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  • Target C9 brand ...
  • funny but true!
  • Me too ! I guessed i was the 8th body type, it put me in between 4 and 5.
  • mini stepper ... or they make a small "bike" (basically just pedals that you can either put on your desk and crank with your hands or under your desk and move your feet while you sit.
  • Perv's the whole lot of us... lol... In all seriousness though , she has to want it. There's feeling uncomfortable and omg i tore a muscle. No pain no gain (or loss). Good luck
  • Trina told me to pull over cause ... Woot woot pull over that *kitten* is too phat!
  • I wanna be a cougar when I grow up ... My 20's have sucked , not sure my 30's will be much better. All I have to look forward to is checking out young studs in their mid 20's squatting at the gym then teaching them a thing or 2. Catch and release or my favorite , turn'em out and turn'em loose ... Lmao!
  • To the OP.... suck it up and go. Plan your workout in advance and go in and do it. That way you aren't standing around trying to figure out what you're going to do next. You will look confident even if you aren't , I'm all about faking it until you make it. You might just surprise yourself. has plenty of…
  • 12 hour rotating shifts days and nights... I try to bring my food , but I have yet to get into the habit of doing it consistently.
  • The more "proof" the more "truth"!!!
  • tequila ... because at least jose cuervo is honest and admits he see's other women, whereas other men like to lie and say "no babe, it's only you " HA!
  • Fluffy Chivette here (as i am a work in progess) ... Love the Chive and the Berry too!
  • Thank you , you're right It's no joke but it was pretty awesome. At least I can say i did it... lol
  • I'm working on it... I'm pretty hard headed when it comes to things. my thoughts are i'm going to hurt either way , so is it really a good enough excuse to not do it. I'm working on the first week of Beta now, and supplementing moves best I can for anything that's causing too much pain. Thanks everyone for the input.
  • I recently had a nutritionist tell me i was too fat for the caliper test... how fun was that :mad: ... It's all really an estimate anyway. Pick a method and stick with it, that way you can see progress.
  • Oh trust me ... I'm avoiding the donut in public just for that reason. My family is full of comedians and they are not letting me live this down. They're favorite right now is making a reference to the movie "white chicks" which says "once you go _____ you wind up in a wheelchair." They're telling everyone it had nothing…
  • I'm so sorry to hear that ... I thought maybe i'd be lucky and had just bruised it but it's looking more and more like it's something more. Live and learn the hard way i guess... lol
  • Thank you ... Internet said 7-10 days and I'm still struggling ... Might be a fracture instead of a bruise . Smh only me
  • I've had both instances happen ... both at softball ... ugh. And to the poster that connected with the uppercut... just did that this week doing T25... you are not alone.
  • ^^^^ this is true!
  • As i was attempting some plyo box jumps, I didnt quite make it far enough onto the box. As I started to fall hard and without grace, the box decided to follow with the opposite edge of the box slamming into my shins. I got so sick at my first group/personal training workout, not only did i puke in front of the group but i…
  • I find exercising actually helps the cause... I feel like crap before and during but after I feel better, maybe it's pain aversion therapy...If my quads are on fire and i feel like i cant walk anymore, or arms or core or whatever my cramps seem less significant. lol
  • - shorts without shame - it's so hot and humid here - ending my 20's more fit than when i started (hopefully) - not needing a runner every time i get on base - looking and feeling like an athlete again - *** and if the men folk of the EMPLOYED and non *kitten*-esq nature happen to start coming around - Bonus***
  • I don't know why that didn't occur to me, thank you ! Back in the day i used to do it all the time because my stomach was flat but i still had a big rear and thighs so for clothes to fit my bottom they were too big in the waist.... Maybe im on the right track to getting back there... lol Thanks again!
  • I'm going to Jamaica next week and was pondering the same thing. Been battle chub rub today with my work pants, i've droped a few lbs and they dont seem to want to sit where they normally do and my thighs are rubbing together at the top ... awkward and painful and no option to go home and change on this 12 hour shift.
  • MFP recommends 8 - 8oz cups . However, several folks follow the method of dividing your body weight in half and drinking that many ounces of water a day. For example 150lb person would in turn want to drink 75oz daily, or just over 9cups.
  • Being barked at by a group of guys that happened to be friends with a guy I liked (who although he did not participate, he didn't try to stop them either). Breaking up with my low life ex who refused to work once we moved in together and cheated on me, only to have my father tell me that there was no longer any hope for me…
  • Idk about the very best... or that she's a celeb but she was recently in Trey Songz video ... but Makofit is on instagram and she's always posting challenges for free!
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  • I too am a former athlete and a wanna be now.... I played volleyball and basketball not to mention fastpitch softball is year round in FL. I "used to could" , I want to again.