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    freechewy wrote: »
    Okay, I see that I am not the only one. They must be having a datafeeds issue. If this continues I may have to switch over to Fitbit to track my calories and pay for a membership.

    Fitbit will track your calories for free. The premium membership does have a lot of extras, but most people use the "free" app and it gives you all the info MFP does.
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    The other easy thing you can do during times it's not syncing both ways.

    Look at your device, get to screen that shows daily calorie burn so far.

    Subtract 500.

    There's your eating goal so far.

    Knowing you may go over on one meal and catch up later.
  • Mine seems to be back to working fine now. Let's hope it lasts.
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    Mine started synching normally again on Monday night.
    You can check to make sure they are still linked.. just don't unlink/relink again.
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    Bigmonty69 wrote: »
    Mine seems to be back to working fine now. Let's hope it lasts.

    It will, for another 3 months until this happens again.
  • Oleva
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    Mine is still not working. Was up until Monday and now it isn't. Makes me mad and sad!!!
  • My fitbit app is getting data from MFP but MFP is not grabbing my steps!! So frustrating :( Hasn't been working for a couple days now.
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    I have a flex and it was working Monday but yesterday and today it is only getting data from MFP to FitBit, but my steps and my calorie adjustment won't show on Mfp.
  • It seems like MFP and my Fitbit aren't talking at all. No steps showing up on MFP since Monday. No calories showing up on Fitbit since Monday.
  • Rubyew
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    Late last night my information was finally transferred to mfp. Today though nothing at all. Not all info has gone from mfp over to fitbit and no info from fitbit to mfp.
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    Yup add me to the list :(
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    mine hasn't synced in two days now...this is getting frustrating.
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    I just received the below response from MFP - seems they are still having issues, but are working on it. I guess we just have to hang in there and be patient. Very frustrating, though:

    If you have previously been receiving a regular update, and these issues recently started for you in the past few days, we recommend NOT trying to troubleshoot, as if you do unlink and relink this will put you at the end of the line for syncing (which is currently a long line). Instead, we recommend waiting for the systems to catch up and return sync on their own.

    The problem we are currently facing could cause sync to be extremely sporadic, you may instantly see sync at one point in the day, then it may be hours or even days until you see it again. We realize this can be extremely frustrating and for this we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we work on getting the system back to normal.

    At this time, we do not have an exact time frame of when these problems will be resolved, but we will update the following thread with information as we have it available:
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    I hope it gets fixed soon.
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    Yeh same here... not synched for a few days.
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    no step data from Fitbit, unlinked, linked, unlinked, linked, rebooted, rebooted, rebooted tried on iPhone, iPad, and mac and MFP won't get step data from Fitbit. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!
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    This is very frustrating, I will try and be more patient! ☺
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    Does anyone know if previous days while the accounts weren't linked will eventually sync? I had the same issue as some other people where my accounts got unlinked automatically at some point yesterday, but I didn't realize it until today. I re-linked and it seems to be working now, but the data from yesterday haven't been exchanged. I'm trying to figure out if it's just from the backlog or if I'm going to have to re-enter all my food from yesterday manually on the Fitbit site.
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    I think Feb. 28 was the last day I was able to synch up. Very annoying,