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I think we need an NSV thread. If there already is one I didn't see it. I think a lot of people come to the low carb way of eating expecting massive weight loss all at once and since that doesn't always happen its good to focus on the other areas LC eating improves. I'll start.

Last night I ended up at Walmart and Aldi's, while hungry, and actually bought less than normal. 2 months ago grocery shopping while hungry would have meant I spent more on carby foods I didn't really intend to buy because I couldn't think of anything but being hungry. But last night I was able to not only resist all the carby foods, and Aldi's I've realized is about 90% carby foods, but I didn't even want them. Also in the past, I would immediately go home and stuff my face while cooking a quick dinner of pasta and marinara sauce. Then I would crave ice cream all night. Last night I had a small packet of pistachios and then ate my dinner of turkey burger, brussel sprouts, and swiss cheese-no ice cream cravings. NSV.


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    I am wearing my winter coat comfortably with extra room to wear with a hoodie, one that in Dec 2014 I could barley zip up and when I did I had to tug and pull and felt like a sausage because it was so tight.

    @jazzine1 I'm in quite the same situation. I had a weird sensation of playing dress up in someone else's clothes one day I put on my coat without only a thin shirt underneath...
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    Too many to list.... Main ones are my bad knee feels much better. My heart rate is down from the mid 90s to the low 70s. Knocking off the glycogen bloat has taken me down 2 full pant sizes. My shoes fit better. I have more energy. All in about a month.

    Is your heart rate down due to the diet only or do you exercise a lot too? (sorry, just nosy as am conscious my rate is quite high)

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    PS there is a great NSV thread called "what's your most recent NSV" on the general discussions boards, which is great however the folks are losing weight/increasing fitness.