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  • A black bean bowl with salsa and guacamole would be tasty and a good shot of protein! You could make it into a taco or burrito too if you wanted.
  • How about mini meat loaves made in muffin tins? You could make up a batch of lentil loaves or bean patties or something to feed the vegetarian. Making batches of pasta sauce-- some with meat and some without would also be good. Tonight I'm actually making a batch of vegan curry to share with a co-worker, after I take her…
  • Roast green beans, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, or broccoli at 425 on a sheet tray with a little oil, salt, and pepper. Time varies, but I try to stir and check/taste every 8 minutes or so. Green beans might be done at 8 but broccoli might take 16 or more. When you want to mix it up, add: --lemon juice and shredded…
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  • I'm on day 3 as well! Done keto before though. Not feeling too bad, but afternoons at work are a little rough.
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  • I have 3 or 4 different Just Dance games for the Wii (that I play now on the Wii U). I love them, so much fun!
  • Yum! Sounds great, thanks!
  • Hi there, in the forum people generally either cut and paste a recipe, or link to a recipe. You can also browse the database!
  • Maybe weird, but I super love chopped broccoli in my scrambled eggs! Just chop it finely and cook it in your pan before you add the eggs. I also like to add in onions and mushrooms. Make a hash out of any kind of veggies (include a bit of potato if you want to ease yourself into it!) like chopped cauliflower, and then put…
  • I call it Zoodle Soup--lunch or dinner. Saute 1 chopped tomato and 2 pressed cloves of garlic in 1 Tablespoon olive oil until tomato breaks down. Add one spiralized large zucchini. Season with salt (or bouillon paste, my fave), black pepper, red pepper flakes, and Italian seasoning. Add 1 cup of water and let cook down…
  • I've been making salami bundles with egg salad filling, and then changed it up today and used pepperoni chips to scoop up egg salad.
  • Are you logging your exercise? MFP will generate extra calories for you when you log in your exercise.
  • I think fruit is actually a great idea. Watermelon and cantaloupe balls, strawberries, raspberries, yum! Veggies with hummus and maybe a light ranch dip? Do you have an air popcorn popper? Having a big bowl of popcorn on hand is nice too, lots of crunch for not too many calories if you go light on the butter/oil.
  • By eating outdoors do you mean at restaurants? Soups (non-creamy, broth based) and salads (go light on the dressings, lots of veggies, less high calorie items like cheese) are low on the calories, help you get some good nutrients, and aren't too spendy. Do you have fridge access? Can you buy groceries to at least make your…
  • We probably need a few more details about you to help you out, like some of your likes/dislikes, any allergies, etc. What are the same things you are currently eating every day? For me just mixing it up a little bit can really help out my routine. For instance, if I've been eating a lot of chicken salad on top of green…
  • Sometimes I get sick of green salad so I'll just do veggies--tomatoes and cucumber, or just chunks of avocado. Mashed cauliflower is good, so are grilled veggies. I'm currently refrigerator pickling some veggies (cucumbers, beets, and green beans) for a little more variety. Adding a few walnuts to stir fried veggies makes…
  • I started yesterday. Anyone else still working on this plan? I've got RA and have had no energy lately, so an elimination diet makes sense to me.
  • I think PB2 is a ripoff, look for peanut flour if you want to save a ton of money (2 lbs for $11)! Also it doesn't contain the salt and sugar that PB2 does. Iherb sells it, Trader Joe's used to sell it. I like adding peanut flour to smoothies, oatmeal, and various baked goods (protein cakes in the microwave!)
  • Where do you buy this and what brand is it? I swear it's impossible to find oil packed tuna lately!
  • Dijonaisse if you can find it! I always have to go to a couple stores lately. It's like creamy mustard but still very low calorie. I also like tuna plain, sprinkled with lemon juice and lots of salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Honestly, don't knock it unless you try it! When I do it this way I don't squeeze out as…
  • Apple/carrot/parsley is my favorite easy one, when I want more veggies I do cucumber, green apple, lemon, carrots, celery/whatever leafy green stuff I have on hand (spinach, kale, chard, etc). I've found that, for me, throwing a cucumber into any veggie juice gives a great amount of juice for the price and I love the clean…
  • I have some cabbage I should use up, I think I will make this tomorrow! Thanks!
  • Pumpkin pancake (from Trader Joe's mix) topped with homemade applesauce (lots of cinnamon, just a little brown sugar when I made it) and whipped cream. Yum! Tomorrow it's going to be my favorite green smoothie: almond milk, spinach, half a frozen banana and a handful of frozen strawberries.
  • Yummy, thanks for sharing!
  • Hamburger patty with a nice salad (spring mix, sliced almonds, goat cheese!) and maybe brussels sprouts.
  • Great thread! I'm currently just using the circuit training equipment but am going to have my brother show me some free weight stuff at the gym this week!