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December Workout Check-IN: The Kettlebells Rock Edition!



  • Ariadnula
    Ariadnula Posts: 435 Member
    Thanks, @krokador, I thought that must be the right one because it had the challenge and you were on 46 on the 17th, so it made sense :smile:
  • christch
    christch Posts: 238 Member
    Tonight's session
    DL 1x12 40,50,60 1x5 70kg
    Hammy curls 3x10 17.5 kg
    Leg extensions 3x8 17.5 kg
    Front squats 1x12 30, 3x12 35kg
    Bench 1x12 25,3x12 30kg
    Lat pulldown 3x8 33+half
    Seated row 3x8 33+ half
    Triceps pushdown 3x10 15kg
    Preacher curl 3x8 17.5kg
    Db flyes 3x12 8 kg

    Gym quiet tonight session went reasonably well. Tired when I finished. Got a pt session in the morning.
  • kimiuzzell
    kimiuzzell Posts: 611 Member
    Hmm...meant to post this yesterday but obviously was so shattered I didn't press the "post reply" button!! Says it all really!!

    "@Ariadnula sounds like a sensible approach! Good luck with everything!!

    I've just got home from the gym. Fairly quiet there today.

    SQ 1x5@40, 1x5@50 then upped to heaviest yet 4/5/5/4/4 happy with that and obviously something to work on.
    OHP 3x5@25kg 2x5@30kg
    DL 1x5@50, 1x5@60 then a very scrappy 1x5@70. Hmmmph...

    Then did workout 2A2 of NRol4w. I gave my all.

    15 mins intervals on the spin bike.

    I'm getting there. "
  • krokador
    krokador Posts: 1,794 Member
    47 hero manmakers (and possibly an extra one because I wasn't sure I didn't lose count): 11:08!
    Even in chunks of 9/10 these are getting HARD! So today is a total recovery day aside from those. Stretch/mobility tonight if I find the time. 2 more workouts to the deload! (Where I will still be doing these tho!)
  • BethAnnieT
    BethAnnieT Posts: 263 Member
    Finished my ninth SL5x5 workout yesterday! The best thing about this so far is that I actually look forward to going to the gym. I think knowing that I am just doing a very few different lifts, plus no cardio :) is what makes it different than previous gym memberships I've had. I always used to think, well obviously I have to go cardio myself to death THEN I can lift.

    So yesterday I ended up doing my lifting about 3 hours after I played volleyball for 2 hours. My legs were so tired. Actually I was tired all over. So I knew I wouldn't be ... excelling... at my lifting last night. But I gave it my best.

    Squat: 5x5 @ 85lb getting tough but got through all with good form. Did 3 warmup sets of 45/65/65 lb.

    Bench: 5x5 @ 55lb I think this was meant to be 60 but as I don't have a spotter and was not at peak condition, I didn't want to risk it. I think I'll do 55 for another week then try 60. Did 2 warmup sets of 45lb.

    Row: 5x5 @ 60lb I felt like I was jerking and rounding my back. I need to watch the form videos again before I do these next time.

    My hometown gym (super small town, family-operated business) will be closed Dec 24 - Jan 2 :(:( So I'm considering paying a drop-in when I'm in the city a couple of times, and/or checking with the local community center to see what equipment they have, and if I could maybe do a drop-in there a few times. I don't want to totally regress over holiday, especially when I'm off work and have plenty of time to spare! I will be working on C25K and doing some hiking / snowshoeing too, depending on weather. So I won't be a total couch potato.

  • dcresider
    dcresider Posts: 1,272 Member
    It's Friday and my made my goal of working out for 5 days. Next week might be harder since we'll be on travel to visit the in-laws. They do have a gym so no excuses for me.

    Gym challenge of the month: Wall sit for as long as I can. I did 4 min:15 sec. and was in first place until I got beat by a guy who did 5:15. Now, how is that fair? In terms of women doing the challenge, I'm in first place.

    No Squats: because those wall sits killed me.
    Bench Press: stayed at 5x5 @90lbs.
    Rows: stayed at 5x5@90lbs. Why do these exercises bother my neck? I try not to look up and keep my neck relaxed, but I still get the occasional twinge.

    Elbow Planks: 2 x 1 minute each
  • christch
    christch Posts: 238 Member
    Caught up with trainer today and he's happy with my progress :) Only a couple of little things to work on like keeping head tucked down when starting DL, head position in front squat and he's going to get me to do a couple of sets of db benches after barbell bench at a lighter weight to work on form. He's included a delightful stretch for hip flexor called the couch stretch which I have to hold for a min each side. It's designed to open up flexor to give greater depth for squat. I don't think I'll be over doing that one.
    AND he wants me to up Carbs a bit, thinks that will give me more energy top get thru my programme. He's probably right. Mind it could be because I've also been doing my full program 3days in a row this week.
  • mirrim52
    mirrim52 Posts: 763 Member
    Finally got back to the gym! All deloaded due to the extended break.

