so you can get up in the morning and do Insanity..
  • mariagabriella
    mariagabriella Posts: 267 Member
    when you force yourself to finish an assignment just so you can go to the gym...
  • jaimrlx
    jaimrlx Posts: 426 Member
    When you burn so many calories it's impossible to eat them back.
  • ChRiStA_1983
    ChRiStA_1983 Posts: 380 Member
    Your husband starts asking "Is it your rest day?" (which is a refreshing change from "Is it that time of month?") when you get grouchy.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Love this!
  • FitBunnyEm
    FitBunnyEm Posts: 320
    rest days are a form of punishment that leave you nadgy and difficult to be around.

    - definately me!! rest days= pissed off day...beware anyone around me, i bite
  • FitBunnyEm
    FitBunnyEm Posts: 320
    another one of going on holiday for 4 nights but its pissing me off because there is no gym so im going to run along the beach early mornings, every mornings Lol (which will be nice) im not resting for 4 days thats RIDICULOUS!! i will come back a BLOB
  • cessnaholly
    cessnaholly Posts: 784 Member
    Your dog wakes you up in the middle of the night but instead of going back to sleep, you get up and workout.
  • fieldsy4life
    fieldsy4life Posts: 155
    Love this thread!

    My latest one has been travel - I hate hotel gyms because they don't have all the fun toys my regular gym does!

    Baltimore this weekend; Virginia next week. Looks like I'll be doing cardio and pushups. Sweet. :/
  • cessnaholly
    cessnaholly Posts: 784 Member
    ...when your hubby has to remind you that if you keep going, you're going to have to figure out how to eat some of those calories back.

  • glennstoudt
    glennstoudt Posts: 403 Member
    When all your Google ads are fitness and nutrition related. They have given up on bothering you with anything else.
  • sassylilmama
    sassylilmama Posts: 1,501 Member
    rest days are a form of punishment that leave you nadgy and difficult to be around.

    This is me fore sure. My kids tell everyone if Mommy doesn't get her workout she is grumpy.
  • EricNCSU
    EricNCSU Posts: 699 Member
    You schedule other things around your workouts rather than scheduling your workouts around other things.

    You also have a workout buddy that seeing them "socially" is a 6 mile run and and hour and a half of talking.
  • When you are doing turbofire and your little one yells from the toilet, "mum, I've finished" and you yell back amidst panting, "wipe your own bum" :laugh: :laugh: