• I have the Polar FT4 and I love it. It makes you really push yourself to stay in your target heart rate, and thus it's calorie count is pretty accurate for your body. It's a watch and a band that goes around your upper body. Nothing really fancy but I think Polar offers a few different models to choose from.
  • I'm just shy of 5'10", 200lbs, with a goal of 160ish for now. I'm a 36B cup, size 12 pants, and L-XL in women's shirts.
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  • Edit: Well I tried to post pictures, but it won't let me... so nevermind :(
  • I actually work at a pet store and I am trained to help people find the right food for their dogs. I'm so happy to hear all of the great advice given on this thread! Excuse the long post, but this is what I do with my life about 5 days a week after classes, so I have a lot to suggest. I would definitely switch your dog to…
  • I'm 5'10", 205lbs, with a larger body frame. My goal for now is 170, and I'm going to go from there and see if I want to lose more. The lowest I would ever consider going is 145-150.