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  • That sounds amazing. Thanks for the info. Riding my bike is my favorite exercise. I’m riding 12 miles today. Spin is a close second, but I only do that in winter. I’ll have to check out Zwift. It sounds right up my alley!
  • I’m back up a pound after the weekend. I’m hoping some cardio will ease me back down. I wanted to finish July at below 195, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen!
  • Can I ask what Zwift is?
  • Weight lifting for Biceps, triceps, legs, stretching for 90 minutes. I pulled my back muscles a little picking up a 30 lb weight off the rack, I try to be really careful with my form even when I’m grabbing the weights because I can wrench my back just sneezing wrong, but I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing and I…
  • That’s great! Just keep trying to up your steps every day by 10 or 20 more. If you measure it, you could just walk around the house to meet your next goal. Good luck!
  • Yoga, Zumba, body weight exercises such as planks, push ups, mountain climbers, etc. you could buy some weights and bands and do upper body exercises at home. You can find a lot of good ideas on the internet. I do shoulders, then bis and tris, then chest and back.
  • Not sure what’s the best, but I use Size Slim BCAAS recovery. It’s Stevia sweetened and I drink it during my workout. I just bought Purely Inspired Organic Protein. It’s vegan, non GMO, and you can get it at Walmart. The French Vanilla is good with a few frozen strawberries. I drink it about half an hour after weight…
  • I’m down to 197.4, which means only one more pound to get back to where I was before vacation. I’ve been exercising a lot and it feels great! Seems like a lot of us are a pound away from our next goal. Woohoo!
  • Yesterday I did shoulders, walking, elliptical, abs, yoga, stretching. Today a 12 mile bike ride and a hike with the dog later.
  • Great that the Doc took you seriously and that you’re getting the care you deserve!
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  • 11 mile bike ride in the humidity. My chain fell off before the big hill and it felt like I was breathing soup, but it got done!
  • 12 mile bike ride. Hoping to get to the gym for bis and tris and stretching to celebrate fitting into my Lulu Lemons. 😁
  • My hubby isn’t big on veggies either. I try to sneak cauliflower rice in with the regular rice when I make fried rice. 😂
  • I heard chocolate milk is a great pre workout. I’ve never done it, but I haven’t drank chocolate malt Ovltine in a while so maybe I’ll try it. Bananas are always my go to too because they’re so easy.
  • I set my initial goal weight at 160 because that was the weight that would allow me to donate my kidney to my cousin. Since she ended up being a better match with my other cousin, I lost my motivation and went from 163 back up to 198 at present over about 4 years. Because another cousin will also need a kidney soonish, I…
  • I never used to eat before workouts but now I usually eat about an hour before. If I eat too close to a workout, I have less energy rather than more. I try to drink a protein shake about 1/2 hour after weight lifting. Before a workout I’ll eat anything from a full meal, to a piece of fruit depending upon the time of day.…
  • I have two boys. When they were little it was so hard to lose weight. I got up to 228, maybe higher when they were little, and I’m only 5 3. I didn’t really start losing weight until they were in their teens. I hope you stay on this journey and put yourself first on this journey to health. It would be great to cheer on…
  • What kind of yogurt do you eat? My favorite is Oikos Greek triple black vanilla. Lots of protein, fiber, and Stevia sweetened. I also add a couple T spoons of Bear Naked granola when I eat it with an apple. Did you eat veggies with your cheeseburger pie? I try to eat celery and carrots and cucumbers before a meal that I…
  • Congratulations! It’s great that you got to the gym even with your life hiccups. That’s an accomplishment. I’m finally the lowest I’ve been in 4 years (under 200) and it feels like an accomplishment, especially because I can fit into my shorts and some nice dresses I haven’t been able to wear in a while. It seemed like…
  • Everyone is so inspiring! I’m on my way back to 196. I was 198.8 this morning. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, but I stuck to my calorie goals. I’m going to try to work out today. I’m still not feeling great, but a lot better than yesterday, so I’m at least walking the dog twice, which is about 1.2 miles. Food today:…
  • The thing about being lactose intolerant is that there’s milk in a lot of things you don’t expect such as bread and packaged snacks, so it could be sneaking into your diet in ways you don’t realize. If you’re really sensitive, that could be affecting you. Maybe you need lactaid pills before meals just to be safe?
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  • I was down to 196.4, but after a couple weeks of indulging, I’m back up to about 200. My goal is to get back to 196 by the end of July!
  • Look in all the mirrors! Take lots of pictures of yourself. Be present when people take pictures. That can help you see yourself in comparison to others. Sounds like you are in denial more than dysmorphic. I get it. I’m the same way. Once I started facing up to things, I started to lose weight and I started to like my…
  • What are you eating instead? I’m trying to incorporate more legumes in my diet and potatoes. I used chick pea pasta tonight in my sauce. Hopefully it’s good! There’s nothing wrong with trying to eat more whole carbs and less processed carbs. Good luck!
  • I used to fast before working out too, especially running and yoga, but now I try to eat 150 calories an hour before I work out. Timing is everything. If I eat too soon before a workout, I’m sluggish. You could try a prewotkout with caffeine, but don’t drink your coffee too. Size Slim preworkout is sweetened with Stevia…
  • There’s so many things it could be. I’m so glad you’re going to your doctor. Don’t let your doctor blow you off either - advocate for yourself. Bring a friend or family member if you need the support. Stomach issues can be hard to diagnose. It could be anything from gallstones to celiac to lactose intolerance to IBS. I…
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  • I take Hatha yoga in the largest Thai Buddhist meditation center outside of Thailand (just adding that because it’s pretty cool - they have a 4000 pound Buddha in the meditation room where we do yoga-and we can hear the monks chanting sometimes). She always tells us to drink when we need it.