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  • Thank you @Lietchi and @goal06082021 ! Your thoughtful and practical responses are appreciated. ❤️ Wishing you joy in this experience!
  • Thank you everyone!
  • Hi! Joining mid-month! July SW:215.8 July Goal: 210 July 16: 213.7
  • Hi, That sounds rich & delicious! I'd try portabello "steak" mushrooms or zucchini boats stuffed with nuts and tofu. Maybe a cashew cream sauce. Alternatively, go for a "meaty" mushroom ravioli / tortellini with a decadant vegan or dairy cream sauce.
  • @bluerain2016 brave soul! I like it dehydrated in the oven and crunchy. Stewing it turns it into a thickener which, in my opinion, makes it difficult to swallow! @laughingdakini1 Do you dry fry on a low heat? That's great to know that it comes out well, I've always been too nervous to try it. I've gotten into…
  • @kstpierre52020 - I'm sorry your dad is having to go through chemo, that's tough. It's totally reasonable to live in the moment and ditch tracking sometimes. That's commendable that you're still committed to mfp/weight loss. If I know what I'm having for dinner, I track the cals before hand. Then I can kind of just set it…
  • Hiya, Had a bit of a binge the past few days due to lady business It was nice to listen to my body. On the same thread of listening to the body, I jogged for the first time in years! I'm inspired to keep it up. Needing to motivate to lace up those shows tomorrow morning! Out for a 3 mile (5k?) walk today in the 80 degree…
  • Hi! Today has been good so far. Went for a 3 mile walk, and downloaded a pedometer app so I can really measure things! My good friend has a free yoga channel - she does a live class every weekday at noon Pacific Standard time - wanted to share that will you all.…
  • Hi Everyone, Would love to join this group of accountability buddies! I'm walking daily & trying to stick to calorie counts & would live to check in & support y'all!
  • Thanks @GaleHawkins Congrats & that's inspiring!
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  • I believe people don't deserve to be treated poorly because they are heavy. That is what the fat acceptance mevement is all about. F.A. also combats myths that you are unattractive, unemployable and have no self control simply because you are bigger. Folks who are bigger are aware of potential health risks, but that's a…
  • these look fabulous!
  • Green thai curry is really good too -you can go tofu or chicken. Vegan Walnut Taco Salad is pretty great as well!