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The LCD Launch Pad, Our Reference Library

In an attempt to organize the many resources available to Low Carbers of all "stripes" we have created "The Launch Pad" which will be continuously updated, added to, edited, and changed in an effort to provide as many "one click" links to ALL of the pertinent information currently available in the many facets of all things LC.

Since MFP does not provide a functional "search" feature for the Groups, we believe this is the "next best" alternative.

The Low Carber Daily Launch Pad is structured as an "outline" with various sub-headings, each devoted to an individual "topic".

There is a considerable "overlap" in the various versions of Low Carb programs - indeed even within many (most?) of the plans there exists significant differences of "opinion" as to what is the "right" way (or "right" foods, macro levels, feeding schedules, approach to calorie restriction, exercise protocols, etc, etc).

Our aim is to provide links to ALL of the information and as many of the various points of view as possible, without judgement or personal opinion, leaving the decisions regarding what is "best" for you - to YOU.

Information is power and we believe our charge is to provide easy access to as much of the information that matters to YOU, as possible. "Opinions", "advice", "support", and "suggestions" are always available in the Group itself in both "back" threads (which are a treasure trove of information), or, if it's a topic (or question) you can't find there, feel free to open a new thread and you will receive a timely reply(s) and likely various opinions.

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Sister Groups

Every so often, enough of us get together with a common interest besides just low carb living that we create a sister group dedicated to that interest in the context of low carb. Feel free to join us there, too!

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