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  • A higher resting heart rate is not necessarily an indication of a higher BMR/RMR. Of course differences in BMR/RMR are due to differences in bodily function. But, what causes those differences? Lean body mass vs fat mass is a part of BMR/RMR; you can increase your BMR/RMR by increasing your lean body mass but it's really a…
  • Another vote for making big batches, freezing in trays, and then storing in separate containers by flavor (I just used BPA-free ice cube trays and then Ziplocs; my kids were probably thoroughly poisoned because I didn't store it in organic hand-made glass bowls, but whatever). That's what I did and it worked great. One…
  • Well, no, not quite. There is, indeed, going to be a range of BMR/RMR values for different individuals with the same relevant statistics. If you put me next to another woman born on the same exact day, with the same height, same weight, and same lean/fat mass, it would not be a guarantee that our BMR/RMR would be exactly…
  • Ha! Feel free! I think we'll be pretty busy... :wink:
  • Yup. At the time I did the test, various RMR calculators put mine somewhere between 1,700 and 2,200 per day. Turned out it was actually 1,350. I figured out what age/height would produce that same RMR in the calc that Fitbit uses, changed my Fitbit profile to match that, and started eating 500 calories less than my new…
  • It's definitely not the same for everyone. There are going to be some general concepts that will be mostly true for most people ("foods with a high fiber/water content will fill you up faster" "protein and fiber help you feel full for longer" "eating a large amount of starch/sugar on its own will leave you feeling hungrier…
  • I also agree with Walk Away the Pounds. I liked using those when I first started out. I mostly used them because they were easy to follow (I'm VERY uncoordinated, haha) but also I think that they're very good to get your heart rate up without overly straining any of your joints or anything, and you can very easily modify…