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Hello Ladies, I took the advise of the MFP auditor that deleted Patti's attempt at opening us a board just for our Roster and mini goals. I thought we could start with three, the discussions, the roster and recipes!! I'll go put a link on our other thread.



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    Good morning. I hope we all navigate to this group. We now have three choices here. One for discussions, this one, one for our Roster and Goal listings and one for recipes.

    Today's Topic: As 2016 continues, how do you feel you have progressed in the first 10days? Do you have a specific weigh in day that you count for the week? Can everyone start posting their weekly losses if you are weighing in weekly please?

    Today's quotes:

    : Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
    -Jim Ryan

    It's not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.

    Strive for progress, not perfection.

    Back in a bit,
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    TT: Monday is my official weigh-in day. I have lost 3 pounds since last Monday. I know when I combine healthy eating and exercise I lose slower. If I do food alone, I lose faster. But I need the exercise for my heart and fitness. This past week I completed the 30 Minute Burn dvd FIVE times, plus since Thursday I had two days over 10k steps. I will keep plugging along.

    Off to work today. I look forward to going to Gulf Shores Beach to spend the night with one of my BFF's tomorrow night. She is such a sweet lady that has had a terrible loss. Her eldest son was found dead in his bed 3 years ago of a congenital heart condition. How does one go on? She has a younger son that has just gotten engaged and lives up in Detroit. Glenn got snappy last night. I know it is just his hunger pangs, but he was mean!! I retreated to my room and watched the Golden Globes, after I finished watching Madame Secretary.

    I will check back later on,
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    Good Morning....I'm not sure where to post I'll post here as well as the others. Right now, I'm focusing on eating foods with fiber, so I can feel fuller and get things "working" after surgery, Any suggestions?

    I've been doing my "laps" around the house to get in some type of movement. My doctor said to make sure I walk as that is the best thing for me. It feels to good to be able to walk. Have a great day!

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    I had a baby 8 weeks ago by emergency C-section so haven't been doing very much at all recently. I know I need to take things slowly so am aiming to go for a walk every day - pushing the baby in her pram is a nice thing to do but we are expecting snow later this week so that might hinder my progress a little ....fingers crossed we will succeed
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    Hello everyone. I'm Chase from Las Vegas, NV. I put on a lot of unwanted weight when I retired a few years ago. Now working on getting healthy and active again.

    Looking forward to meeting the rest of the group.
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    Bert- this one is where we post and talk. The other two are, one for roster and goals only and other for recipes only.
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    Karla, thanks for getting this new board up and running. It was my plan to do today, I was too tired last night and afraid I would make a mess of it. Like that we have a place for recipes too. Hope everyone finds their way here.
    Sorry that Glenn was snippy with you, I know that is not his usual behavior. He must have been Hangry. I know he will make it up to you with his usual sweet self today. Give Tammy a hug from me when you see her. I still wear the bracelets she made. Does she still make them? 3 pounds is awesome in one week, don't think you can say that exercise slowed your WL this week. Good job.

    Bert, lots of water is the best laxative. You could try a stool softener like Colace if nothing happens soon. Glad you are up and moving and feeling more like yourself again.

    Welcome Peapod, what should we call you. Congrats on your new little one. I think you have set a great goal for yourself. One thing you can try as the weather gets colder is to get up every hour and move for 10 minutes.

    Cindy, so sorry to hear that you had a stressful weekend. Wish we were nearby to "take you away from it all"
    The DVD is from 2010 called Burn Body Fat and Sculpt your Arms. It has 3 workouts 1,2, and 3 miles and uses 1,2 and 3 pound hand weights.

    TT: My WI day is Monday. I lost 1.6 this week. Always hoping for more but know that 1-2 a week is the norm for me. I rarely lose more than that, exercise or no exercise. I did 2 TRX classes and 2 30 minute Leslie DVDs. I am proud of myself for recommitting and staying mostly OP this week. I didn't start on Jan 1, so don't have 10 days under my belt at this point.

