December Workout Check-IN: The Kettlebells Rock Edition!



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    I've been pretty unmotivated for the last several days. EVERYTHING seems like such a chore. I knew that a yoga session would lift my spirits, at least for a couple of hours, so I went to my regular class with the possibility of doing SL afterward. I skipped on Thurs.

    It worked. I felt better and didn't want to blow lifting off. I need an attitude adjustment...and it's not winter weather that's got me crabby. I live in the south and it's been warm and humid, that could be part of the problem!

    Warmups prior to working weight were the usual

    Squats 125 lbs 5x5
    OHP 55 lbs 5x5
    DL 165 lbs 1x5 Had to switch to mixed grip on the last 3 reps.
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    proud of self for going to lifting club. proud of re-seated rib for benching 75 and deadlifting 145 even though i didn't trust myself much and i quit that weight after only 3 reps.

    bench keeps going up (touch wood), but it is HARD. holy cow, so hard. i don't really get how i can go back every time and be able to do it again with another couple of pounds.

    oh yeah. and also did 2x3 negative chins, which i was pretty proud of as well. considering that rib had probably been wrong for 2 or 3 weeks, which means nothing i've been doing was really getting done well previously.
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    BethAnnieT wrote: »
    krokador wrote: »

    My first thought here is to suggest lunges. Maybe start out static first to get in the groove, and then drop (back) lunges when you get good at them. Bodyweight only at first, then add dumbbells. Single leg exercises are great for building/evening out the leg strength as well as add a layer of stability. Since you're basically never in a "perfect" situation while playing a sport that requires jumping, single leg stability is really important.

    You can decide to work up to bulgarian split squats down the line, or keep adding weight. And once you're ready to go with some plyometrics, jump lunges are amazing to pump the heart, give a good leg burn and learn to land soft and stable.

    Step-ups might also be a viable option, and they also can have some carryover towards working on the pistol squats depending on how you do them.

    Thank you!! I had to look up a couple of these, but I'm interested to try them all eventually. Do you think I could work in lunges (to start) on Workout A days, after I've done my squats?

    Thanks so much for your help!

    If you start out with bodyweight, I would add them in every workout until you can complete 3-4 sets of 12-15 per leg without too much trouble and with good form (legs about shoulder width, torso upright, front knee tracking over toes and not folding to the inside). When you get there, I would start adding weight to workout A and lowering the reps, but keep doing them with bodyweight on workout B and maybe start working in variations on that day.

    The bulgarian split squat is very effective at working the glutes, just so you know. I always get crazy DOMS after that one. It does require a good bit of stability! I tend to look like I'm trying to tightrope when I do them (and I have really good, stable shoes! lol)

    If you can, I would suggest adding weight goblet style at first (holding a weight in front of your chest) as opposed to holding dumbbells to your sides or resting a bar on your back. It will put some more emphasis on keeping your chest up, torso upright, core tight, and give you a little bit of shoulder work on top (You can also hold a bar in the front squat position for similar effect. ).

    Then if you wanna go cray you can always offset the weight to one side by holding the DB/KB in one hand against your shoulder, too, and give your core some more extra work, hehe :)

    Note: reason I haven't mentioned front lunges (where you step forward and then push through your heel to get back up) is because, for most people this puts a LOT of stress on the knee, which is, all things considered, not worth it when there are plenty of variations that don't. Walking lunges are okay, but not always an option depending on what space you have available.

    Hope that helps. I personally hate lunges xD They're HARD! Which is why I should do more of them haha
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    @krokador Awesome, I will start with lunges on Monday! Thanks for all the help. :)
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    Squats: 5x5 @ 71.5kg
    Bench: 4/5/5/5/5 @ 35kg
    Row: 4/5/5/5/3 @ 2x22kg dumbbells

    And some goblet split squats thrown in, thanks to @krokador, while I waited for a free bench!
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    Gah, I'm so used to taking a lot of rest between sets that today took me 2 hours to get through! lol

    Not sure I reported on PHUL lower power before. Highlights? Squats 180x5/4/4 and ramped up to 215x5 on deadlifts (after failing to get a straight 5 with 210 3 days prior). The week around maintenance has helped a bit! lol

