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    May I have a drum roll please? I lost 2.2 this week!!! I am so stoked!! I was just on the phone with my health coach, Ashley, that is my nutritionist, and she agreed with you all that waiting until that late to eat is not good for your metabolism, and actually backfires, so I will so away with that one. She was very pleased with the weight I have lost thus far, as I am.

    It is difficult to type with this splint on my finger. But not impossible!

    Have I told you ladies lately how much I adore each and every one of you? Well, I do.

    Patti- So glad you are back safe and sound. Hoorah for the Bronco's. I know you will get your eating back under control, so difficult when faced with an abundance.

    Marylynn- You truly live in a paradise. Thank you for all your inspiring remarks on my feed.

    Cindy- I don't usually exercise in the morning. Since I have switched to the steps with the Garmin anyway. I am going to add some dvds this week, but due to this darn splint I won't be able to incorporate the hand weights right now. But I can do the stretch bands I believe. My nutritionist guarded against intense exercise. She enjoyed my favorite quote:

    " You can't out-exercise a bad diet"

    Jeanette - I will search you out, what city and State are you in again? I do hope that you get over this nasty cold very soon. The Urgent Care was full of people coughing and hacking.

    Bert- Just syncing on your phone with Garmin is fine. What is your Garmin user name? I will send you a invite to our group.

    Janet - thank you for the very perceptive quotes that help us all deal with very personal feelings inside. I especially like:

    Surprise and delight yourself by doing something you've secretly desired.

    I better get going. I just taped up my hand and had a shower and washed my hair. You know, vanity. The vanity of my fall is that they shaved off a fourth of my eyebrow, oh my!


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    Well, I went to the gym. I did 30 min of stationary bike and 10 min elliptical at a slow pace. I'm taking a nap this afternoon!
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    HI Jeanette - I just tried to find you on FB but to no avail- you can find me at cindy kahlstrom race - feel free. Prayers to your dear daughter.
    Karla- oh my gosh you poor dear. Tell Glenn to take good care of you
    MaryLynn- the mirror is a great idea to watch form
    Patti- glad you're well rested and its wonderful to have you back!
    Off and running but we walked tonight for about 45 minutes- chilly to start but we warmed up.
    Until tomorrow
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    Oh and I'm a Marketing Communication Manager to a polycarbonate company. We used to be owned by Bayer- until last September- Ive been there 22 years and I am a self published author of romance novels and I write a week blog- you can find me on Facebook Lucinda Race
    So i keep busy with words most of the day :)
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    Hello all - a late check in for me after a weekend hiatus. And it is way past my bedtime - that 4:30 alarm will be jarring! So not going to try for personals tonight. I have read all, and will try to catch up.

    Except - Karla what a terrible fall! I hope you get some sleep tonight and aren't miserably sore for the next few days.

    I took the weekend off from tracking, between going out on Friday night, taking a birthday dinner to my mom's on Saturday, and Superbowl on Sunday, it was just too daunting. I made reasonable food choices for meals, but let the snack monster take over, and enjoyed my wine too! Monday and today I've tried to track everything again.

    TT from a couple of days ago: I've committed to changing my workouts so I get strength training in at least three days a week. Monday I did 10 minutes on the rowing machine then did a 20 minute workout with tons of squats - my thighs are really sore today! So clearly I need it! Today was the elliptical, but tomorrow I am going to do another workout containing more strength training, then Friday or Saturday I will do a DVD. I don't like the DVDs, but in this winter weather I just don't get outside to exercise much on non-gym days.

    I use the Nike-Fit (free) app on my smartphone for most of my workouts. I just can't come up with a series of exercises all on my own - I need someone to tell me what to do. If anyone else is looking to add strength training but doesn't know how to get started, I would recommend you look into it.

    MaryLynn, thanks for those tips. I am trying to do the posture things even while I sit or stand at my desk. I figure it has to help my (almost non-existent) abs and core! There is a walking workout I do, I think it is Kathy Smith. She coaches you all through a 30 minute walk. Two of the things that I find helps engage the core and other muscles is to (1)bend your arms 90 at the elbow, and really pump them forward and back, not swinging, as you walk, and (2) concentrate on a "heel-toe-push" rhythm, engaging the glutes as you walk.
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    Good Morning, Ladies............I'm up very early this morning as I'm subbing at my former school today through Friday. I've created some Valentine math questions based on Valentine trivia; I hope they enjoy completing the task. Have a great day everyone.

