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  • I've struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I realize now that food is fuel and I am an engine that wants to run well. Dieting is such an awful word, it makes one immediately feel tied down and deprived. Motivation only gives a push, maybe it's a good push and a good place to start. Fueling your engine is a life…
  • Sibilantstorm: You must be my twin :) I think the one thing that helps me the most is learning to forgive myself. Everyday won't be perfect, but I strive to have more successful days than not.
  • Set up your meals/calories early each day and include an allowance for an evening snack. Breyers makes these 60 calorie fudge ice cream bars that are to die for. Sixty calories! I put a list on my coffee table that says "Do Something!" Clean Kitchen, Read, Walk to the mailbox (I have a long driveway), Vacuum, Cross stitch,…
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  • I do the same, weighing daily. Keeps me honest. I know people say to only weigh one a week but daily accountability works for me. Good luck on your journey!
  • Perhaps preparing an advance meal plan may help. Sticking to it may be the hardest part but if you can do it for even one week you'll feel better knowing you've accompished a goal. Good Luck! :)
  • Awesome, awesome job - seeing a "1" something on the scale! Congratulations! I just entered the 2-Oh's. Ten pounds to Onderland, can't wait! :)
  • Sorry for the long post…. Hi everyone, tossing in my hat – been using Ozempic for six weeks now, 14 lb down. I wanted first to mention that my husband was prescribed Ozempic for his diabetes about 1.5 years ago. I want to describe how his body handles it. He is a naturally thin man, 6’2”, 225lb. He has a bit of a belly and…
  • Didn't expect it but hubby said 'your jeans are getting baggy'. Someone noticed. :smile:
  • I have learned that eating really well makes me feel good. I have a long-distance best friend and we've been challenging each other for years. We realized (we are both around 60), that we are not seeking a weight goal anymore but creating a plan for health for the rest of our lives. This way of thinking simplified…
  • Washing my husband's truck! I washed the outside, then he was supposed to take care of the inside but he was working on something else so I got the vacuum and cleaned the inside too, got the floor protectors cleaned, took about 3 hours total and I probably burned 500 calories doing it! :smiley:
  • You know how you sometimes buy things and keep them for "when I can finally fit it"? WELL... I have this gorgeous pair of knee boots with heels that I've been holding onto, bought them online, never could zip them because of large calves - but yesterday!, I tried them on and ZIPPED THEM UP WITH JEANS ON. O.M.G. There's…
  • I had a major munchie craving yesterday. Went to the store for the regular staples, milk, bread, etc., and then I migrate to the rack that says "Oops, we made too much", which is full of marked down donuts and croissants. I think I drooled a little and then walked past it. Saw a big bucket of cheese balls and thought my…
  • FINALLY! Someone said something about my weight loss, a girlfriend I hadn't seen in a few months. She didn't know I was actively working it, it was so nice to hear I nearly cried, and I gave her a huge bear hug! Best incentive ever.
  • Seeing some old friends from school-days tomorrow, made me buckle down a bit on my diet, drink my water and keep up with my exercise. It will not be the last time I see them, I want look even better next time! Yeah, it's sort of petty but it is motivating. :D
  • I love Halloween and this is the first year in AGES that I can actually think of having a costume that isn't an ugly witch or a ghoul, this year I'm thinking eccentric cat woman - with a leopard dress, a boa, maybe some boots.... So pulling that together is a motivator. LOL!
  • I believe strongly that once you understand that this isn't "until", but is a "continuous journey", it makes it easier to see the big picture because it has no start or stop. Love your journey! <3
  • I reached for some shorts out of my pile - the one that I keep that everything fits and 'hoping to fit soon'. Pulled them up and after a few minutes I came to realize I hadn't worn them before and when I checked the size, they were 12/14s ! Wow....I can't mentally wrap my head around it because in the mirror to me, I still…
  • Mee too! I'm hoping that after a couple of years of maintaining, my skin will try to catch up with the weight loss. I know every body is different but I do have a defined waist - again. My arms - they are what is suffering the most, they are smaller, this I know but the skin. Doubt I'll ever be able to wear sleeveless…
  • The bathing suit I started using this Spring/Summer is TOO BIG! Woo Hoo!
  • Out with a girlfriend I see every couple weeks. She asks "Well, how many down is it now"? I asked her "can you really notice it"? And she said "yes, very". I hugged her, nobody has actually mentioned it outside my mother and it meant a lot to me to hear it. Down 44 total, 32 of it since beginning of April.
  • You know that old saying "Just Do It". Turn it off and find something else to do. I always have a kitchen to clean or laundry to fold, etc. Perhaps clean out and re-organize a neglected closet or dresser, house cleaning is a great calorie burner.
  • I bought a shirt at Goodwill nearly FIVE years ago. Been trying it on every once in a while and say 'just 15 pounds' and I might be able to wear it. Well, here it is 28 down....finally wore it last night **with compliments! I felt proud of myself!
  • Saturday morning, every week. I use a meal planner and it channels me through the week, I usually eat super light on Fridays, in prep for Saturday weigh-in. It works for me.
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  • I did it! I entered Onederland on Saturday morning! That's motivating! Haven't had a one in front of my weight for many years!
  • Five pounds IS a lot. Just think of 5 butter boxes sitting together. That is how much volume you lost. Puts things into perspective!
  • Thank you so much for riding through that with me, you have been inspiring! :)
  • LAST DAY for 16 Days of Positive, July 31: I finally reached my first and most important goal. Onederland! Got on the scale this a.m., after removing EVERYTHING, retainers, glasses and all etc., LOL, and the scale said 199.2 this a.m.! I've been losing in 10lb increments. Adding my Excel spreadsheet that I monitor weekly.…
  • Positive for July 29: I am closing in on another week. I've lost 25lb since late March. In total since 2019, I've lost 42. Sounds like a lot but I lost and gained the same 20lbs at least 3 times between then and now. BUT this time, this week, is the first time my weigh in will be in the 100's. First time since 2006 I've…
  • Might sound weird but...I want to make sure I can still get up off the floor as my years progress - I'm 61 now and since I've been exercising and losing weight it has suddenly become much easier. Nothing makes you feel old more, than having difficulty getting up off the floor. It's personal, it's a wake-up call.
  • Panko and Parmesan crusted Captain’s Cut Cod with baby reds and veggies.