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  • With seaweed snacks, as flimsy as they already are in their state, according to my sister @777Gemma888 , we recommend you use them in: * soups * salads * even sandwiches
  • For yoga and deep reflections, I prefer the great outdoors and any nature sounds it gifts me, as I'll work through what I'll reference as my Judaica supplications. Fortunately, I'm into many genres [from nature, to classical, to folk, lounge, etc] when it comes to preferred meditational chill out sounds, however, when I…
  • Makes you bilingual ;) ... Ooh la la.
  • 5 :relieved: Now that I'm finally well settled, reacclimated to my Los Angeles beat and bounce, I can now continue with "doing me," starting with my log ins, to stay connected to our fitness community.
  • Welcome JJoyystick79 and hullo everyone! Some MFPers did meet their spouses here however, this thread is more of a place to hangout, less all that.
  • Watched Ric R Waugh's "Snitch" ft Dwayne Johnson, John Bernthal, Barry Pepper, Susan Sarandon and Benjamin Bratt via BounceTV. Enjoyed it over dinner with family; My sister.
  • Inasmuch as I tried to not view it at all, only to end up watching HBO's "The Vow," trying to unwatch it, often too stunned in parts to disengage my curiosity, despite it being rather dragged pace-wise for my liking, it is worth watching if you've at some points in your life crossed "cult-like" invites you unknowingly…
  • When we're older and and when wearing cosmetics, the use of the least no.of makeup products is best for any finished look, that is minimal, soft and light. For a daytime look, this might likely be something you'll want to try-out [Start 5: 07 - End 8: 34] https://youtu.be/b1zRJelysjg For an evening cat eye look you may…
  • Aww I'm so sorry that you're having to closely watch your use of electricity. Am cutting in on behalf of my sister since she's been crazy-busy since 9 ish our am. In our parts of Southern California, most of our new builds have installed alternative green power technology, so it is common to be owed money by the power…
  • Don't like heated pools either, when working through my night-time swimming drills at the height of winter.
  • To "stay young." With the norms we women wear in Summer as our wears indoors, I do too, only with the add-on I've qualified as my loungewear accessory; A cashmere wrap. To be fair, I have a high tolerance for winter climes.
  • All is well with how some of us are opting to approach getting healthier, fitter and stronger, committed to doing everything better, as we get older. I also staggered when the pandemic started, then recovered, now paced with my daily workout. Btw, thanks for referencing Bon Jovi's "Keep the faith."
  • Congratulations for successfully losing 40 lbs since you'd joined MFP Travis! I've been watching how painful torn muscles, ligaments, sinews and connective tissues are for a few months now, so I sympathise, knowing how much work you'll need to put into your recovery. Just as well you have your 4-legged entourage to keep…
  • Welcome on board Lou!
  • Hot temps maintenance protocols for me in Southern California: * When indoors: Air condition is set at 55 degrees Fahrenheit/12.8 degrees Celsius because our temps can easily be in the 80s by mid-morning and around sunset, depending on location. * When outdoors at the height of the sun: Sun protection ensembles and…
  • Was about to suggest cucumber salad which is one of my Summer favourites, but Eva's beat me to it, so I'm left with recommending you cold cucumber soups, preferably Russian.
  • With our downpours ... Can't deny I'm entertained by our neighbours recurring low growl soundbyte: "Let me out, Lemme ouwt" :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: https://youtu.be/arbgB6REBmU
  • To ease you off your anxiety, I recommend you kick-start with *the most basic approach to acclimate your mind with the nuances of the language before following through with the [practical/immersion] portals of language-learning & language-proficiency to that of a native-speaker, as the members have shared above. *…
  • Congratulations @saynow111 for having successfully gotten yourself out of that debilitating state, with a complete overhaul. In my opinion, morbid obesity tests your mettle and is high maintenance [necessitating extensive pre workout & post workout skincare protocols & management, conscious nutrition, high volumes of…
  • You're here because you're worth any effort you'll commit to, to attain your immediate and long-term fitness, aesthetics & health goals, at this stage in your life. I'm 44 and if I've not once regretted signing up on myfitnesspal back in November 2012 when family-friends via JPL recommended this app/site to me and my…
  • Set around 19th century Malaysia, U-Wei Haji Saari's "Hanyut" was a sweet surprise; good storytelling. Reminded me of Guy Jenkin's "The Sleeping Dictionary."
  • This might interest you. A sister-friend is approaching her 7th [email protected] and is presently weaning her infant with part breast-milk, part formula, before she'll eventually consider committing to a programme full-throttle. Recommended MFP peer-to-peer [email protected] to lose the tummy:*…
  • Welcome Mickey! Thank you ever so much for the heart-filled testimony of your truths. Our MFP community and this Main Board is indeed fortunate to have you, at seeing your sincerity. Fortunately, the MFP forums are mature-adults dominant, so you'll find some good company, as long as you participate where you feel inclined.…
  • <Enter> Jack Ryan and Capt. America to the Smaht Pahk Rescue https://youtu.be/85iRQdjCzj0
  • When the weekend hits, I prioritise complete rest & relaxation, with emphasis on one sleep-in. Throughout my active days, I average around 7 hours of sleep, for I'm up around 3ish most mornings, sometimes around 2ish in the am.
  • Woot woot ... Delightful news!
  • Not QUIT Family. #On principle
  • Witnessing a couple fight. Co-dependent unemployed partner was discovered by his own child via her school peer [one of her best friends] who showed her the entire by-play of his inappropriate texts to her single mum soon after her arrival at school, with videos of him via her Nanny-cam showing him in the house her father…