website to measure walking distance?

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Hi All,
Does anyone know of a website where you put in your streets and it tells you how far the distance is?? I'm starting my walking program at work and need to know the distance.
Also does anyone use a pedometer? how many steps should you do?
Thanks! :drinker:


  • SimonLondon
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    In Google maps just put the start and finish post codes or addresses and it accurately works out the distance. You can even put walking instead of driving so it is even more accurate.
  • lilmissy2
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    I've never used a pedometer but they are intended to be worn all day (not just when you are out walking) and it is recommended that you should be doing 10 thousand steps per day. The aim is to see what your incidental exercise is compared to what it should be.
  • Gordy83
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    I use google maps. if you have a gmail account you can load your own maps where you can draw lines, allowing you to see distance you've walked.

    Then if you search for Arkansas runner it should give you a web site where you put in distance and time and it will compute your average speed, allowing accurate inputting to MFP.
  • miqisha
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    Sorry cant help.....

    Thanks SimonLondon for info.....didnt know google could do that

    I just used my husbands car and use the trip feature to measure the distance I I knew how many miles I walked.....
  • ra86
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    You can try MapMyRun ( I think if you register you can save your routes and make weekly programmes and stuff like that, but you can just use it straight away if you want.
  • fitinyoga14
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    i posted a similar question yesterday. i got responses to go to so i checked it out last night. i didn't get to explore everything, but i found it helpful.
  • bradholbrook
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  • bradholbrook
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  • adac1977
    adac1977 Posts: 14 Member, you can save your runs and see others who might be doing the same run as you
  • nosbod
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    great! Thanks for your help...I ordered a pedometer from Amazon, so waiting for that - I work in a large office and do a lot (!) of walking all day - might as well measure that too!