Gave up Diet Coke

I gave up diet coke 5 days ago. I thought it would help with my mood and my weight loss. It's not helping with either. Is there a detox period? I'm about to start drinking it again because I'm rather grumpy. Help.


  • Supermel
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    Yes there is definetely a detox period! I too found myself grummmpy when even just cutting back. No advice really but stick with it, and keep your water up and you should be feeling better soon.
  • Mellie13
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    Keep it up!! Caffeine withdrawl is real, but you can do it!! Maybe try drinking some green tea. Or if it's the fizz you miss, some carbonated water.
  • Oompa_Loompa
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    I love diet coke! I dont think I could give it up.
  • crc3458
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    Switch to unsweet ice tea. Zero calories, but you will get the caffeine fix you need. :-)
  • Don't forget to consider caffeine withdraws. If you're an avid Diet Coke drinker, you might start getting bad headache & irritable. Maybe just start slow. Cut your intake in HALF or however you see fit, then in a couple weeks completely cut yourself off.
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    does it eventually help with mood and weight loss?
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    Bless you!! I haven't had that will power yet!
  • HAH! I must type too slow.
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    I gave up Diet Coke April 30, 2009! First 2 weeks were HARD - got much easier after that.
  • chrissyh
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    Switch to unsweet ice tea. Zero calories, but you will get the caffeine fix you need. :-)

    or sweeten with Stevia - better than the chemical sugars in diet drinks.
  • It never helped me with my weight may some people, but not me. Good luck to you though!
  • jillybeanruns
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    I gave it up in January of 2008. It was incredibly hard. I had crazy mood swings, headaches, felt nauseous and was a big ***** for the first entire week. Then the second week, it lessened up. The taste of it makes me sick now, but I do drink it occasionally with rum when I go out. It does get easier, just keep on fighting through it!
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    Why you giving it up? Theres very little in Diet Coke.

    I find that it helps with the lack of sweet things i'm eating.

    Normally have two bottles (UK Size) a day with a litre or 2 of water and my Weight loss is going ok
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    I used to drink it all the time (since it first came out in the early 80s). I have also for the most part given it up as well. I didn't go cold turkey, but just drank fewer each week. Now, I do have an occasional one, but I don't enjoy the taste as much as I used to. It does get easier and the craving will lessen.
  • How much diet coke are/where you guys drinking? I am just wondering because I love diet coke...if I have it in the house I could drink up to 3 cans in a day.. but if I don't have it I can go a few days without it.. sometimes I think to myself "I wish I had a diet coke right now" but I definitely don't experience any kind of withdrawel when I go without it....
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    I find that if I drink a 40 oz. of water before my 20 oz. diet coke I don't notice as much water retention. Hope that helps!
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    Try Coke Zero. I find it tastes much better than Diet Coke anyways :P Although, I have completely cut out sodas, I somtimes do take a small sip from on of my sibling's can (A)
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    I drank a can a day everyday for probably 5 years or so. Sometimes I would have two a day, but that was the most I ever drank. I didn't drink it so that I would stop eating or anything, I just liked it and thought regular Coke was too sweet. But once I stopped for a week and saw the effect it was having on me, I decided it wasn't worth it.

    @Gordy, you are much better eating chocolate than Diet Coke. It's full of un-natural ingredients and Asparatame (the sugar substitute) in it has been linked to cancer, etc...and manufactured sugars are just horrible for your body.
  • Stay on track give up that crap. Aspertame is HORRIBLE for you. You aren't suffering from caffine withdrawll, it's the chemical you are lacking. It has a horrible half life and stays in your liver for a long time. It takes weeks to get it out of your system but once you do you will feel great! You won't lose any weight giving it up, but it's best for your health in the long run.
    I gave it up and it took a couple weeks to stop craving it. But I was feeling sluggish and grumpy and that was the only thing I coud pinpoint for the reason.

    (sorry for the bad spelling, in a hurry, 2 kids and disaster is impending!)
  • I gave up all soda January 11, 2010 at 9 am LOL. I don't miss it one bit and I think it has helped tremendously with my weight lose. I had horrible withdrawl but by day 4 It was smooth sailing. I drink much more water now too. Just my experience with giving it up