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  • First, this eating pattern is not sustainable. You will crash, and crash hard. That may only be having all energy disappear and taking several weeks to months to have it come back after you increase your calories, or it could be a complete breakdown in your eating and putting back on what you have lost because of it.…
  • When you say you gain a pound, do you mean gain one, then lose it? Is that weighing yourself daily? If so, realize weight loss is not a straight line. Your weight can vary by as much a 3 or 4 pounds a day for various reasons that have nothing to do with actually losing fat. Water retention, food digesting in your bowels,…
  • Lateral Pulldown and Seated Cable Rows are both back domninate exercises. I would suggest dropping either the Pulldowns or the Seated Rows. They also work your biceps, so you could drop the Hammer Curls as it is better as a beginner to focus on exercises that are not isolation exercises. I would add a Bench Press to that…
  • Last few weeks were miserable for getting on the bike. Things are more reasonable now so I got 15 minutes of intervals done on the trainer.
  • There used to be a bunch of options as most of them would sync with Google Fit and Google Fit would sync to Myfitnesspal. However, that sync between Myfitnesspal and Google Fit, not to mention the sync between the various activity bands and Google Fit, is currently broken.
  • I don't have a goal for this month except for wanting to get on the bike outside or on my trainer at least 4 days per week, ideally more. Sept 13-15 minutes on the trainer Sept 14-20 minutes on the trainer
  • Yes it is a known issue. Yes, I find it annoying as well since the only way to get the steps from my activity band is through Google Fit.
  • You need to enter your own recipe in the recipe builder as you have no idea what someone else puts in their homemade food. A fair amount of work at the beginning, but once it is entered would be there for you always.
  • 10 minutes of life or eat red meat? Pass the beef.
  • Not knowing what country you are in makes it difficult to help, but basically, this is a math question, or better, just compare the nutrition information on the label of the soup to the information on Myfitnesspal. If they match up, the amount of sodium from the serving you enter will be the sodium amount. So why are you…
  • Weight loss is not liner. You will have weeks you will lose weight, weeks you won't lose weight, and weeks you will gain weight. I don't have a handy image to show you of a graph of progress, but when you look at one it is a jagged line. Keep at it, you will see loss again.
  • You can find Google Fit in "Steps" in the drop down menu on the Android App. It still doesn't work which is very annoying as my smart watch doesn't sync directly with MyFitnessPal, but would sync through Google Fit until it stopped working.
  • Many of the cheap trackers will sync to MFP by first syncing to GoogleFit. My current one doesn't, but the one before it which isn't available any more does. My current one does sync to GoogleFit, but their syncing algorithm is screwed up so it keeps adding all steps repeatedly to GoogleFit every time it syncs.
  • Fiber, water, and fats may help.
  • First, you are not gaining muscle while in a calorie deficit. Water retention both because you are about to start your period is highly likely. The question is not if you are measuring, but how. Are you using a scale? Also, have you verified the database entries you are using as the database is user-generated, that means…
  • The database is made up of both entries by Myfitnesspal and by users. Something like scrambled eggs would have been user added, and it would be based on how they make scrambled eggs. If you look around the internet you will find that many people add lots of things to their scrambled eggs. I find it far better to enter the…
  • As some have pointed out, loose skin can take 2 years or more to tighten up as much as it is going to. Patience is important in this. Unless you have so much loose skin that it is causing heath issues, that is, as long as it is only a matter of looks, give it time keep doing what you are doing.
  • Maybe I personally had it. Around here they only test if you are high risk, need medical intervention, or if they have been traveling, so with mild symptoms, I was not tested. All to say, I don't know if I was sick with it or something like it, 14 days stuck at home either way.
  • I assume you mean intermittent fasting. There is a group here. I used to do it, I don't at the moment because it doesn't fit with my current lifestyle.
  • ^^^^^^ This. Fasting without making sure you are in a calorie deficit won't achieve anything.
  • I am fairly sure it is meant as a joke since houses cannot use spin bikes and the most literal reading of your topic is you purchased the bike for your house.
  • Yes, it is worth it.
  • Calling food "good" or "bad" is not really a helpful way to categorize food. It all depends on what ones overall diet consists of over time. A chocolate bar within an overall diet of nutritious foods is not bad unless there is a specific health issue like diabetes that makes is bad. Eating only chocolate bars or…