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    Good morning ladies and welcome to another beautiful crisp day.

    I hope to meet up with Suzi today or tomorrow. I have a massage appointment at noon. I could definitely benefit from a deep shoulder massage as they are a bit sore, as well as the rest of my body. It will be with a different masseuse this time. Other than that, I am feeling pretty good. I am even doing good keyboarding with three fingers on my left hand. LOL.

    Bert- You are so very inventive and right along the holiday theme. I can't wait to see my new ring again, I have almost forgotten what it looked like, that Glenn and I picked out a few weeks back.

    Patti- I hope you enjoyed your gym class last night.

    Diane- Thank you for the kind words. I think shaking up the various types of exercise is a good thing also. I like your rotation.

    We are supposed to be back up in the 70's tomorrow, yipeee!!

    I am feeling alive and spry this morning. I've been getting some great sleep.

    I'll check back in a little bit. I'm going to prepare a healthy omelet. Yep, back to my early breakfast routine. LOL.

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    TT: Do you give anything up for Lent? If not, what update could you make this season, up until Easter, that will enhance your health, that you are not already doing? Or, what reward can you state you will bestow upon yourself at Easter for maintaining your weekly goals?


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    Good Morning Ladies-
    Diane- good to see you back again. BAM
    Bert- Have fun at school today. Sorry just couldn't resist something my mom used to say to me.
    Karla- I think a massage is just what you need right now.
    Lent- I don't typically give up something for Lent- but it does give me something to think about. Maybe I can give up something that will fuel my WL efforts. I'm going to give that some thought.
    Still refusing to get on the scale but the tighter pants still aren't looser. Walking will help as will stationary biking- and the upper body stuff for my arms. I am working on being mindful and concentrating on clean foods- which I am still working on but it is getting easier. Daisy cottage cheese is the "cleanest" of that type of cheese. So I have switched to Daisy.
    I am not getting enough food calcium as per the tracker. So I need to work on that nutrient. I am taking my vitamins, aspirin, and Vit D- and the walking is much easier. Rick told me he wasn't into running yesterday when we were walking so I slowed down my pace. Its good to know I have it in me.
    Janet- how are you today?
    Jeannette- did you find me on FB yet?
    MaryLynn- how is your food plan going I know you're doing great with movement
    Lisa- Do you play on a soccer league or do you coach
    Vikki- If you're readying this HELLO
    Myra- I'm not sure if I remember but where do you live?
    Patti- I saw the snowy pics on FB of the road trip- glad you got home safe and sound.
    Need to run, if I missed anyone I apologize.
    Until later
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    Good morning all,

    Karla, sorry about your fall and injuries but sounds like you are faring pretty well, all things considered. I bet that massage will be just the ticket for any left over soreness. Congrats on your loss this week. You are really pulling it all together. Losing like you did back when we first joined WW.

    Jeanette, hope to hear all went well with the divorce/custody hearing and that the best interest of the child was the number one priority of the judge. Hope you are on the tail end of your cold by now.

    Mary Lynn, as always your view of the world is beautiful, both in pictures and words. Would so love to meet you and spend time in your world.

    Cindy, I think staying away from the scale for a bit is a great thing for you right now. You are working on all the things that are important to you and they will come together. I would not be too concerned about the calcium level of your diet. Remember that big study recently that showed that calcium can actually build up in our joints and arteries, especially the coronary arteries. I have stopped taking my supplements and no longer worry about the 2-3 dairies a day, especially since it is something I really don't care for.

    Diane, I need instruction too. I will check out that APP for future use. Good for you for changing things up at the gym.

    Janet, loved the pic of your sweet Caleb. Those eyes are mesmerizing. Hope you are hunkered down, and staying out of the snow, that is if you got the same snow we did.

    Myra, thanks again for taking such good care of us here, even if it is easy peasy it is nice to have someone looking out for us. If you ever need a break, just holler.

