I'm sure this has been talked about several times over but I can't see to find an actual forum. I am so confused on macros now that I am bulking. I lost 50 pounds of fat but also lost muscle in the process. The app has me taking in 2970 calories, 149 grams of protein, 376 grams of carbs, and 99 grams of fats to maintain. Im afraid to see the bulking macros. I am 200lbs and 6ft. I just want to make sure I am taking in enough carbs......but 376 sounds insane and the protein seems low. Anyone have suggestions or advice? Thanks in advance.


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    There’s no down side to eating a gram of protein for every pound you weigh. It will only help with your muscle gains. You do not need to eat in a surplus to gain muscle. It’s all predicated on the amount of protein you take in and the weight training. Adjust your macros appropriately: 200 grams of protein and reduce your carbs by 50 grams. Eat that way for about a month and see where it gets you. Adjust accordingly (calories up or down). Good luck!
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    Just posted this in another thread and it should be helpful to you too......

    I would question if you are lean enough to bulk though, posting a picture would help, as would giving some idea of your lifting history and current routine.
    If you decide to bulk then do realise is doesn't have to be a big calorie surplus. There's guides to cutting and bulking in the Must Read threads pinned to the top of this forum.
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    I’m in a similar position to you. I recently lost weight and found MFP and this forum having decided to build some muscle.

    I’m 6’4 and 203lbs. I believe my body fat is about 17%. I’ve come to realise that is probably on the high side to be trying to gain. A “recomp” or slight deficit would be more appropriate for me. I gather you cannot gain weight without gaining some fat.
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    I’ve seen the starting baseline ratio set at 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fat. Adjustments made as necessary, primarily lowering carbs and raising protein depending on carb tolerance and individual response. Generally don’t lower protein if interested in maintaining or gaining lean mass.
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    Hey man... Good job on the loss. My opinion on this subject is just an opinion based on my experience, but I agree with you that the plan you are on needs adjusted. I don't know your age, "Test" levels, Estradiol, T3 (thyroid), routine blood draws, etc... but those all play into this along with your goals. I am 5'11", >40 yrs old, long time workout person, and my hormone levels are now in check. I decided to lean out last year. I had trainer/nutritionist helping me chart out my nutrition plan. I lost some strength and muscle mass, but also a ton of fat in the process. I changed some things in how I workout, but most of the success came from the nutrition. I set a goal to go from 235 to 210 in 6ish months on a slow pace for sustainability. I hit 205 at the 6 month mark without fasting or crash diet cheating. I did an InBody comp a few times over the span. I am still sitting between 12-13% bodyfat and holding in the 205-210lb range 4 months later. Your carbs are really high and your protein is low in my opinion. I am at ~2500 calories a day right now. My carbs are ~225, protein ~240 and I am trying to keep my fat ~75. Everyone is different and has different goals, but I would be cranking up your protein with more lean options or some whey protein to boost it.
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    @fillmd03 you story is quite inspiring. I do know that everyone is different but my biggest concern is the carbs. I don't want to go too high nor too low. I adjusted my protein to 250.
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    In truth, if you care about macros, generally the idea is "figure out minimum protein and fat grams" then fill in the rest with carbs (or some extra fat/protein depending on your food choices. But the first two macros drive the third.