Inroduction with Question

Good Day everyone. I stumbled on this site after watching a youtube video and researching the OMAD diet plan. I am a typical dad, 37 years old, married with 3 young children. Life often gets in the way of any typical plan I have at the start of every week. My wife and I are Weight Watchers members and have been for a couple of years on and off. she does fantastic, but I often struggle. Even if i stick to my points per day I lose weight but only small amounts, and it often plateaus after about 4 weeks. I have had decent success with fasting every other day in the past. I have felt great the next morning, but like anything else, I have not stuck to it in the long haul. I read somewhere that the One Meal a Day diet works great, anyone have any real success stories that it has worked for them? And if so, really how was it at first? I am imagining that it must be tough at first, especially working full time, having kids and other "normal" stressors that make it tough not to eat anything throughout the day. Any advice or tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you.