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  • I eat manly vegies and fruit, with clean protien. The grain that I eat are whole wheat or multi grain. I gind my flour from the wheat that we grow. Very little refind sugar. I eat every 2 hours. Take supliments, and have seen the doc, who sent me for heart tests and everything came back fine. Other than that she brushes me…
  • I am a little frustrated. I know that I am over wieght by alot.(80 or so lbs). However I have been exercising for 4 years now and still feel very out of shape. 2 yrs ago I did a triathalon it was fabulous. The problem is that I am constantly feeling tiered and I have very little energy. I am working outside on the fram.…
  • I am so very proud of you:flowerforyou: I will be praying for you and your family as you walk each day to a new you. Keep up the good work.:happy:
  • It is very posible to do 11 km in 38 min. I just got back rom 13.5 km in 35 min. I am not a super fit nor fast or experienced rider. Go for it girl
  • I did it I made it out for a ride it was shorter that I wanted because my tire was low but I STILL did 14 km it felt great.
  • I love to bike but I find myself going for many more walks than rides. I hope that this will get me out there. Does any one have a solution to a very sore bottom form biking? I so have any of you found a solution?
  • Well, I'm just starting out with the walking inside routine. But I really don't have much choice. It's walk inside or go outside and risk the wilderness and/or possible heat stroke. It's so hot out here from May through most of October. The only reason to be outside during the summer in FL is if you're going to the pool.…
  • hey there, i love to power walk - it sometimes turns into a jog / walk but I love the power of walking with a purpose. How do you stay motivatied to walk inside. I went outside to day and did about 4.5- 5 miles. Inside I can barely do 2 miles. Way to go keep it up.
  • A while back there were a few posts on retuarant calorie count. Does anyone remeber or know any of them?
  • I find it hard to do yoga because i wiegh so much that eventhough i am very flexable it is hard to stand there in the wierd position, my legs hurt. I have been working at the exercieing thing for 4 years and i have lost only 50 lbs I have 80 to go. Through this I have been an exercise freek, I've cut out sugar, carbs…
  • Hi there everyone I just found this thread I love it, great idea I love the idea of people in the same boat banding together.
  • This is a daily thread for the running freaks here. You're welcome to join! :flowerforyou: [/quote] Thanxs
  • Is this the thread for the June 20 jumpstart? That was talked about the other day?
  • I love your post !!!:happy: I homeschool my childern. I love being around them and getting to know them it is great. I agreed with every thing you said. !!! Very well explaind on all fronts well done :flowerforyou:
  • Alternate one week of heavy exercise (burning 750+ calories) with one week of light (burning 500 or less) Do you mean 750 a day or for the whole week? This Sounds like fun I guess I have things to think about. Are we working towards a big event that we will do on June 20? Like working to do 10 -15-25km or something?
  • hey thereeveryone. i am new to the chalenge thing and kind of new to MFP. This chalenge thing sounds fun, What kinds of goels do you make? I haven't had much of an acountabilty thing before, I did what I wanted when I wanted. That didn't work so hot. I can use all the help I can get. lol Thanx Chris
  • MFP marks it as more calories than that.
  • On a web site that I found for figuring out how many calories you burn for the exercise you do, it said that I burned 930 calories for 1 1/2 hr of gardening. The site calculates your hight,weight, age,gender. This sounds like a lot of calories burned??? Is it right?
  • If you are in the grey area the Doc. might not do anything saying that everything is fine. I have a friend who is a lab tech. and thier levels are not as a curate as they should be I have most of the symtems and it is in the family. The docs. did nothing so I went to the natural way and have seen improvment.
  • Vivi, do you have any cook books that you would recommend?
  • Are you looking at help in chosing something that has little calorries or good food rgardless of health? I have been cooking Indian food for a few months now and I love it. My family prefers the dishes with cocnut milk or yogurt in them the most. They don't taste creamy but rather have a fuller taste more complete. I don't…
  • 2 years ago I did a triathalon, I was over wieght and not in the best of shape. But I took it in little bites and I finished with a pretty good time. Keep going think positive and do your best and forget the rest. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!:flowerforyou:
  • That sounds high? My resting heart rate is 53. I have to work real realy hard to get it to 150.
  • Does anyone know of a website that alows us to put in the ingredients to a recepie and it give the calorie and food count?
  • I live in Northern Alberta, We just got a big dump of snow again. It was beautiful for weeks. So I have been stuck on the treadmil. i'm iching to go of a bike ride.
  • I like the idea of being out side. When you say North how north, Canada North or USA North. I like to mix up my walking with biking. 3 times a week for 30 min is not to bad. I think that it might be doable.
  • I have no idea about heart rates. I have a a lot of the same questions. But my heart rate hits 150 and \i feel light headed and have a headacke for a while.