    Did not go to the gym yesterday as the instructor was ill and cancelled. Was glad because the the roads here are awful and it snowed off and on all day. It is snowing now but I have lunch with the Yayas (my very best friends and much like the movie gals) at 11:30, then hair appointment at 2pm. Going to the gym at 6:30 as long as the roads don't get worse. Eating yesterday was on plan but not enough of it as there really wasn't much in the house. Did have a couple of those farm fresh eggs for breakfast, such a treat. Then Madras lentils with cheese and oyster crackers for dinner. Still felt full from the weekend debauchery so don't feel bad about cutting the day short on food.
    I spent several hours working on the invites. Still need to come up with something for the belly band. I ordered some "powders" yesterday that may be just what I need to jazz them up a bit. They are pretty but painfully plain. Just need to convince my sweet granddaughter-to-be.

    TT: I don't usually give up anything lent, just like I don't make New Year's resolutions. Seems like it is just another way to beat myself up for not sticking to a goal or staying on track like I should. I have never been able to come up with a reward since I don't deny myself anything, lol. I know it works for some but seems to be counterproductive for me so I stay away from timelines, especially when it comes to weight loss, even if I don't state my goals in terms of "pounds off by". Just my querkiness showing. I am already doing everything I know to do to get to my goal. The only thing I plan to do is more research on nutrition.

    Better start thinking about cleaning the snow off the van and getting myself together.

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    Patti- You can get there too. With more planning to keep some staples in your pantry. It is just as important to eat enough as it is to not eat too little, as we have discussed many times. Your summer will be here soon enough and you will be in that roll of summer parties and all that BBQ food. Now is the time for us to focus on getting this weight off before bathing suit time!! We can do this!! With your exercise schedule, if you could get your nutrition inline you would be shedding off the pounds!! Did you check if your new insurance offers the preventive coaching progam? Most do. Just my thoughts and observations of us working on this together for the last four years.

    I am having dinner this evening with Suzi and her cousin Jodi at Edd's Shed, a seafood place out on our causeway, on our waterway. Will be wonderful, and the company will make the meal!! Jodi said she couldn't wait to see my eyebrow art!! LOL.

    Working at home until I go to the massage parlor.

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    Good morning! Another good food day yesterday, now going for three in a row.

    I'm on FB -- Janet Patterson in Louisville. My avatar is a black-&-white profile photo of my Theo the cat.

    Jeanette, how did the hearing go? Sent up thoughts and prayers.

    Karla-- What a bummer -- massage will be extra helpful. Hug Suzi for me!

    Patti -- Glad you're home -- tense drive. I tried those Madras lentils from Costco == very tasty but too carby and caloric for me. I'm going to to a small grocery stockup myself today -- I try to keep nonperishables like canned tomatoes and beans, broth, canned chicken, tuna & salmon, etc. so I can always cobble something together. I think I'll make some black bean soup today. Hmmm...

    Cindy, I truly believe the scale can be overrated. We get so fixed on That Number and let it get inside our heads. How you are behaving and feeling is the more important thing. Being obsessed with a scale number when other stuff is stressful might be piling on. Your focus on clean eating is the way to go. The scale will follow but you needn't hope on it so often. (One woman's opinion.)

    Bert, your recovery is coming along so well. The Valentine math thing should be fun for the kids.

    MaryLynn and Diane, I'm also working on posture. Have decent core thanks to PT after knee, foot and back surgeries. But I have severe back issues and scoliosis. Add the shame of being fat and hunching to try to be unnoticed and consistently good posture is very much a work in progress here. Good reminders.

    OK -- going to head out, then home to work on stuff here. Cleaner can't make it safely today so she will come tomorrow.

    TT: My religious tradition (Methodist) didn't give stuff up for Lent but I have taken it in recent years as an opportunity to give up stuff I crave but shouldn't have. Giving up pizza again this year. My birthday always falls smack in the middle of Lent. Unfair!!!!!!

    I do plan allow myself one package of Peeps and maybe a Cadbury egg for Easter if I stay onn track during Lent.

