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  • I have never heard of any of these place. Do they offer gluten free bread?
  • Why wouldn't it count? I'm not asking to be mean or anything, I just don't understand why it wouldn't? Sugar is still sugar, no matter where it came from right?
  • The Banana Splits Movie
  • So, why not have a beer or 2 that fits into your calories? I drink Bud Select 55 when I am in the mood for a cold one. Only 55 calories a bottle.
  • What is a 3 day egg fast? Can you not eat eggs for 3 days?
  • Tim Hortons!
  • Diet Pepsi Cherry is a big "YAY!" from me. Also diet orange, diet root beer and diet 7-up! :p
  • Are either of those on Netflix?
  • I just drink diet Pepsi in social situations now a days, with the occasional Bud Select 55. It helps keep me from eating some chicken wings or loaded tater tots after a few too many drinks, and it has the added side effect of no hangover the next day!
  • Power Rangers RPM... Yes, I would recommend it, and yes, I know I shouldn't admit I watched it. or that I recommend it! ;)
  • Doesn't the chef at the country club cater to your dietary needs? If so, just eat there. If not, find a new country club.
  • I have written 40 books, and, while only a few have ever made it onto a "best-sellers" list, I can still afford to do things like building a brand new home on a few acres of land we recently purchased, and yet, we still sit down for a home cooked meal, as a family, almost every night of the week. Weird...
  • Great idea! If you cant cook, and are independently wealthy, why not take cooking classes?
  • Except you are not allergic to everything...
  • I'm not sure where to start here... Why would it be easier to do for the kids and not yourself? What would the difference be? Why would you starve? Is your mentality "I only eat foods I love eating or I'll just starve to death?" because there is a huge area in between those extremes that you seem to be ignoring. You are…
  • Why not? As long as you don't go over your calories, why couldn't you get "skinny" with Chinese and Mexican food? Also, why are we saying "skinny" with the quotations? lol
  • Chick-fil-a offers more than deep fried chicken. I cant have peanuts either, but the unbreaded chicken nuggets are great and they are both wheat and peanut free. Again, you just have to check the website or app. What did you do there for 20 minutes and not see them? And you assertion that a salad without chicken and egg is…
  • Why couldn't you get anything at Chick-fil-a? And why did you go to chick-fil-a without checking the website or app ahead of time to see if they had anything you can have? I have to literally check websites or call ahead to every single restaurant I want to visit before even thinking about going there. It's a pain in the…
  • Then buy a block of cheese and a cheese shredder. It isn't as hard as you are making it for yourself. I can promise you that, from experience. Once you get the hang of it, you wont ever want to go back to the old "fast food" way of eating.
  • Ok, turkey is only one of the things suggested lol. I couldn't cook either. Learn. It isn't as hard as it seems. Find easy recipes online and follow them. I promise, you will be surprised how easy and delicious it can be. With all the allergies you have, you may not have many other choices. Better to spend the extra time…
  • Make some cookies or whatever at home, with ingredients that you can trust. It isn't as hard as it seems. Also, there are way more things than lettuce and carrots that you can eat. Maybe have a ham sandwich, with lettuce and tomatoes and some vegan mayo, with some apple chips instead of potato chips, and a banana for…
  • I used to eat out almost everyday, until one day my throat closed up and I couldn't swallow anything (even my own saliva) and went to the ER. They thought my throat was just closed up and tried to do a procedure where they stretch it out. When they got in there, they saw that my throat was full of open, bloody sores, and…
  • Tacos? Ice Cream? Mashed Potatoes? Nacho Cheese Doritos? Spaghetti and Meatballs?
  • You lived in NY and didnt know that people put ketchup on hot dogs??? BTW, Mayo on a hotdog sounds gross...
  • Just happened to me this morning for the first time. Really frustrating.
  • If the only option is "leave group" then it sounds like you successfully joined! :)
  • The "peanut butter" is really awful tasting, but, I put some in a batch of banana bread muffins I was making, and it worked great. It gave the muffins a slight hint of peanut butter flavor. But don't use it for sandwiches... yuck!
  • I read all 15 pages before weighing in, but I don't know that I can add anything helpful. I drank regular pop for my entire life, until a few years ago when I switched to diet. I now drink 3 or more cans of diet pop a day, and have lost (and kept off) 135 lbs. The Dr says she wishes all of her patients were doing as well…
  • I have a bowl of cereal almost every morning. I had pretty decent sized bowl of Banana Nut Cheerios with unsweetened almond milk this morning. It was right around 300 calories. I think it's more about which cereal you choose, and what milk you use.
  • I called a Mexican restaurant last week to see if they offered a gluten free choices. The gentleman that answered the phone said "Everything here is gluten free! I've never even heard of gluten, so I cant see how we could be cooking with it." I politely explained to him what gluten was, and then told him that eventually…