    Today was upper hypertrophy:

    Incline bench 85x2x12, 90x12, 95x10

    flat DB flyes 12x12, 15x12, 17.5x12, 20x12 - don't really "feel" these, always kind of been awkward with them and my shoulders don't particularly enjoy either. Gonna do cable crossovers next time

    seated wide-ish grip rows: 55x12, 70x12, 75x2x12

    1 arm Db rows 40x2x12, 45x12
    threw in sets of 1 leg romanian deadlifts + toy soldier in between. 10/10/15

    DB lateral raises 12x12, 15x10, 15x10 to a drop set of 10x10

    Did my 41 manmakers, in 9:12 (11/11/10/9) - these are getting hard O_o

    incline DB curls 15x12, 20x12, 20x12
    superset with rope cable triceps pushdowns 45x12, 55x12, 65x12

    Did face pulls for my trap/rear delt, and finished up with 3 sets of chin-ups and dips on the gravitron with 100lbs assist and got like 9/7/7

    My arms are DEAD!
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    Managed to get to gym after work. We didn't clock out until later than scheduled, so it was late by the time I got done lifting. Left gym after 12:30 and that was with skipping cardio. Need to run soon though as I haven't done it much, so maybe tomorrow night since I won't have work or anything Monday. Been raining a lot so pretty much most days are rainy and very wet out. Lifting went okay tonight but failed on bench and had to drop down a little on OHP, need to work back up a bit after having the cold this last week.

    38 - Upper Power

    bench press 1x2 @ 105, 3x3 @ 100 - failed on the 105, 100 was tough but managed.
    db incline bench 2x10 and 1x8 @ 32.5 - found the mid range so did that instead of 35 and got challenging by the last set though might have needed to rest a little longer.
    pendlay row 3x5 @ 100 - not bad, decided to do pendlay instead of other one
    lat pull down 3x8 @ 80 - challenging but managed
    ohp 1x3 and 2x4 @ 75 - 65 warm up was super easy, 85 not even close, so did 75.
    bar curl 3x10 @ 40 - meh, did between tricep exercise
    overhead cable tricep extension 3x10 @ 30 - challenging by the end.

    Then for fun since it was too late to start jogging, I used the smith machine to do a few negatives cause my arms were too tired to try a pull up. On the top notch I can still reach the bar and my feet are on the ground so it's useful since I'll want to work on the pull up thing to get ready for the spring obstacle run.
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    I'm feeling lazy. I already logged it in fitocracy so here:

    Today was PHUL Lower Hypertrophy. Holy mole-y. I was not ready. Those sets of 12 front squats were more cardio than anything. My legs had a few more reps but my overall body just couldn't do it anymore. My hero manmakers were done after lunges and they were an intense struggle (I'm freaking sore from yesterday! lol)

    There's sun out now! So as soon as I have had lunch *at 2ish PM, yay?) I'm out for a walk! Gonna try to work the soreness out before it even shows! :)
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    Stronglifts 5X5 workout today.

    Squats- 1X5x65/75/85/95/105/115, 5X5X120
    Sumo squats- 5X5X105
    BP- 1X5X65/70/75, 5X5X80
    BR- 5X5X85

    I'm working on form with the squats as well as depth. My BP weight is a struggle for me. I don't have a spotter so am prepared mentally to do the roll of shame if needed. I haven't had the chance to practice it but will make it a priority this week. BR are very heavy working on pulling it to chest.
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    Made it to the gym this morning, but boy am I tired - the last week or so is catching up with me!


    SQ 1x5@40kg, 1x5@50kg 5x5@57.5kgs - will stick with this weight for one more session before trying to do 60kgs.
    BP 1x5@30kgs 5x5@37.5kgs - had to squeeze the last rep out of each set. Will stick with this weight for a while as the next move is to 40kgs which seems a big jump.
    BR 1x5@30kg, 1x5@35kg, 5x5@40kgs - new best for me, but I did feel that my final rep in each set was more of a 0.75 effort, so will certainly be working at this weight for a while. Still pleased though.

