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  • I have these for breakfast most days.: three eggs, mixed well in a small bowl 1/2 container ricotta (i use fat free) 1/2 cup parmesan 4oz can of sliced mushroom extra cheese, any type, for on top Mix and bake in cupcake papers at 350 for 20 minutes, three is an ideal breakfast. I remove the papers, and microwave for about…
  • Original starting weight : 204 December starting weight : 182 December goal :175 Ultimate goal :155 2nd :182 9th :180 16th :180 23rd : 30th : Total loss for December :
  • You sound like one smart lady! Best of luck to you!!
  • Farro? Hmmmm...I think I'll look for some of that! Thanks!!!!
  • I eat the website's recommended amount of protein, and almost twice the fiber, thanks to the beans! :o) Good ol' beans!
  • Geez, how many calories do you get? I can't eat protein at every meal!! Well, fish I guess, but I have high cholesterol so I limit animal protein and substitute legumes etc when possible. That IS a lean protein! But it also has alot of calories. I'm gonna check out your diary for tips. Thanks!
  • If I cut carbs, I won't know what to eat. I have high cholesterol so I track protein and fat, and that pretty much leaves me with veggies and fruit, alot of soups etc. I already cut all starches except sometimes beans and 12 grain bread, but never more than 2 servings a day. Also, I take a medication that doesn't allow me…
  • LOL! yes, I'm VERY regular, like twice a day regular. Maybe it's simply my age...I'm 58.
  • PERFECT TIMING! I ate a bit too much last night, and was feeling like a LOSER this morning. Your poem helped me get my perspective back! Thanks so much for posting!!
  • Logging your food daily gives you an awareness that stays with you. Pretty soon, you really cut back on those splurges! An occational splurge is okay, as long as it's not too often, and you exercise a bit. Good luck and keep logging in and tracking your food!
  • I found that drinking a large glass of water helps give you a "full" feeling, but mainly, try to choose low calorie, high fiber foods for a feeling of fullness. Also, as days go by, less food will give you a full, satisfied feeling....good luck!
  • Oranges are high in sugar....maybe eat just one?