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  • Weighed in today at 119.6 Not much change since last week, but I'll take it.
  • Happy Friday Team! I weighed in at 120.2 this morning. I haven't started exercising yet, so I'm sure that's water weight. I really need to get that into my schedule so I get back in the habit. Losing the weight won't help me if I'm losing LBM with it. :s :# You guys are doing great!
  • I think it is absolutely beneficial to weigh daily. The scale is a tool and can give you so much information that can only make weight loss easier for you. If you have an unhealthy relationship with the scale, that's a mindset shift that needs to happen because there is no reason to fear a number. Knowing which foods make…
  • Sounds like you would benefit more from a home workout program, to be honest. There are online subscriptions that are cheaper than gym memberships and offer a more rounded exercise than just cardio and assisted moves.
  • Motivation can only get you started, it's habit and discipline that will keep you going. Everyone feels unmotivated sometimes... even bodybuilders and fitness coaches that do this for a living. So, maybe you break your goal up into smaller goals so you lose 10 pounds at a time, stopping to eat at maintenance for 2 weeks…
  • There's still room in a few houses! Only a few days left to join!
  • Soup, crackers, water, tea... depends on the type of illness, but if I'm not feeling hungry, I'll still try to nibble.
  • Too young for a diet, yes. Not too young to be educated in nutrition, and how to eat to fuel their bodies, instead of eating to satisfy emotional cravings.
  • Every time they see me eating anything, they feel the need to say something. Sometimes it's not even that they are commenting on it, or giving opinions... they will just say what it is I'm eating. "Oh, a banana and almonds, huh?" "Oh, you're eating a salad." "Oh, you got your protein shake." Like, why? Why do you care? Why…
  • It's a choice. Every day. Getting physically fit is almost as much about mental awareness and discipline as it is about working your muscles. I'd recommend starting to set some time aside for personal development each week, or each day. Have you read Miracle Morning? It's a great place to start! Starting every morning with…
  • Hey Texan! I'm in Houston. :smiley: B) Anyone can add me. I'm trying to be better about posting on here... :wink:
  • I use Mint, from Intuit. You can link your bank accounts, bills, credit cards, and it tracks automatically. Set budgets and get alerts when you reach the budget limits, reminders when a bill is coming due, etc.
  • Awesome! I'm sure you will do very well. Good luck! :)
  • I use vegetable oil to season the pan, and butter to cook with.
  • Ooh, I'm adding one. I'm not a big fan of texting, and tend to be really introverted, so I lose touch with friends often. I will make it a point to send a message to at least one person a day to just say hello and reach out. :smile:
  • This year I will go 40+ days without 1. alcohol 2. soda 3. yelling at the kids.. I don't think I yell at them often, but sometimes it feels like raising my voice is the only way they not only hear me, but take me seriously. Regardless of how often it happens, I don't like that I do it at all... so if I feel they are not…
  • Have you ever asked your doctor why you may be doing it? My son eats in the middle of the night when his blood sugar drops, and doesn't remember doing it in the morning. I'm sure there are other possible reasons for doing it though, and the only way to know how to help would be to determine the cause.
  • Yes, I'd be annoyed. I'm also petite, but for me it does go to my belly... and to get asked if I'm pregnant is the worst. I wouldn't bring it to HR, but I would let them know I find it rude.
  • Hi! I live in Humble. Have you tried pilates videos for in the house? :smile:
  • If you know which restaurant, look at their menu before and pick something light. (Fish and steamed veggies, maybe) If they don't have anything light that you like, order a regular meal, but ask for a to-go box up front so you can put away half the food. If it isn't on your plate, you will be less likely to eat it. Ask for…
  • Personally, I think it sounds like "diets" just aren't your thing. I'd rather eat when I'm hungry... just small amounts that will fit in my caloric goal for the day. If you are really interested in exploring timed eating though, do a search for the intermittent fasting group.
  • Because you are set to sedentary any activity you do should result in an increase in calories. It is up to you whether you want to eat them or not. (Taking into consideration what your calorie goal is set at to begin with, how hungry you feel, and what your weight loss has been like in the past.)
  • Up to you. I don't have time to do full workouts either time, so I do my cardio in the morning before work, and my strength training after work. I would rather do strength training in the mornings when the gym is not so busy and the guys aren't taking over all the weights... but since I don't eat breakfast until after I…
  • Challenge 3 I ate sushi 2 days this week and salads 3 days so I've had plenty of greens including lettuce, spinach, kale, avocado, lime, seaweed, green onion, and cucumber.
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  • Challenge 2 I chose you do a 5k outside for"Randonnee on Reunion" from week 2: Racing to Reunion. It's been soooo nice outside that I've been walking outside almost every day. (I almost chose Frostbite Footrace for challenge 1 also, but thought that might be frowned upon. Lol)
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  • Challenge 1 I chose to climb 1332 stairs for "The Sydney Bridge Climb" from Week 3: Racing for the Gold. Climbing steps is something I can do at home and don't need to make special plans for.
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  • CHALLENGE #3 I made Thai curry with ginger. It smelled delicious. I was hoping it would be delicious. It was not. lol
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  • I am so sorry I flaked last week! My sons' step-mother's mom passed away and I was keeping all their step-brothers while she dealt with family stuff over the weekend and I completely forgot. Week 7 CHALLENGE #1: “GET WID DE BEAT” 20 minute video CHALLENGE #2: “TEK IT EASY MON!” 20 minute video CHALLENGE #3: “SPICE DAT UP…
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