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  • Sometimes, I get a double tall breve latte.
  • That is wonderful! Congratulations!
  • Chicken bricks. How appetizing. :|
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  • Haha, I've always told my closer coworkers (the ones who know what's up with the diet) that when I get close to goal, I'm going to stand around in the common areas blatantly munching on pork rinds.
  • I'm turning 41 next week. I started this Jan 1 with 130 lbs to lose. Wow, that really seems like a lot when you look at it that way. I just think about my next short term goal instead of the whole thing because anything less than what I weigh today is a good thing. Since Jan 1 I've lost 35 lbs, so 95 more to go. I don't…
  • It lasted about the first two weeks for me. Now I'm at more like 1 lb per week.
  • Ditto to committing to smaller chunks of time. I committed myself to one month Jan 1 this year and behold, I'm still going strong. I recommit monthly and make any desired tweaks at that time.
  • So sad. It didn't start working for me until I cranked up the fat.
  • It's so wonderful to see that though we may all be far apart, we are all bound together by the choices available at Costco. We get: half gallon of horizon heavy whipping cream, coffee beans, big bags of frozen broccoli and green beans so we always have an emergency side dish for dinner, lots of cheese, babybel and boursin…
  • The question for me isn't so much will the carbs in one cup of popcorn kick me out of ketosis (popcorn has some fiber and of the grains corn is a lower on the glycemic index), but rather, can I eat just one cup of popcorn? Do I eat popcorn now? Nope. Will I eat popcorn when I am at goal weight? Probably sometimes.
  • I tried WW and low carb and what you end up doing is low carb AND low fat, which doesn't work. I've had much better success with low carb high fat moderate protein.
  • Hi there, Wakey618. I'm having success as a net carber and under 50g per day. I'll send a friend invite.
  • When I was on Weight Watchers, I totally employed the strategies you described. I've been doing LCHF since Jan 1 and have felt zero need to increase my volume of food. I eat as much as I want (as long I'm still LCHF). I think you may find this change not as much of a problem as you are expecting.
  • Ugh. It's wonderful they are doing a study on low carb, but I almost feel like it's unethical that they'll be randomizing people to the ADA diet. I guess that's considered current standard of care.
  • I have PCOS and I find that I can eat a lot more calories when eating low carb and get the same effect. (My target is 50 net carbs per day and I usually end up around 35 net carbs naturally). So the lesser of two evils, in my opinion, is too many calories. That said, eating to satiety, I naturally eat to a deficit on most…
  • I've done alfredo sauce over chicken and sauteed broccoli and mushrooms. That was pretty good. But I actually like it with zoodles as well.
  • I'm not meaning to be glib here. The "keep calm and keto on" slogan has been really meaningful for me in times when it looks like things are slowing down. I just keep doing the things I committed to doing as part of my LCHF plan and then I focus on other areas of my life for awhile, trusting that everything will turn out…
  • 20 in the first 8 weeks, 30 in the first 12 weeks.
  • Going out to eat: Salads with no croutons or wonton strips or whatever starch they like to add, burgers minus the bun, side salads, fruit or veggies instead of fries with meat entrees. So for example, at Culver's I get the double deluxe burger and immediately toss the bun and eat the rest with a fork. Or I get the fried…
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  • Oh, I don't know about that. Costco used to have this magnificent "young phillipine coconut" which was labeled at like 2 net carbs per serving (lots of fiber). We used to buy bags and bags of it. It was amazing! Well, it was too amazing to be true. They changed the labels and it went up to like 10 net carbs per serving or…
  • I'm really happy to have found this positive and helpful group. I think it is one of the factors that have helped me stay on track for 3 months as of today! I haven't had one bite of sugar or starchy carbs since Dec 31, I've lost ~30 lbs, and I feel great. Thank you everyone! I will do my part to keep things positive.
  • I eat either a cup of strawberries or a half cup of raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries or a very controlled single applesauce pouch almost every morning. If you're craving fruit go for it!
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  • I like Ghiradelli Midnight Reverie. I think it's 86%, but it's really creamy and doesn't taste bitter (to me).
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  • Welcome!
  • I'll be planting tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, peas, butternut squash, zucchini, herbs, and probably some other things I haven't decided. Peppers grow so slow here that we usually get a frost before they are ready to pick, so I'm going to try to grow some jalapenos indoors in my aerogarden.
  • Oh, yeah, that sounds good.
  • Minnesota ;)
  • Toasted with peanut butter is a thumbs up. I'm especially impressed with the texture around the outside edge of the bread. I'm so pleased to have found this! Thank you OP!
  • I think so? I'm not savvy about Indian food. I take a little bit of the green stuff, little bit of the red stuff, little bit of the yellow stuff... you get the idea. ;)
  • Soul Bread is officially BalmyD -approved. I just had my first slice of the end, and it was good! I used NOW foods whey protein isolate and Kiva xanthan gum. Also at the OPs suggestion, I used a full tsp of salt instead of a half tsp.I made the original recipe just to get a baseline. I'll report back tomorrow with how well…