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  • Being told my dog was 20+lbs over weight. He deserved better care and started walking him more. Lost 80lbs myself in the process and shifted approx 20lbs of the dog.
  • :D :D :)
  • i'm in Falkirk. Been on this site for past 9 months and managed to get 4 stones off, granted not all in the 9months but over the past 2 years. this site defeinelty helped the weight to keep shifting.
  • I'm a great believer in the benefits of walking. By staying under you calorie goal and walking you will lose weight, it wont dramatically improve your overall fitness though. Most of my weight loss has been through sensible eating and walking 4-5 miles a day.
  • I use google maps. if you have a gmail account you can load your own maps where you can draw lines, allowing you to see distance you've walked. Then if you search for Arkansas runner it should give you a web site where you put in distance and time and it will compute your average speed, allowing accurate inputting to MFP.
  • Maybe 105 isnt too low then, although my "ideal weight" is about another stone off my current weight which is far too low for an ex rugby player with broad shoulders! Well Good luck.
  • Hi there, I'm from the UK too. First off - if you dont mind me asking..... what height are you? 105lbs sounds light! over the past year or two i've managed to shift 4 1/2 stones and the best part of that was through this website. Track everything, good and bad!. My secret to losing weight was walking! I walked 2 hours a…
  • Are you checking how many calories you can burn with household chores? Ironing for example for an hour can burn off roughly 100 calories, hoovering is another good one. check online calculators to get accurate counters. I used to struggle to get up at 6, now after a few weeks i can get up at 5 no probs and walk the dogs…
  • Why you giving it up? Theres very little in Diet Coke. I find that it helps with the lack of sweet things i'm eating. Normally have two bottles (UK Size) a day with a litre or 2 of water and my Weight loss is going ok