    Then did 15 minutes intervals on the rowing machine. That was enough for me today.
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    Well, I went to the gym last night after work. We got out late again but figured since it was my days off (Monday and Tuesday) that being there late wouldn't matter. So, did lifting and cardio, left the gym just before 1 am. Went to bed after 2 am. Got a text message after 8 am and was clocking in to work at 9 am this morning. Yeah... Ended up staying until after 4pm, so now I'm sleepy. Had fast food for dinner cause reasons. Now I can report what I lifted last night and after cat is done napping on my lap, maybe do a little laundry before early bed.

    Lifting went okay but think I need to drop deadlift weight a little to work on the form. Lockout is a struggle and may have a little rounding to work on as well. Might try rack pulls but would have to stand on a plate or something to get the height right because the safeties don't go low enough on the power cage for my height). I also hit right below my left knee during one of the sets cause afterward it ached. Didn't help the leg curl machine involves a padded bar that goes right over that spot. Got a decent bruise out of it. Also, jogged on treadmill for 20 minutes and hope to do long run outside tomorrow (along with lifting at coworker's gym).

    39 - Lower Power

    squat 3x4 @ 165 - after cold had to feel how things were and ended up doing this instead of 170. Felt heavy and slow but managed okay.
    deadlift 3x3 @ 200 - rough. Should have gone lighter but was stubborn. Need to work on form.
    sumo deadlift 2x5 @ 155 - not heavy but had issues with hand placement and calluses on hands ached by them.
    leg press 3x8 @ 220 - not bad but had slight ache below right knee, found out why later.
    leg curl 3x10 @ 70 - doing okay with these.
    standing calf 3x9 @ 90 - eh

    5 minute warm up, 20 minute jog, then 5 minute cool down
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    I haven't posted in a while but here's my workout from yesterday.

    squats: 5x5 @ 130 lbs.
    bench press: 5x5 @90 lbs.
    bent over rows: 5x5 @ 90lbs.
    cardio: 30 minute easy run.

    today: cardio only with a 5 mile run scheduled.
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    I did stage 2b of NRol4w for the first time today. No SL 5x5 for me as I did that yesterday.

    Was weird having lower weights again. No less taxing. Just strange picking up the tiddlers!!
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    Yesterday's workout!
    Squat 5x5 @ 80
    OHP 1x5 @45, 4x5 @30
    DL 1x5 @115 (should've been 125 but I misloaded ... Sigh)

    Other: body weight only lunges, 3x12 each side. Bicep curls: 5x5 @15 Dumbbells

    Today: volleyball :)
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    ooo I miss volleyball though I never could jump high enough. Between my height and lack of jump skills I couldn't do front row much but could still jump in front of line near net even when in back row cause my hand never got above the net. That was many years ago during early high school years as I quit midway through high school as got tired of not getting to play in games and was super busy with other activities. Liked the sport when I did get to play.

    Long day for me. Met coworker at her gym though she was late due to having sleeping issues lately, but she made it and helped get some pictures for me. Then got in the upper body workout. Went to park to run but only got about 40 minutes because the path is shortened thanks to all of the water we've had over the last week (so much rain lead to some flooding issues). Also got a couple of errands done, so productive one day off of work this week.

    low bar squats 2x5 or so at 135 for photo taking cause need dorky gift to send my dad and grandparents, so pictures of me...

    40 - Upper Hypertrophy

    incline bench 4x8@ 65 - warm up felt fine but at 65 it was heavy so just did that as my working set since was over a week since last time due to cold. Coworker also got picture of me on this one with her phone, not my best angle but instagram proof I sometimes do upper body, lol.
    db fly 4x10 @ 15 - smaller gym so doesn't have as many dumbbells, had to go a little lighter.
    seated row 4x10@ 70 - fine while doing but the one there was hard to pull into position. I had to use my foot and struggle before could sit down because of their layout.
    1 db row 4x10 @ 25 - easy cause tad lighter than before, also did wrist curls with 15 for 3x10
    lat raise 4x10 @ 10 - easy as they didn't have 12.5 to use
    cable curl 2x12 and 2x10 @ 50 - challenging at ends of the sets
    tricep extension 4x10 @ 70 - okay though wrist got cranky during one set