    It is flurrying here but I need to get to the grocery for me and for Mom. I am glad the grocery is only 1.5 miles from the house

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    Welcome Chase, this is a great place to start your journey. Hope you find your way back here and tell us more about yourself.

    I posted a recipe to our new board, I included the nutrition info as well, plus I saved it as a recipe in my favorites. I tried to copy and paste in the recipe builder but it didn't work so had to add each ingredient manually. I am going to try again with another recipe to see if I can get it to work. I have a whole file of recipes that I make on a regular basis and would like to be able to have them here.

    Janet, hope you are feeling much better today.

    Hope to see the rest of the gang here later
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    Cindy, you can find about 30 of Leslie's videos on Collage Video including the one I use with the hand weights. There are several with bands, which is a great resistance workout, and the bands are usually included with the DVD. There is also a new one from last year that is called Tone Every Zone Walk that has and upper body and lower body workout along with her usual walking routines. I am ordering that one today!
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    Cindy, one more note. If you order from Collage you get free shipping on 2 or more DVDs. I also ordered "Walk off Fat Fast" this one is from 2014 but I have never seen it before.
    Hope others find this helpful. Collage has lots of DVDs, many you cannot find anywhere else and at reasonable prices.
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    Happy Monday All!

    gotta run now, but I will check in later. Thanks for setting this new group up Karla!
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    Bert- after my dad's hip surgery, they suggested a combination of oat bran and prune juice. i've tried it, tastes ok (i like prunes) but it had too much sugar for me. Now, i use magnesium citrate. you can get it as a liquid in a glass bottle, but i didn't care for the sweetener used, so I now get it at a health foods store (or online) as an unsweetened powder (i've tried source natural's 'magnesium serene" and natural vitality's "natural calm") they market them as anti-stress, but trust me, it is a saline laxative (put's water in your bowels) I"ve also had success with mega doses of vitamin C..... but it's hard to say what dose you'd need (i guess that's true for mag citrate as well) ALSO, i've had success with "dulcolax" and Colace but since my issue is chronic, i don't want to take them every day 'forever' hope that helps! oh, and lots of water, as Patti said. always lots of water (my family teases me because i ALWAYS have to pee)

    WELCOME to Peapod and Chase. congrats on the new baby, Peapod!

    Patti- CONGRATS on the 1.6 pound weight loss.... that sounds like the PERFECT amount per week for keeping it off FOREVER! good for you!

    I've got to run, but i'll check out the recipe later :smiley: and, i apologize for posting on the "old" thread before i realized we had moved!

    ps: to our group member with the 9 year old daughter.... i'm so sorry i forgot to respond. I'm glad we share that commonality, and when i have more time i'll revisit our old posting site and figure out who you are! (Vikki, maybe???)
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    Patti- congrats on loss. Why were you posting so many separate posts? Looking back to other board? With people commenting on how many new posts I think we need to keep to one at each posting if possible. I will hug Tammy for you. She makes all kinds of things now.

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    Good Morning
    My name is Monica and I rejoined Fitness Pal a week ago. I am 44 years old and have 40 lbs to lose. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and enjoying the support.
    TT: I weigh in on Mondays...I have lost 2.8 lbs since. Since starting fitnesspal and buying an activity tracker I have realized how many calories I was actually eating even though I only ate a couple times a day. Feeling better already and with the tracker I am more active because I can see what I am actually doing (have gotten addicted to getting 10,000 )
    Have a great day all!
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    Good morning all!
    Welcome to Chase, "Peapod" and Monica; great to have you in the group. Finished 60 min. of hiking this morning, now on to 30 min of arm strengthening exercises. Will check back later.
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    Hello to all. Greetings, Peapod, Chase & Monica!

    Congrats to those with losses last week!


    Bert -- Miralax is your friend (have been there multiple times in the past year alone). And plenty of water or other fluid to keep things moving.

    Feeling another notch better today. Had doc visit and she is very pleased with my healing over the last week. I see her agai next Monday and may be able to go a couple more weeks after that. Soon we'll be taking about the minor revisiobs necessary over the next few months. (For those of you new to the group, I have had body-sculpting surgeries to remove excess skin.)