    Squat - 3x5 at 115 lbs.
    Pull ups - 4,3,3
    Row - 3x5 at 75 lbs
    Bench - 3x5 at 70 lbs
    Shrugs - 3x8 at 70 lbs
    Skullcrushers - 3x8 at 30 lbs
    Curls - 3x8 at 40 lbs
    Hyperextensions - 3x10 at 20 lbs
    Cable crunches - 1x12 at 50 lbs, 2x10 at 55 lbs
  • canadianlbs
    canadianlbs Posts: 5,199 Member
    was a whole 30 mins late for training this time. and still got the major stuff done.

    ohp 57 - down from trainer expectation of 62
    squat 85 - down from 95.

    i always somehow pull it out for friday club, so mr trainer didn't know i haven't been worth a damn in the gym for the past two weeks. he wrote up what would have been my normal-progression weights, but i called them at the level i wanted them at. for ohp in particular, i got the first 3 reps of 62 up, but i was having to lay back from the tl-junction zone of my spine in a way i was just not willing to keep messing with.

    so: pleased with myself for being in charge of my own training and setting my own limits well. also, pleased that i lifted as much as i did, under the circumstances. trying SO HARD to keep that thoraco-lumbar junction zone stable and not let it move, so i also feel like this rib setback has been a positive thing that will turn out to have been a good thing, in the long run. it's exposed another little form weakness that i can get to work on.
  • kimiuzzell
    kimiuzzell Posts: 611 Member
    @canadianlbs knowing your own body is invaluable. Good for you on taking charge!!

  • Ariadnula
    Ariadnula Posts: 435 Member
    Day two of lower weights. I have an appointment at the eye hospital on Tuesday, so I'm hoping I'll get the all clear and can go back up in weight again!

    Squat: 3x5 @ 50kg
    Bench: 3x5 @ 2x10kg dumbbells
    Row: 3x5 @ 2x10kg dumbbells

    Pull ups: 2x3 bodyweight, 1x10 15kg assisted

    Then I did 30 hero manmakers! I'm going to feel those tomorrow. I certainly wasn't racing the clock - there was a lot of stopping and 'discussing' with myself whether 15, 20, maybe 25 was enough for a first time! But I got there...
  • kimiuzzell
    kimiuzzell Posts: 611 Member
    Fingers crossed for Tuesday @Ariadnula!

    I did SL and Nrol4w today without the intervals because I ran out of time, but pleased with what I did.
    SQ 1X5@40, 1X5@50, 5X5@60. I didn't manage my full reps last time but got them all today so very pleased.
    BP 5X5 @ 37.5kg. Will be a while before I progress further.
    BR 5X5 35KG barbell..down in weight but much better form.

    Then 2B2 of NR. Upped the weight where I could. All in all a good session to build on.
  • krokador
    krokador Posts: 1,794 Member
    Ariadnula wrote: »
    Then I did 30 hero manmakers! I'm going to feel those tomorrow. I certainly wasn't racing the clock - there was a lot of stopping and 'discussing' with myself whether 15, 20, maybe 25 was enough for a first time! But I got there...

    Awesome! They are pretty tough, and now that I've videoed myself, I'M gonna have to slow down and make sure I do them properly xD lol. I do hope your eye appointment goes well!

    PHUL Upper Hypertrophy #2

    Incline Barbell Press 90x10/11/8/11 (yeah, I'm not sure what happened here. I got 12 and then 10 with 95 last week but eh)

    Band assisted chin-ups/pull-ups (alternating each set). All my bands, knee in (which basically equals NO assistance at the top at all, and probably 80-100 at the bottom). 7/5/7/6

    Did my 48 hero manmakers here, took 12 minutes. I got a very badly angled video of a few reps in the fray, and it doesn't look too pretty. I just pike up during the renegade rows and twist my hips too much, and my squats are not super deep (although I tried a different angle after getting home, made sure to sink in and it still looks shallow. So maybe it's just the angle because I was sitting on my calves! Can't go deeper!) Will have to slow it down, maybe kick my legs out wider every rep to get a more stable base. Moar ab work!

