Anyone from Scotland on the boards??

Hi folks,

Just looking to see if there is anyone on here from Scotland who fancies teaming up & supporting each other on the boards??



  • alan79
    alan79 Posts: 22 Member
    Aye mate, from edinburgh u?
  • ndmckeown
    ndmckeown Posts: 30 Member
    I'm from Edinburgh too, although was from Glasgow until last August.

    Feel free to add me as a friend. This site is really making a difference for me!
  • lorro
    lorro Posts: 917 Member
    I'm from South of the border but you may find some Scots at Team UK:

    Welcome :)
  • Gordy83
    Gordy83 Posts: 10 Member
    i'm in Falkirk. Been on this site for past 9 months and managed to get 4 stones off, granted not all in the 9months but over the past 2 years. this site defeinelty helped the weight to keep shifting.
  • Thanks folks for your replies!! I am loving the site so far but find the message boards dont always get it ok to add a couple of you successful slimmers as friends?? I am from Dumfries myself. A
  • lorro
    lorro Posts: 917 Member
    Feel free (though not sure I can be classified as a success just yet :laugh: )