    I, for one, as a single, unattached woman, will be glad when Valentine's Day is over. Our society has many ways to celebrate couplehood (engagement parties, showers, weddings, anniversaries) but not a one that treats single people as special, favorably or even equal. We learn to cope but it is a bit of a rough time for some of us.

    Back later -- have a good day, everyone.

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    Just a quick check while I update my food and exercise diary. I am still sore so didn't do a full strength workout today, but did do some abdominal crunches at the end of my elliptical workout.

    TT: My Pastor always jokes that he gives up Watermelon for Lent - since he dislikes it anyways!
    In all seriousness, the last several years I have tried to ADD something for Lent, rather than give something up. I treat it as a time of personal growth rather than personal denial, though I know the premise is to mimic the fasting in the wilderness by giving up something. Last year I tried to identify one act of kindness I had performed each day. Sometimes I really had to stretch! But I found it made me more aware of opportunities throughout the day. I think I will do that again this year, but of course that has nothing to do with my health journey! So I think I will add something that is along the lines of the WW guidelines, and try to consume 4 servings of vegetables every day. I normally get 2-3, so this will be a healthy change for me. (and if I can substitute a vegetable snack instead of pretzels, cheese stick or popcorn in the afternoon, so much the better!)
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    Good morning ladies! I just have a few minutes before little Miss Alanna comes over for the switch off. I usually get her for about an hour before I take her to her mom's and head to work. The court case went well, in my opinion. The judge talked them into doing mediation rather than a court hearing and I think it all turned out for the best. My daughter got awarded custodial parent so she gets to make the important decisions for Alanna, though the dad stipulated that Alanna cannot be homeschooled....we were a bit peaved at that but it was a small concession overall. My daughter wanted primary custody, with the dad only having Alanna every other weekend and every other Wednesday. Fortunately between the judge and me we were able to convince her that it was in Alanna's best interest to keep things the way they are (3 nights with her, 3 nights with the dad, 1 night with us). I am pleased with how it all worked out and my daughter seemed pretty happy too once all was said and done.

    I am feeling much better today. I've been able to sleep the past couple nights and that has made a big difference. I think a healthy diet also aids in recovering quickly.

    TT: I don't do lent; just has never been part of a religion I participate in (generally non-denominational, but in recent years we attend a Church of God). I already have to give up so much food-wise because of intolerances that there just seems to be nothing left to give up anyway. What I do when I want to challenge myself in this way is think of who I am and who I want to be, then try to think of ways to get there. This year for my new year's reflection I decided I want to be kind, gracious, and to live my life for others rather than myself. Whenever I am feeling selfish (which is more often than I care to admit) I remind myself of these goals and it has worked pretty well.

    I don't have a lot of time for personals but I wanted to thank you all for your prayers and thoughtfulness.

    And Suzi - I forgot to say thank you so much for the exercise. I have added it to my morning stretch routine! I appreciate your letting me know about it :smile: Also, the only city that comes to mind for Coast Guard is Newport, maybe that is where he was stationed.

    Cindy - I sent you a message on FB but it wouldn't let me friend request you.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day
    Grace and Peace to you

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    Jeanette, very pleased to hear that an agreement has been made which you believe is in line with Alanna's best interests. What a relief.

    I have also decided to try to give up candy and pretzels for Lent. I indulge occasionally and they only make me hungrier (and angry at myself). So if I can pass them up one temptation at a time, I am SO going to relish those Peeps!
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    Hey there ladies. I am still here and hanging in! Had a good week last week and met my workout and calorie goals for the week. This week I am behind on my strength training but on track for cardio workouts. Also have not done a good job coming in under my calories, but will try and get back on track. I saw a new gyno yesterday and she was sweet and highly complimentary of my health. She said my BMI was really good for my age and said I was doing everything I should be doing as far weight bearing exercises, cardio etc. It made me feel really good about where I'm at physically at this stage in my life and my perseverance is paying off! It was very encouraging for me. Oh and she is referring me to a new endocrinologist in town to help manage my Hashimoto's :)

    Karla: those measurement losses are fantastic! I am so happy for you! Awww...Disney is so fun. That's awesome. Hope you all have a wonderful time when you go.