    Got a call from my boss that there was an issue with a website I updated yesterday so from there on I was trying to race through the rest of the work cuz I had to go in and verify (turns out there wasn't anything wrong on our side, tho :/ 2 hours of my precious weekend of doing all the things wasted! :(()

    Cable bent-over crossovers (sub for DB flyes because I can't feel my chest on flyes)
    15x13, 25x12/12/10
    It looks a bit like this: except I'm more in a bent-over row stance and I happen to cross my arms up in front (alternating)

    chest-supported row 20x12, 25x12, 30x12, 30x12
    superset with seated (no back rest) db shoulder press 15x10, 17.5x12, 20x12, 20x12

    Out of the program here, shoulder stabilization ftw, I did rope straight arm pullovers, 25x15, 35x15, 45x12/12/13
    Then I repped out triceps extensions (pullover does engage the triceps a good bit already) to 8, grabbed an ez bar and did 7 reps with 50lbs of curls and called it my vanity work for the day xD

    As you can see, I'm not very good with sticking to a program... lol
  • Ariadnula
    Ariadnula Posts: 435 Member
    kimiuzzell wrote: »
    Fingers crossed for Tuesday @Ariadnula
    krokador wrote: »
    I do hope your eye appointment goes well!

    Cheers, both. It's kind of taken over my brain for now, fretting about it, but I'm dying to get back to proper weights!
  • Ariadnula
    Ariadnula Posts: 435 Member
    krokador wrote: »

    As you can see, I'm not very good with sticking to a program... lol

    I really love your enthusiasm :smile:
  • Ariadnula
    Ariadnula Posts: 435 Member
    edited December 2015
    kimiuzzell wrote: »
    Upped the weight where I could. All in all a good session to build on.
    It's inspiring how how well you're doing with this...
  • andylllI
    andylllI Posts: 379 Member
    Upper power:

    Bench 3x5 85#
    Pull up BW 5-5-4
    Incline bench 35 DB 3x8
    Bent over row 60# 3x8 (did a serious deload to get the last wee bit of range of motion that actually depends on the rhomboids)
    OHP 30 DB 3x5
    Biceps 20 3x8
    Skull crushers 35# 3x5

  • DawnEmbers
    DawnEmbers Posts: 2,451 Member
    Went to gym before work but had to hurry as I barely had time after to get home, change then go to work as I went in early for a 10 hour shift. Long day. Lifting went decent but still struggling with some of the upper body. Need something that weighs like .5 of a lb, one of these days...

    42 - Upper Power
    bench press 3x4 @ 100 - decided not to try 105 at the moment, work up reps then do it again.
    db incline 3x8 @ 35 - barely but too lazy/rushed to go get the 32.5 from training area.
    bent row 3x5 @ 100 - eh, okay.
    lat pull 1x7 @ 80 and 2x10 @ 70 - used the far one and it has more resistance or something, cause the movement feels more challenging on that one compared to the other spots.
    cable tricep overhead 3x10 @ 30 - struggled by the end but okay.
    overhead press 3x4 @ 75 - tried 80 but no go, so stuck with 75

    Yeah, I skipped bicep curls...
  • krokador
    krokador Posts: 1,794 Member
    Easy day on paper, however due to sleep deprivation and just overall beated-upness, it SUCKED.

    PHUL Lower Hypertrophy #2

    Front Squat

    Barbell drop lunge

    49 manmakers took about 15 minutes as expected, but not because I was paying attention to form that much. I was just trashed.

    Subbed leg curls form romanian deadlifts
    115x15 (honestly challenged my grip more than the hamstrings tho...)
    And I superseted the 3 working sets with jump lunges... because I like torturing myself (and couldn't be bothered to do leg extensions) XD
    6, 8, 10 (I was like, recovering from the manmakers still I guess?)

    Calves? Does it surprise anyone that I skipped them? lol

    DELOAD WEEK TIME! I have nothing specific planned aside from the manmakers. Hoping for a LISS day, some yoga and a day of light complexes? Going back on the 27th to test mah SKWAHTS!
  • DawnEmbers
    DawnEmbers Posts: 2,451 Member
    Went to gym earlier today, though my feet are a bit sore from work. On day 5 of the midnight close shifts, which isn't too bad but I did a 10 hour shift yesterday with just a half hour lunch break, so my feet were a bit cranky about getting up to go do lower body work, but it went decently.

    43 - Lower Power

    squat 3x5 @ 170 - wasn't sure at first cause 165 had felt heavy last time but managed more reps even than expected since I can do 3-5 reps per set on these.
    deadlift 2x5 @ 185 1x3 @ 205 - worked on form some, going to take a while to figure out cues and keep shoulders from rounding too much, felt a little better though and might have bruised shins this time.
    sumo deadlift 2x5 @ 155 - struggled with grip as calluses ached
    leg curl 3x8 @ 80 - challenging and did out of order cause had to wait for leg press
    leg press 3x8 @ 230 - just did the easy math so upped it a little more than planned before, more challenging at this point.
    standing calf 3x10 @ 90 - eh, almost skipped but did them.

    Now to relax before going to work.