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    This morning I confirmed with my DC of 18 years that I do have movement in joints that have not moved in the past 18 years due to the self fusing nature of Ankylosis Spondylitis. I have been keto/lchf for over three years now. To test reports that high levels of D3/K2 can lower Coronary Calcium Scores I boosted my levels of both to an extreme but it will be at least May before I get another CAC and I was wondering it it would have an impact to calcium deposits on the outside of my joints. I just hope the external calcium deposits are clearing the body and not creating damage elsewhere. N=1 one studies can be stressful but I am excited at this point. The next CAC scoring will tell the tell.

    I'm looking forward to your results on this, and I always appreciate your updates. Someone very close to me has Ankylosis Spondylitis so any good ways to fight that are always appreciated.
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    @aupston Hilarious, I hope the dog eventually got fed! Well done!
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    Not my NSV, but from the neighbouring province... amazing transformation. 326lbs lost

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    Great story. Thanks for sharing.
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    I had to go through everything in my wardrobe last week and everything stored away in another wardrobe (or two!). I decided to try everything and I mean everything on even if I thought; no way will I get into this. What do you know I can get into everything and it all fits more than nicely. I have a huge amount of stuff that's gone to charity/thrift shops and an entire wardrobe of 'old' but what feel like 'new' clothes. Also I am totally sure I am heavier than when I last wore these and let me tell you it ain't muscle, it must just be shape change with this diet. Whatever it is I like the effect and the amount it has saved me in new clothes! Just so long as I don't think oooh, there is space in the wardrobe maybe I need something new..............

    I love this! I did the same thing a few days ago, and had a very similar experience!! Feels great hey?? Wahooooo
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    @elize7 I love this so much!!!
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    @chinatowninchina congrats! I'm not there yet, but can't wait until it's time to clear out all the "too big" clothes!
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    @catherineg3 thanks and you will, you will :) and to be honest I didn't think I was until I started to try things on!
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