    Then jogged for almost 40 minutes with some walking. My usual path was obstructed by water as I run near a small river and park that has a marshy area as well, so after a week of rain, it's a bit wet out there still. Might have to try the hour+ run on treadmill next week instead cause outdoors has minor issues, like flooding. Pics will soon be up in general chat thread to show what was once my jogging path.
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    Lower hypertrophy

    Supersets 1
    Front squat 75# 3x8
    SL deadlift airplanes 3x3 ea
    DL deadlift offset DB 20# 3x8
    Leg lowers 3x10

    Superset 2
    Barbell back lunges 45# 3x8 ea
    Banded Abductions 3x10
    Russian twists 25# 3x10
    Straight leg sit ups 25# 3x10

    Superset 3
    Weighted step ups 25 DBs 3x10
    SL Ham curls on stability ball 3x15 ea
    SL foot elevated hip thrusts BW 3x13

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    So tonight's session I really didn't feel like going to gym, just really tired.

    DL 1x5 50,55,60,65,70 then 2x2 72.5 2x1 75 kg YES!
    Hammy curls 3x15 kg
    Leg extensions 3x15 kg
    Leg press 3x17.5 single legs
    Front squats 1x5 20,30,35,40,45kg
    Bench 1x5 30,5x5 32.5,2x4 35,2x2 37.5kg YES!
    Seated row 3x8 33+half
    Skullcrusher 3x8 8kg
    Preacher curl 3x15 kg
    Db bench flyes 3x12 8 kg

    Over all a good night starting to see an increase in some of my lifts.
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    @christch - well done on increasing those weights! Rest day for me today, I'm tired and I feel fat and frumpy. My challenge for the day, therefore, will be to get through work without killing a co-worker, and to avoid all comfort-food! Not sure which will be toughest.....
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    christch wrote: »
    DL 1x5 50,55,60,65,70 then 2x2 72.5 2x1 75 kg YES!

    nice!! i'm not lifting - tried it on sunday and felt the beginnings of the same crunch/restriction/misalignment in my upper back afterwards, so i'm focused on working that out before i go back. it's too discouraging to keep fixing something and then having every squat session put it right back where you rescued it from. been working like a demon on various muscle stretches and general thoracic mobility work, and have a massage booked for tomorrow as well.

    so glad i live in a city with three or four massage schools that run 'clinics' with their practicum students, since this healthy lifestyle thing is expensive enough already without the maintenance costs of massage. if only i could make my brain see 20 minutes of stretching a day in terms of the massages i won't have to pay for later, but i don't seem to have reached that point yet.
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    PHUL Upper Power #2 - the not so great workout edition

    Got to the gym and my freshly charged (as in not used since charged on Sunday) bluetooth earbuds were dead again. I think the power button has a short and turns them on when i'm not using them, thus draining the battery :/ Then I realized my pen was MIA even though I made sure I grabbed it and shoved it in the gym bag last night. And I was there late.

    My mindset just wasn't there with the crap start. Add insult to injury: I thought I had a 4th rep on that first set of bench, stupidly struggled against it for like 10-15 seconds instead of just letting it go, so I gased myself out for the rest of the sets uselessly.

    bench press 125x3x3
    100x11 (amrap set)

    (switched the order up cuz I was late and wanted to get the big lifts in first)
    bent over rows
    95x5, 100x3x5

    72.5x2x6 (tried for 7 on the last set but it wouldn't go up)

    did my 45 hero manmakers. Took almost 11 minutes D:

    DB incline bench 30x10, 35x10, 35x10, 37.5x6 (left arm gave up first, again)
    lat pulldown 70x10, 85x10, 100x10, 105x8

    and I did 10 overhead triceps extensions with one of the 37.5lbs DB then finished up real quick with a set of alt hammer curls @22.5 (got 8)

    I'm overreaching a little and starting to feel it. Deload will be nice after this week :)