My 25lbs gone pics!!

tistal Posts: 869 Member
25.4lbs gone since Jan 16! I apologize for the dirty bathroom mirror. 15lbs to go goal of 160. May shoot for 150 after. No gym. All Jillian Michaels!

Before 201.8

Current 176.4


  • chapparra27
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    HOLY COW!! You look great!!
  • JennyNotSoSkinny
    JennyNotSoSkinny Posts: 98 Member
    Nice job!
  • SirRunningShorts
    SirRunningShorts Posts: 77 Member
    You look f'ing amazing! You really are a source of motivation for me! You are doing amazing things to make that change and be a healthier person! I am so glad that you are getting to see these great results! I am also glad we get to see these great results! LOOK AT YOU!!!! That is lots of hard work and sweat. You worked everyone of those 25 pounds away! I think you kick *kitten* and I am loving all of your progress!
  • MissC787
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    Wow! You look great!! Awesome job!
  • Awesome job! Hard work paying off.
  • Chantal34
    Chantal34 Posts: 128
    I started my journey on January 16 of this year also. You look amazing!!
  • amandaluckydog
    amandaluckydog Posts: 77 Member
    looks like way more lost then 25 lbs! :flowerforyou:
  • SlimStacey74
    SlimStacey74 Posts: 79 Member
    Wow! Really impressive!! looks like much more than just 25 lbs!! You go girl!!
  • skbohanon
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    Awesome job!!! You look fantastic and I can only imagine that you feel even better!!!
  • Eskimovm
    Eskimovm Posts: 53 Member
    How the heck is that only 25lbs???! You look freaking amazing! What was your exercise regime?!

    And what kind cals you eating?!

  • tistal
    tistal Posts: 869 Member
    Thanks everyone! I eat a minimum of 1400 most days plus my exercise cals. I EAT! Not the cleanest eater in the world which is why I struggle with my belly fat! lol But much better than I was. I have done 1 1/2 rounds of 30DS, No More Trouble Zones, Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, and am currently doing Ripped In 30. Throw some Zumba in there and some jogging and that is it! :)
  • janey1306
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    well done! i know 25 is a lot to lose but i didnt realise what a huge difference it would make. You look great!
  • janey1306
    janey1306 Posts: 83
    just realised ive seen your leg pics on a different thread.... I would love to have thighs like yours, imo they are perfect!!!
  • FayeCT
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    Congratulations! All your hard work is def paying off. WTG!!!!
  • kr1ssy23
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    Nice work! You look great!
  • lrforge
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    You can definately tell a difference! WOW!
  • ashelt6
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    awesome! :blushing:
  • KMiche82
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    You look wonderful great job!
  • Funsoaps
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    Huge difference!! Good job.
  • Karri_Bryant
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    Wow you look amazing!