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  • There’s no down side to eating a gram of protein for every pound you weigh. It will only help with your muscle gains. You do not need to eat in a surplus to gain muscle. It’s all predicated on the amount of protein you take in and the weight training. Adjust your macros appropriately: 200 grams of protein and reduce your…
  • Yesterday a 3.5 mile walk. Today kickboxing Tabata, tomorrow 530 AM spin!
  • Eat lots of green vegetables - even my protein shake has powdered greens in it. Also I take a milk thistle pill every day with my vitamins.
  • 1/2 hour spin, abs, stretching. Going to try to make time for an outdoor ride this afternoon too.
  • I seem to be a day behind. Yesterday 1/2 hour spin, walking in the water for about an hour at the beach. Today 1/2 hour barre class. Kayaking later.
  • Zumba this morning with my daughter. Yesterday was a 25 minute Pilates class, took the dog on a mile walk and date night dancing.
  • Spin at 530 this morning. Kayaking with a friend about 10 AM. Still haven’t gotten my own kayak in the water yet!
  • Have you thought about mixing it up? I spin 2 weekday mornings at 5:30 AM, and then workout afternoons and evenings the rest of the week.
  • I lose focus and get lazy I guess. It DOES make you feel better, but it’s s lot of work.
  • Combo of weight lifting and cardio is probably best, but even just weight lifting increases your resting metabolic rate, which increases your daily calorie burn. Plus you burn calories for hours after weight lifting during repair. Of course calorie deficit is most important for weight loss.
  • I use the Edmondo app on my phone. It sincs directly to myfitnesspal!
  • Walking for 30 minutes will help keep your heart healthy and help with digestion and improve your mood if you’re walking outside. I don’t know if it will make you feel thin but probably less bloated. If you are trying to gain weight, you’d need to eat your exercise calories back. If you are working with a doctor, you…
  • I agree that you can exercise without dieting and not lose weight. I can’t diet without exercise and lose weight though. I think maybe because exercise allows for wiggle room calorie wise. I know some people can and do lose weight without exercise. I think if you’re really active you probably don’t need to exercise, but…
  • Amazing! Great job!
  • I had to look it up to check - yup, it’s the plow! Thanks!
  • I have to stop eating whatever I can grab as soon as I get home, before dinner. Old habits are working their way in and I need to lose them again.[/quote] I have the same problem! I try to have celery, cucumbers, and carrots ready so I can snack while I’m cooking dinner. Having a bunch of pre-cooked chicken on hand and…
  • I confess that I couldn’t do a standing quad stretch until I lost 25 pounds. It was definitely because I was too fat! I’m glad I can do it now, but I’m still working on putting my feet up over behind my head from a lying position (a yoga move I don’t know the name for). I’m working on it!
  • Spin was Tabata for 1/2 an hour. I liked the intensity and it went by fast. Pilates after was 50 minutes, not the 30 I thought. That’s a lot of Pilates for me, but it was a good class. My elbow isn’t too bad, so it’s on for my first kayaking experience with my new kayak tomorrow. Getting it on and off the roof of my car…
  • Kickboxing and Tabata with my daughter at the gym today. It kicked my butt. The Tabata piece was intense with a lot of burpees, mountain climbers, planks, push ups, squats, jumps, lunges, etc. My elbow feels OK, so it was a good idea to try it. Spin and Pilates tomorrow and using my new kayak this week! Finally!
  • Did nothing for 5 days except walk the dog until today. Walking, cycling, lower body strength. My elbow and forearm are repairing slowly so no upper body yet.
  • I love trail running. My trail running time is about equal to my street running time - I think it’s totally mental for me. I spend so much time watching wildlife and my footing that the time goes by faster so I don’t feel like I’m slogging through my run. I only do about 2.5 miles though. Five is a long trail run!
  • Three mile walk. I’m trying to fit in stretching and abs before I leave for the weekend, and then it’s body surfing all weekend and lots of walking in the sand. I pushed myself and I guess I lifted too heavy on bis and tris day because my elbow is too sore to do shoulders today. I’m hoping it will be well enough by Monday,…
  • So I’m down to 196, which means I lost .6 pounds in July. Considering I was up 2.5 pounds for most of the month, that’s not bad.
  • Yesterday was leg day with abs and stretching. I have nvited my niece - showed her all the leg machines. Today was an hour bike ride. I bought myself a kayak, but I need a roof rack, so I probably won’t add that to my workouts until the end of next week. I’m so excited to use it in the ponds around my house this fall!
  • Walking longer distances is a GREAT way to burn fat. My son was in pre med and he said you burn the most fat walking. Keep it up!
  • I’m not going to lie, I’m happy others are posting they gained this July and are also re upping their goals. It makes me feel better that we’re in this together!
  • Original starting weight 228 This round (February) SW 223 CW 199 GW 160 August GW 194 Try to keep my cheat days down to one a week (they’ve been averaging two and I’ve gained 2 1/2 pounds back because of it). Make my cheat days reasonable calorie wise. Stay away from food tables at parties and the kitchen at night.…
  • I exercised every day, but I had too many high calorie days. I’m up 2 1/2 pounds from the beginning of the month and don’t see myself hitting my weight goal. Ramping up the weight training always increases my hunger. I have to manage myself better when I’m at parties and even on cheat days and I have to make sure I eat…
  • Yesterday my daughter did a spin class with me and she liked it a lot, so I’ll have a 5 AM partner this fall for spin class twice a week. Should make me more consistent! Today is bis, tris, and Pilates.
  • I can now do a standing quad stretch and almost do pose of the dancer.