JUNE 2015 - Move Your @ss Challenge



  • verdemujer
    verdemujer Posts: 1,438 Member
    300 miles and I have fingers crossed to make it this month. May was a strange weather month (snow and rain most of the month) and travelling for work too. I've missed all the comments in May and so I really am glad to see that Darkrider and Lovemyalex are improving. What a great group of folks to support and help each other. This is my longest running group membership and the group that actually keeps me moving. Thanks to everyone who makes it possible!
  • vhuber
    vhuber Posts: 8,780 Member
    Started the month with 4.5 miles on foot. Ran most of it but did bits of walking in there too! Running does not do my back ANY good but it slims my hips down & this winter of mainly ex biking was NOT good for the hips, summer shorts are tight across the rear & soooo the dusty roads it will be!!!

  • sussexbythesea
    sussexbythesea Posts: 1,302 Member
    Day 1 3.5 miles
  • postolache
    postolache Posts: 187 Member
    my Goal for June is 170 KM
  • 2essie
    2essie Posts: 2,822 Member
    9.69 miles walked today
  • kar328
    kar328 Posts: 4,063 Member
    Out of the starting gate with a 4.2 mile walk. Glad I went grocery shopping first, as soon as I got in the store there was a torrential downpour - I even checked my phone for a tornado alert. It was quick and I managed to get out and walk and ignored the rumble of thunder I heard.

  • Lovemyalex
    Lovemyalex Posts: 3,121 Member
    Exercise total for


    6.8 miles (one legged biking) & arm bike machine 2 miles

    Total 8.8 miles for today

    8.8 miles done and 91.2 miles to go... :)
  • anaconda469
    anaconda469 Posts: 3,198 Member
    I am beat up, my left knee is beat up, finally took a rest day. Back on the bike tomorrow. Oh and there are thunderstorms today, didn't help.

    Goal Miles: 225.0 miles

    06/01 - 2.0 miles walking

    Total: 2.0 miles


  • clepant
    clepant Posts: 2,788 Member
    Okay....call me crazy but I think I am going to train for another half marathon for later this summer before doing my sprint triathlon. So back to the rigor of running along with cycling and swimming.
    June 1: 8.5 Miles of running 3.5 miles of hill training and 5 miles of walking
    TTD: 8.5 Miles


  • sufferlandrian
    sufferlandrian Posts: 7,907 Member
    Hey, I think @vhuber and I are going to cross the 8000 mile mark this month. :smile: :+1:
  • taxmom9093
    taxmom9093 Posts: 1,296 Member
    Starting the month of June with 4.5 miles.


  • JayMri
    JayMri Posts: 241 Member
    Goal: 40 miles
  • rockann16
    rockann16 Posts: 885 Member
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  • rockann16
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    Trying again
  • rockann16
    rockann16 Posts: 885 Member
    3rd times a charm I hope! LOL! Starting off the month with 5 miles.


  • lamlamsmakeover
    lamlamsmakeover Posts: 6,574 Member
    150 miles this month again for me. I fell short last month, but maybe I can go above and beyond if I can get out on my bike. We'll see....


  • stepbystep6
    stepbystep6 Posts: 88 Member
    June 46 mile goal.
  • wanderan
    wanderan Posts: 1,369 Member
    I'll go for a 150 miles again for June
    adding 7.82 miles for today

  • cpanus
    cpanus Posts: 17,057 Member
    Walked w/DH and Bean this morning. Beautiful day!

    Mon - 6.91 miles


    Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

  • tialynn1
    tialynn1 Posts: 1,009 Member
    June 1, I walked 8 miles.
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