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  • For me they are a must. Probiotics ended my depression, better then years of pills with bad side affects ever did. Now I only take them a few times a week or after a big meal. It's great to poop with ease.
  • I have health issues also fibro and gluten intolerance. When I eat better and less o feel so much better. This app has helped me to be apre mindful eater, hope it helps your issues also.
  • I like my mug cakes. Just think of them as a cross between cake and an omlet. Trick for me is to microwave them on a lower setting. I use 1/4 cup cake mix, an egg, almond milk to moisten. The first step is to put a 1/2 table spoon of oil ( or buyer)in the mug and coat it well. Olive oil is to strong of a flavor to use fore…
  • When I eat gluten I can "feel" hungry after a 4000 calorie day. Is there a food allergy that is making you feel hungry? A nutrition you are missing? Lack of fiber? Lack of water? I check these things when I get the hungries.
  • I can read my scale without holding my belly in. I was starving yesterday ( I work in 14 grocery stores a week) when I checked out I spent half the money I usually spend and bought REAL food!!!!!
  • I just say I gluten free for medical reasons, if I get the eye I say I was in bed for a year, needed 15 hours of sleep a day. If I get the eye again I point to my thyroid removal scar. And say it cost met thyroid and my gallbladder. Most people are impressed that I figured out how to get my butt Out of bed and be active I…
  • I am gluten intolerant enought to have spent a year in bed. I test negative thought for celiacs. After just eating chicken, rice and veggies for a week there was no question that I was gluten intolerant. Most of my pains went away, I did not need 15 hours of sleep a day , lost lost of my brain fog. I felt totaly different.…
  • I gain two pounds of water weight 1 week after I ovulate. A clear mucaus discharge from ones ladies parts means I have ovulated and need to stop weighing myself soon or at least expect the temporary gain.
  • Hi I am New her. I like simple goals they are much easer to remember! - honestly enter my food - put extra toward my debt each payday - Continue to chip away at my "things that Annoy me " list - Stretch before I get out of bed
  • Merchandiser, good news is I walk a lot, bad news is I walk up and down the isles of several grocery stores every day.
  • That is not 12 step friendly. I have tried something similar and that is were the last 5 pounds came from. It was like trying to make friends with a rattlesnake. First I am not real good at only eating when hungry. Second my car is to small. ( as a diabetic I got my A1C from 6.4 to 6.9 trying to make friends with something…
  • The weight and size change maybe bloat that you have lost since going gluten free. I am heavy but lost 6 inches of my waist the first 2 weeks that I went gluten free. I forget how many pounds as it was three years ago. The gluten causes tons of inflammation all over. It took me about three months to stabilize to the change.