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  • Cool Sounds great. I will do that
  • I did do the workouts. they were great. I love them. However I did not get great results due to struggling with fibrmyalgia pain so I was on 2 -4 days off 1 or so weeks. I am healed and have no pain. I am training for a 10 km now and will try to work in p90x also some were.
  • When I bought my p90x last Aug. i didn't get any info on coaches and when I went on line to try the message board I could not access it:noway: I felt alone and struggled
  • I was wondering if if I would get results if I sticked to a clean eating diet istead of the p90x diet. I tried it last year and I really had a hard time with the diet. I'm not sure why I eat pretty clean already? Thanx
  • Thank-you for the advice. I will try it.
  • O.K. This sounds stupid but could you explain more on the paceing when it is pretty well all spelled out for you. I REALLY REALLY have a hard time with paceing. Any wisdom will be appreciated.
  • I have been eating clean for about 3 years however I find that they want you to eat way to much food I gag to get it all in.
  • I am quite over wieght and head strong so I get this idea and excitment about working out and I go hard to hard and well then ooops I over do it. So I am learning to go slow and steady and listen to my body, quite a chalenge for me.
  • I ordered my p90x last Aug. I was sttrugling with a lot of coronic pain then so I would be able to do a few days on then a few days off. So needless to say that I didn't have much succes. I did find that I was choking on all the food that the meal plan had me eat. I am training foe a 10 km right now but am looking forward…
  • Sometimes when people see that we are improving (weight loss) it causes an internal look at what they have or have not been doing in there own life. Though they might not br over weight we as people need to keep going forward and when we lose 29 lbs it is very obvious that you are going forward and change for the good. It…
  • cool thanx I'll have to look it up.
  • I have this great book for starting to run, it is by John Satnton - Running start to finish. He talks about going from coauch potatoe to hoe to run a marathon great book. I was wondering if there was a book like that for bikeing??
  • Three years ago I did a sprint tri. LOVED it. This book and author sound great. Sooooo who is it and what is the name of her book. :happy: Please Thanx
  • Thanx for the advice. I have been moving for about 4 yrs. Walking is quite strait froward. But the running and bike get overpumped and push to hard and then burn out. I thought that there might be a book to help with pacing myself. I have a running one , in that one your run almost every day. It is a prep book on running…
  • Are there any books out there for the beginer who is 50 or more lbs over wieght, about exercise what they should do and how? I'm more less looking for running, walking and cycling.
  • I felt the same way when I first started to exercise. I took my ipod and forced my self to walk, not around a track but I walked.Then it became a good time for me to walk and think and to have my time. If I don't go for a walk or a bike ride I start to feel restless and agitated. It is a good time to pray and think.
  • Do any of you watch your heart rate while on the bike. I find it hard to stay in my 130+ zone after a few km. I think that it might be because I am overwight. Though I am going 23 or so km/h and my heart rate is at 119 I can get it up if I sprint. My resting heart rate is around 43, my casual walking is 70.Thank-you
  • Thank-you for the info. I was doing it wrong I love to be the bike and to go and go and go. I am looking forward to being able to go for longer. I was doing long rides every other day. thanx again.
  • You guys are an insperstion!!:wink: Keep up the good work. I have a question though. I have not been able to do more than 20km at a time. I have been going every 2nd day, then had bike problems. I'm back at it now and am a little frustrated. There was a post a while baack about what one could expect when starting out. Any…
  • I hear ya, my husband and I went camping for a week and gained 7 lbs. My sister says that if you don't gain at least 5 lbs then the vacation wasn't a good one. Keep up the good work it will come off.
  • I'm not sure about a lot of details, however I have bee at this off and on for a few years and well if you are starting out overweight and out of shape like I was start slow, walk, first and don't push yourself to hard listen to your body. I should have listen to that advice I would of saved a few injuries. There are a lot…
  • Does any one know what the caolries are for carob chips are? I bought some in bulk a while ago and I have no idea what I they are. I have looked on the web site and cant find it. Thanx
  • Good morning everyone, Hope you enjoy the weekend. I loged 18 km on the bike, got a flat 1/2 mile from home. My sister and I are going to the rodeo today. Hopefully we I can stay on tract with the food. :happy:
  • and hey, Christine. . .welcome! Why don't you measure instead of weigh, and then measure again at the end of the month? Just a suggestion. . . [/quote] I like the idea of meassering, ok this may sound wierd but I can never seem to do it right I either pull to much or not enough. I can never seem not get the right…
  • Helo Everyone! I have been reading the posts and decided to join. Everyone here seems to be doing so much. I have a very active and strenous days work on the farm so my 12 km bike ride will be all that I can do. I am not sure about how to set a goal for the month because I have no scale? but my long term goal is to lose…
  • I belive that any thing worth doing will be hard. The higher the value the hard it will be. Well that is how it has been often in my lfe any way. Don't beet your self up, it is a life style change not an over night change. It isn't even so much about the wieght as it is about being healthy for the rest of your life (I to…
  • I think that there might be some truth in what you are saying(Wizzle) i am quite hard on myself. I think that relaxing might be a good start. I just find it hard to keep going when I don't see the results as I would like to see.
  • I think that I might try a new doc and see what he says
  • yes I count my exercise calories. My fitness pal has me eating 1660 with a mildly active and 1800 with a higher activity level. When I exercise I do add thouse calories on top. One of the things that I find frustrating is that my doc is less than conserned about anything.
  • I eat 1660-1800 a day depending how much I work. No I haven't been tested for diabetes.Thank-you for your support