    Going to take it fairly easy this week. Will check back later!
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    Welcome Monica, glad to have you join us. I love my fitness tracker, it pushes me to get those extra steps.

    Mary Lynn, you are really doing great with your exercise.

    Janet, glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Even happier to hear that your Dr visit went so well. I know you will be glad to have the healing complete.

    Karla, I got distracted and kept thinking I was done. Sorry for so many posts, not how I usually do it. Will do my best to try to keep it all in one.

    Edd warmed up my car and cleaned off the snow and ice, what a sweetie. Got out to the grocery but couldn't get my trunk open. I had to put everything on the passenger seat, including a 30 pound bag of dog food (I have a 2 seater, so it was piled to the ceiling, lol) Picked up what Mom needed and spent a little time with her. We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow, so wanted to make sure she had the basics. Making ham, green beans and red potatoes in the pressure cooker for dinner, Edd's request. Decided today is my day of rest from working out. Can't wait to get my new Leslie DVDs, maybe that will help me work out at home when the weather is bad and I can't get to the gym and on the weekends.
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    hi everyone -
    sigh, my workout was torpedoed twice today because of issues with my mortgage refi. I was actually parked and ready to go into the gym and I then checked my email...cheesed me off to not only have to pay for parking, I had to go all the way into the building because the credit card at the exit did not work! Think its all lined up now, tho.

    Janet - great to hear you are doing better! how much weight have you lost?

    patti - you are one lucky gal to get that kind of service!! was your trunk frozen shut? we still cant open the side door of our house!

    peapod, chase, monica - welcome!!

    mary lynn - that hike sounds sweet!

    monica - i also have about 40 to lose. which activity tracker do you have?
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    Hello all - just a quick check in for me tonight. Welcome everyone who has joined us, and congrats PeaPod on the new addition! Both my children were emergency C-section, so I know what you are going through. Let yourself heal! I ripped my incision at 7 weeks (2nd time) when I grabbed my then two year old up too soon after surgery!

    I found my way here - need to find my way to the other two threads as well.

    Monday will be my WI day - this is after one week not 10 days. I lost 3# this week. I don't expect to continue like this! First week is always the biggest loss, plus I had definitely splurged the weekend before I started, so some of that was just getting rid of bloat.

    Good workout today. I did ten minutes on the rowing machine for some strength/cardio combo, then my 30 minute group exercise where today was more strength than cardio. Only problem with the one we did today is that I have to modify almost every move! Lots of sprawls and burpees and things that I simply can't do. This group exercise is very informal - one of the guys has the P90X videos, and he brings in his tablet and we do it together. I've committed to try to work out with them two mornings a week. It is always a combo of strength and cardio, so a better workout than the lazy-woman just get on an elliptical and mindlessly do it that I am prone to do. Problem is that they start a little later than I like, so I can't do it every day.

    Patti, hope your weather improves. We are supposed to get our first flurries of the season here (MD) tomorrow.
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    Quick evening post before the game starts (not a fan of either of these teams but -- sorry, Karla -- my dad really dusliked Saban for breaking promises to our alma mater, so in his memory I have to pull for Clemson (and I really like their pawprint too).

    Patti, I've seen your adorable car and can't picture 30# of dog food riding shotgun! Snow's due here too but I have everything I need, so as long as I have heat, all will be well.

    Have had a grazing day and got a very rare nap in. Guess my body needed it. The bug I've had seems to be resolving itself -- hoping I can get back to salads and veggies tomorrow.

    Lisa, I have lost about 150 pounds. Had lost and regained a lot several times but something finally clicked. Lost about 50 on my own, then 100 on WW (with a few tweaks for my body's weirdnesses). Have had the four Bs done (belly, butt, boobs & batwings). Now recovering from thigh trim -- it's a BEAR. Also had neck de-turkeyed. Am determined in two months that NO ONE will guess I've just turned 65 ... I saved for 20 years to have it done if I were able to lose and keep it off. Worth every penny to me, every bit of hassle and every stitch. I feel human.