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JUNE 2015 - Move Your @ss Challenge



  • Just_Ceci
    Just_Ceci Posts: 5,926 Member
    12.6 miles on the bike to kick off June

  • carlsoda
    carlsoda Posts: 3,600 Member
    June Goal: 150 miles
    YTD Personal Walking Challenge: 566/1500 miles

    6/01 - 5 miles

  • Jerseygrrl
    Jerseygrrl Posts: 189 Member
    My first time doing this, so I'll be realistic but still push myself. 50 miles.
  • rainydayworkout
    rainydayworkout Posts: 114 Member
    June 1

  • KariD1114
    KariD1114 Posts: 1,002 Member
    Please put me down for 80 miles in June.
  • JTH11706
    JTH11706 Posts: 2,425 Member
    June 2 and I'm already behind :# Three mile run today. Maybe a bike ride or walk this afternoon to catch up.
  • JTH11706
    JTH11706 Posts: 2,425 Member
    Hey, I think @vhuber and I are going to cross the 8000 mile mark this month. :smile: :+1:

    Amazing!!! I am in awe of you.

  • verdemujer
    verdemujer Posts: 1,743 Member
    Ok - now this is more like it.

    June: Goal 300
    1st: 8.48 + 22.4 = 30.88
  • kayak_kutie
    kayak_kutie Posts: 381 Member
    Please add me for 65 miles for June.

    6/1 - 2.32 miles walking


  • commit1440
    commit1440 Posts: 525 Member
    June Goal - 150 miles
    6/1 - got in 5 miles

    Hope to update ticker and put in some more miles this afternoon/evening.
  • darkrider42
    darkrider42 Posts: 4,717 Member
    edited June 2015

    See (but not edit) the
    spreadsheet here:

    Wow! 8000 miles!! That's quite a milestone to reach, @Dean and @VHUBER!!! :star:

    @JERSEYGRRL - Welcome! Feel free to ask any questions and someone will help you! We're a pretty friendly bunch here. :drinker: I got you added to the spreadsheet too, btw.

  • hope002
    hope002 Posts: 1,293 Member
    June goal 80km

    June 2 - 1.5km
  • superfox12082
    superfox12082 Posts: 534 Member
    Put me down for 30 miles please. I'll be out of the country for 8 days and I know that will slow me down.
  • superfox12082
    superfox12082 Posts: 534 Member
    edited June 2015


    Hey, I can run on water!
  • kar328
    kar328 Posts: 4,016 Member
    Jerseygrrl wrote: »
    My first time doing this, so I'll be realistic but still push myself. 50 miles.

    Yay! Glad you decided to join. It's a good group :smiley:

    7.4 miles run/walk. I ran 3.1 miles for the first time since my 5K last September and took 4 1/2 mins off the time. Then slowly walked home :tired_face:


  • 2essie
    2essie Posts: 2,788 Member
    10.57 miles walked today

    20.26 miles walked to date
  • belle_74
    belle_74 Posts: 901 Member
    .. in again for June! Hoping for 60 running miles now that the weather has improved! Started off the month with a 3.5 mile run this evening.


  • Tappy44
    Tappy44 Posts: 1,050 Member
    6/2 - 2.52 Miles walking

    MTD - 2.52 Miles
  • darkrider42
    darkrider42 Posts: 4,717 Member
    I got another "easy" lunch walk in but it didn't feel so easy today. We walked a little faster than yesterday and I was breathing quite a bit harder. lol But that's good for me, riiight??? o:)

  • Lovemyalex
    Lovemyalex Posts: 2,975 Member
    Exercise total for


    9.08 miles( one legged biking)

    17.88 miles done and 82.12 miles to go... :)
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