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  • I stopped smoking about 18 years ago because I couldn't afford it. $120 CAD for a carton of generic cigarettes. I still want to smoke. If someone offered me one, I'd smoke it. I like to stand downwind/near people when they're smoking outside. Yes, I'm sad.
  • Final Update I received an email from support which told me macros only increase in 5% increments and if I wanted more detailed information I should try MFP Premium. Everything had reset to the MFP default numbers when I logged my weight, but I was able to change them to what I prefer.
  • I sent in a ticket (email?) to support this morning. I didn't bother instantly because typing in my goals wasn't too much of a pain, but today I can't update my nutrient goals (carbs, fats, protein, iron) to what works for me. I don't expect a fix as this is a minor annoyance on a free website, but I thought 'hey maybe…
  • I have major depressive disorder (MDD), social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and all the 'fun' of peri-menopause. Lost 183#, looked great, then my physical health went to shizzle. I joined the ranks of iron deficiency (still don't know where the iron went; doctors said 'your period' wtf?). Stress eating. Got on medications…
  • Stress/emotional eating > Gain weight > Depression > Eat > Repeat Cycle Hubby's been out of work for a year due to COVID (doesn't want to risk bringing it home to his dad). We have no income. MIL died. My stress outlet is alone & quiet time which I can only get by going outside. The weight gain is all on me. I can't blame…
  • Not a medical professional. Having 'extra' weight when you're older helps if you get an illness that causes you to not be hungry, eating makes it worse, or you're vomiting/have diarrhea, that 'extra' weight acts like a back-up of calories to keep your body alive until the illness is over (good or bad). Extreme example is…
  • I wasn't diagnosed pre-diabetic when I was super fat, even though it runs in my mother's family (every one related to her has it). I was at a 'normal' weight, 135#, and took a full blood test to check my iron levels. FYI, up here in Canada, the blood lab note says what tests you need to fast for and how long, and I double…
  • Being able to fit into one of the 7 winter coats I have. Only 40# to lose. No prob.
  • Came to see what a Grandad Bod is. Was not disappointed.
  • Only benefit is being able to find clothes at Walmart rather than Pennington's. I've had mostly drawbacks with weight loss.
  • Yes? I understand both points?
  • Hey, thanks for calling me a liar. Appreciate it!
  • I signed up to FB to stay in touch with my sister so she wouldn't waste money calling me (US-Canada; I hate the phone). She still fricking calls me. I stay on for memes.
  • Lost a total of 182#. Maintained that for 2ish years. Hit 47 y/o and it's been Gain City Limits for the last 2 years. Put back on 32#. Can only foist the blame on menopause, medication, and Mirena so much before admitting it's just me shoving food in my piehole. Why does food have to taste good?
  • The only side effects of venlafaxine (Effexor) I have/had: yawning (20 yawns a minute, lol), strange dreams, and constipation (maybe in combo with other meds). I don't crave carbs, not the way most people mean when they say the crave carbs. I do get urges to eat certain foods which aren't solely carbs, but carbs & fat. I…
  • None of that helps, but thanks.
  • Emotional eater, too. I tell myself, no buying desserts, sweets, cookies, candy this week. Lasts until I get into the store. I have quite a stockpile of cookies (Nutter Butter is now in Canada! Chocolate coated ones even!!!) and chocolates. I put chocolates in the freezer and I still eat them. Sweets will always be in my…
  • Whatever brands were there. Scotsburn, Haagen-Daz, Chapman's, Breyer's, Ben & Jerry's.
  • Peanut butter covered in chocolate: Reese's PB cups Chocolate
  • Just my 2 cents about low iron due to pre/menopause/periods: My GP and gyno have said I have low iron because of my "heavy" periods. Since I had no other symptoms of low iron (no symptoms actually, lol) and I didn't have signs of cancer, gastro bleeding, etc., they just diagnosed "because of your period". I still haven't…
  • I read rave reviews of HT on here. When it finally came to Canada, I took a closer look and found out it's about the same calories per serving as ice cream, but more expensive. And yeah, I did originally think the calories were for the WHOLE pint, not per serving.
  • What she said. Low iron is easy to find with a blood test. Ask your doctor. As someone with low iron, it kinda sucks to deal with, so if you don't *have* to boost your iron with a supplement (or gods forbid an infusion *shudders*), don't.
  • For me, if the weight doesn't drop off in a few days, it's actual weight gain.
  • OP, you can go meatless if it works for you. I'm fine with meat and dairy. Neither are the causes of the diseases I have.
  • I get the feels; MDD and over eating (not binge). I can't offer advice for not being alone as being alone is my happy time. What I can offer is someone to vent to/at. Don't expect much of a reply, tho. I'm a listener but not a talker.
  • The only chiropractor I've seen was the only one in my small town. The first visit was with one of my sisters who praised the services. I got an adjustment, can't remember if it was full body or just my neck. Second visit was years later in a Hail Mary shot for my Bell's palsey; I knew Bell's cause nerve paralysis and…
  • Because polygamy is illegal in Canada.