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  • i didnt read any of the other comments but the first thing you need to do is check the excuses at the door. the next thing you should do is change the way you eat. The final thing you should do is begin to exercise around your physical condition. If your body only allows you to walk on the treadmill or around your…
  • why not??? they have good products at good prices. and most of the stuff is minimally processed gmo free and all that other crap some of you health freaks go crazy over. I did boycott them for like 3 years when they stopped selling habenero pistachios
  • stick to heinz there is no replacing heinz.
  • the answer is neither. weight loss is controlled by what you put in your mouth calories in vs calories. cardio and weight training are for your fitness level and a healthier you. you can do all the cardio or weights you want but if your diet ain't tight the only results you will see is 2-3 lbs of water weight bouncing back…
  • i try a variety of things from TJ's but my weekly staples are just chicken strips they are quick and convenient meal especially good on salads or just by themselves when you need a protein boost. turkey jerky vegetable egg rolls pineapple salsa good to put on top of your chicken or…
  • the best thing i ever did was go to a dietician. learned how to eat around things i liked. didnt have to worrying about trying to stomach a bunch of diet foods.
  • to quote my boot camp instructor " if you want easy then go take zumba"
  • stuff like this is why people lose weight and then gain it back over time. you eat to control your weight working our is for your overall fitness level.
  • let me go grab my mountain climbing gear then...
  • you may want to talk to a doc real soon. the doc will probably tell you to drink a magnesium citrate. he or she may also want you to get some blood work done to check your kidney functions. not moving your bowls daily should be a reason for alarm not going for 7 days should be when panic sets in
  • why give up???? are you giving up because you can't achieve a certain number on the scale? what about what you ahve achieved. i'm sure you are healthier and your physical conditioning is probably better than those chicks you see at the weight you are striving to be. keep working towards being better everyday giving it your…
  • toss the f-ing scale out the window... if you are getting smaller with inches and healthier than why would you care about a number on the scale. last summer i went 2 months without losing a pound but i knew i was getting stronger and smaller.
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  • some of you may need to seek professional help
  • if you have cut your calories and are exercising you should see some kind of difference. all that stuff about not eating enough comes into play after you have been at it for a while. My advice for you would be to go see your doc and get a complete physical with blood work and go from there.
  • one star thread...
  • not true to much of anything is bad for you. you can get diabetes from eating to many grapes just like you can get it from eating to much candy or any other kind of sugar. moderation is key with everything, to much of anything can damage your body even the cleanest of clean foods
  • just try to enjoy yourself while remaining sensible. you are on vacation you shouldnt burden yourself with working out. plus the time off will ignite you when returning to your routine.
  • you are doing very well this is a marathon not a sprint. it is better to lose weight slowly rather than quickly. If you look at your average weight loss you are losing about a pound and a half a week which is excellent. make sure you track your measurements too
  • wouldn't all those squats make your but rounder???? it seems like you all those squats and you have no noticeable difference in the lower half of your body where the squats would affect you most. calves look the same thighs and gluts. maybe i am confused for what the purpose of the challenge is if so please forgive me
  • grill bake or broil a lean protein try you hand at different seasonings i buy organic brown rice from trader joes that you microwave i steam some broccoli or saute or stir fry some other types of veggies in the wok
  • i workout 7 days a week sometimes twice a day and the only time i feel pain is when i try a new routine that i am not use to. go on youtube and listen to what CT fletcher has to say about overtraining
  • it is good that you want to workout but let me tell you weight loss begins and ends with what you put into your mouth. working out is for physical conditioning not for losing weight. when you do your five K you will notice there are plenty of people out there running who although bigger than you are in better shape than…
  • it has nothing to do with doing to much so don't listen to these people. You jut began working out and your body is using muscles that it hasnt needed to uses in the pass and you are just feeling the pains from it. ways to make the pain go away 1. sauna or steam room after you workouts 2. foam rollers 3. continue to…
  • it will go away after a few days. happen to me the first time i took a spinning class. thought my legs were going to give out on me after i got off that bike then the next day was hell. probably a little late to use the roller you are suppose to massage yourself right after the workout for it to be most effective.
  • your piss probably comes out damn near brown. if you can't read through your urine you are not drinking enough water. i also notice the difference the next day in the gym by how much i sweat
  • i eat what i want everyday. I enjoy the food i eat.