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  • I've been on here for quite sometime, but have been MIA for awhile and trying to reboot my motivation!! I'm open to any and all supportive friend requests with a positive vibe!!! Please feel free to add me!! :)
  • I have just started with them and hoping it helps
  • 34 and always looking for supportive friends to help one another along our journey! ;)
  • I have used a yoga ball as my chair at home for about 5 years now! It's the only way to go! Less pressure on your spine and keeps your core engaged. I love it! But when it comes to an office you would need a base with wheels so that it won't go rolling away or cause a nuisance! Enjoy and I hope they approve you! :)
  • 5'4" And I was at 230 (OUCH, I know!) I'm down to 166 now!! My goal is 135-140, even though that's technically at the top of my range. But you have to keep in mind, your body type and shape are factors. I prefer to be muscular and toned rather than just thin and having a larger lower half means that I will be at the top of…
  • There's also one 03/02/2013 I'm thinking of joining in San Francisco!!!
  • This sounds like just the motivation I need to kick my butt into gear for October! SW: 237 CW: 191 GW for end of Oct: 186 GW: 145 Weigh in Dates: 10/1 10/8 10/15 10/22 10/31 Looking forward to following back up!!!!
  • Northern California
  • This is by far the funniest Forum post I've seen in awhile! Thoroughly entertaining!
  • Hi everyone!! ^_^ Steve, you're still as awesome as I remember and such a great wealth of knowledge! Happy to be a part of a community like this and looking forward to learning more about how to shrink down! lol
  • What a fabulous idea... I've been on the site for quite some time, but never realized how helpful it could be to have a support base. Hi all!! I'm Shauna, 33 and 30lbs down so far... about 50lbs more to go!! I try to keep as updated and supportive as I can for everyone and would love to have the same support in return!!…
  • No, but I like PICKLES! *SmartA$$ moment!
  • Ha ha, this is by far the best forum post I have seen in a very long time!!! There are many different type of a$$e$... jack, dumb, smart.. lol personally my have word is more colorful "F*č|<[email protected]" But SMARTa$$e$ are the only way to go by far!!! lol Seriously, we're all focused and determined and serious so much trying to…
  • Absolutely amazing!
  • I have to agree that those things can carry such a huge weight (ha) in weight loss! I used to fall victim to some of them from time to time, especially guilt over mistakes and I truly believe it was one of the main factors in why I didn't succeed for so long. I try to always remain focused in the fact that this is a new…
  • I will just say that I tried to eat that way for quite some time thinking that cutting things down and having some things in moderation would work. I am an avid believer now in "clean eating" with lean proteins, complex carbs... your greenery is most important fresh and while I do have fruit, I am sure that I never add…
  • Thank you Kevin! Looks as though you're doing rather well yourself... so Huge Congrats sent your way!
  • What is the Color Run? I just moved back into the Sacramento area and would love to know more.. maybe I'll google it.
  • I really hope that you find something to motivate you... I know how hard it can be. I personally had lost 65lbs previous to meeting my husband and with some health problems and surgeries gained it all back and then some! Ummm, I must admit my motivation was my husband leaving me (by no fault of my own, he just decided he…