    Beth: Hello friend! I am glad you are enjoying the group! I totally forgot you are a vegetarian, btw. You are doing awesome with your workouts and so, so consistent coming in under your calories every day. I am always so impressed by that!

    Myra: love seeing that you are able to run on the treadmill again. I am so happy for you. I know what you mean about what it does for you mentally. Working out really lifts me up and makes me feel so much better.

    Bert: So glad to hear you got a good report from the doctor and he released you to do some exercise!

    Marylynn & Lisa: you all are KILLING IT on the workout front, excellent job ladies!

    Cindy: glad you survived the dentist and you are doing great with the walking and coming in under you calories which I think is hard to do.

    Jeanette: So cool that you get to workout while you work. Instead of "whistle while you work" your theme song could be "workout while you work" ;)

    Diane: Funny you got caught TWICE and it caused you to slow down and reflect, maybe an intentional pause was placed in your day? ;)

    Speaking of reflecting. I was walking behind a young woman in a wheelchair at the gym today. I tried to help her open a couple of doors leading into the ladies locker room and she sweetly told me she was okay and could get them. She looked to have maybe had a stroke. She was probably only in her late 20's. So many thoughts raced through my mind about this young lady. I admired her determination. I felt a little unsure about doing push ups in front of her in the women's workout room. I began praying for her healing and strength as soon as I saw her. I prayed that if I could be of any encouragement that the Lord would use me even if it was just through a kind smile. Just so many thoughts that I am still reflecting on this afternoon. I wanted to speak to her, but her body language seemed closed and I didn't feel like it was the right time to approach her, but as a physical therapist assistant, I was encouraged to see her stand up out of her wheelchair at a ballet bar and work on her balance. What determination she had. What strength. Maybe I will have a chance to speak to her sometime, Lord willing, but if not I can at least pray for her at a distance. I have so much to be thankful for.

    Be blessed ladies. I will check in when I can, but keeping up with you all via the news feed daily. ((Hugs))

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    I have a quick question. I have a garmin vivofit fit and am trying to dunce it to MFP However it doesn't put the steps into the exercise part of my diary like my iPhone did. Can anyone help? I would like to see it displayed as calories burned.
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    Jodi and Suzi are picking me up..we are going power shopping first!! yeaaa.


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    Lunch with my Yayas was bittersweet. So nice to talk, laugh and eat a bit with them. We had lots to catch up on. Can't believe how much has happened since the holidays. But the bitter news is that my best friend (there are 3 original Yayas and she is one of them) just got diagnosed with breast cancer, she got the path results on her birthday which was Friday. Her older sister died of breast cancer when she was 10 years old. Her sister's daughter had bilateral mastectomy, chemo and radiation 5 years or so ago and had a recurrence last year. My friend has been on Tamoxifen forever as a prophylactic measure. She has not found out yet if this is an estrogen secreting tumor or not. She is leaving for Disney next thursday to watch her daughter run in the Princess marathons, then they are doing a 4 day Disney cruise. She will have surgery right after she returns, so in about 2 weeks. She has always been diligent with her mammos and always has ultrasounds with cone downs done too. The surgeon talked to her at length about her options. Said it was a stage zero. They will do a lumpectomy with node dissection, followed in 4 weeks by radiation. He said if you are going to have breast cancer this is the best type (as if there is such thing) He also stated emphatically that nobody has ever died from this type of cancer. I am just stunned and need time to process this so I can be there for her when she needs me.
    I need to sign off and get my head together. Back when I can talk
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    Hi ladies! I'm reading but wow this week has been crazy!

    Cindy, you asked how old my kids are. They are 3, almost 4 (my daughter, the feisty one), and 8, (my son, the mellow one). My profile pic needs updating! :)

    Myra, thanks, I'll post a goal for next week when I think of it!

    Karla! What a tumble! Hope you're not in too much pain!

    Bert, I'm impressed with your gym time!

    Vikki, miss you, friend :) you wouldn't believe how many family members forget I'm a vegetarian (after 20 yrs haha), so at this point I only expect Jason to remember ;)

    Everyone else, I enjoy reading your updates!

    Oh, I forgot to say that while this week has been really stressful, I'm not stress that's a big win!

    More later...I hope :smiley: