time to re june vate - daily checkins for june!

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eh, i held off for two days but my nitpicky streak wants a new thread for the new month, so here it is.

i took a bike ride along my old commute path to eat chiptole burritos and drink orange pop. networking with colleagues, yanno :tongue: no lifting because it's day off.

but my ex-colleague remembers the days when we were both building servers for the test lab at that work site, and we 'had to' get one of the guys to lift them into the racks. 80 grand if you dropped one, especially for us non-employees. so i'd do it and put up with the guys swaggering, but still it irked the feminist pants off of me.

they weighed around 60 pounds each, so it was fun telling ex-colleague about how i kind of wish i still worked at that place, because i could rack servers all day if i wanted to now.


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    Week 5 - Workout A

    Squat 5x5 - 45kg
    Bench 5x5 - 35kg
    Rows 5x5 - 42.5kg

    This was my first fully challenging workout on SL. My "wow this is heavy" faces have started and suppressing the "ARRRGGGHHHHHH!" war cries on the final reps. Loving the whole - yikes don't know if i can lift that then smashing it though!
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    Today is a rest day. My body needed it but my mind is going a bit crazy. Looking forward to tomorrow!
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    haha re june vate, very clever @canadianlbs!

    SL A today,

    Squat: 45lb 1x5, 65lb 1x5, 80lb 5x5

    BP: 45lb 1x5, 75lb 1x5 (unghhhhh, shoulder not quite ready yet)! 70lb 4x5

    Row: 45lb 1x5, 65lb 5x5
    Skullcrushers 25lb BB 2x15
    Shrugs: 2x25lbs 2x15
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    Yay for June.

    Random couple of days. Yesterday, I didn't have work so tried another income potential up in Portland while also doing a couple of things I wanted to do. I filmed some clips for youtube for a Bro day of eating. Got to try out a food truck I'd noticed a year ago called the Cultured Caveman, which had "paleo" style food options. I stopped by gym in morning but the guy wasn't there so did 30 minutes elliptical. The female owner (it's own by a couple) did give me a good suggestion. On the drive down to LA, one option for a place to stop is actually the gym. I can use any location within the company and they have many in Cali. Might do that, do a little walking on treadmill or something (along with bathroom) along the way. I also stopped at the gym after getting back from Portland and did some random arm/upper body things. Pull-ups and curls for the youtube video, plus some other things.

    Today, had work but freight didn't show up until my shift was over. I'll have to put away whatever is leftover tomorrow. Went out for pizza with coworkers afterwards. I hadn't had an actual pizza yet this year, since dairy issues and all, so it was a very nice treat. Did have a donut on my lunch break too cause national donut day, which I'd gotten from Bluestar Donuts in Portland. It was interesting. Creme Brûlée, which I like the idea of but not sure I like the flavor but I can say they got the dessert spot on with the donut version. Lifted weights at the gym a little bit later.

    squats 2x10 @ 45, 1x8 @ 95, 1x6 @ 135, 3x5 @ 165
    parts of power cleans, 45 1x6ish, 65, 1x2ish, 55, 2x5ish. Did some parts of the movements that I didn't count as full reps.
    sumo deadlift 1x6 @ 135, 1x5 @ 185, 215 fail, 2x2 @ 215, 1x5 @ 185

    Squats are going super slow and feel very heavy considering they aren't that close to my max even. Really can tell I've meandered and don't have program consistency. Didn't have belt with me either but I've done over 180 without belt. Deadlift was rough and yet not. I've only done 225 on sumo once, but 215 went easy on conventional recently. First attempt though for 215 sumo just didn't happen. I got it off the floor maybe an inch max. Instead of walking away, I reset, took a moment then gave it another try. I would have gotten 3 reps on the third attempt but the plates at this one shift and roll some with their odd shape. I would have had to reset completely, so i didn't go for a third rep.

    Getting tired but I really need to pack. Trying to figure out what I can take but also need to box up all the stuff I can't so it can be stored out of the roommates' way until I can come get the rest. So much to do. Might be time to panic just a little. I leave very early Thursday morning...
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    trainer day, and 3's week is done.

    bench max was 81 and i may have got 5. definitely know i got four.
    squats max was 85 and i got 5 of those.
    3x5 rows at 75 for accessory.

    rode there, rode home, eating nutritionally worthless french bread with havarti cheese and already planning what i'll go for next.

    and it just struck me. 85lbs . . . t hat's only 10 pounds away from the most weight i ever got to on squats. and back on those other times it was more like :"claw myself towards it on bleeding elbows and immediately deload to square one as soon as i'm there". feeling much stronger this time, touch wood. so crossing fingers.
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    After my rest day yesterday, I was happy to be back in the gym. I brought my boyfriend along with me this time because he always said that he was going to come with me but never went through on his promise. He probably hates me for dragging his butt out of bed at 6am but I don't care! Hahah

    Today was workout A.

    Squats: 2x5 at 45 lbs and then 5/5/5/5/4 at 85 lbs.

    Observation: I may have had the bar starting at the wrong height. I noticed that the heavier weights would get stuck for a second as I stepped back. It took a few attempts to get the bar off the hooks it rests on. So I decided to go down one level and it made a difference. It made starting my squat less of a struggle.

    Bench press: 1x5 at 45 lbs for my warm up. 5/5/5/5/3 at 60 lbs for my working set. Taking advantage of the full three minute tests at this stage. Huge help. I failed the last set...not really sure why but I'm not upset because it makes me more determined to get it next time.

    Row: 5x5 at 60 lbs. I'm super happy I got this one. It felt tough but doable. I'm glad to see some progress!

    Tomorrow is a cardio day - visiting my mom so I may go for a run around my old high school track and do some body weight exercises between laps.

    Happy Saturday!
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    i went to the gym and did some half-assed warmup sets of several things . . . but just nope.

    it's too hot. i'm too tired. i forgot breakfast. i elected to come home and eat masses of food.
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    Hi June. My Dad lost his battle with brain cancer on Wednesday night, so it's been a pretty crazy week. I've been trying to get my workouts to keep some normalcy and exercise helps me so much mentally. I left it until the end of the day though to get Stronglifts A workout in today.

    Front Squat: 3x5 at 30kg. Still struggling with form on back squats, so switching to front squats for a bit.
    BP: 3x5 at 34kg
    BR: 5x5 at 38kg - woo! Third attempt at this weight and previously deloaded here, so nice to get through it. Not sure I'll make it much further though.
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    My cardio for today: https://www.vancouvertrails.com/trails/grouse-grind/

    Sorry to hear about your dad @ninenines. My condolences.
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    ninenines - My condolences. It's a rough time and we're here for you when you feel like typing in a forum. My uncle battled cancer for over 10 years, which was really good since they didn't think he'd last a year. I drove 20+ hours for his funeral. It was very sad but also different. Only one I will ever know to want Paradise City (by guns n roses) to be played at his funeral, yet rather fitting.

    It's very hot here. Got a few hours of sleep, off and on, then chose to get a couple donuts before working 2 hours fighting a printer even though I'm also working a full close shift tonight. Working on packing some but the heat isn't helping.
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    hot here too. really REALLY haven't felt like doing any of the regular stuff, so i didn't. but late in the day i formed a sudden actual ability to concentrate on my jammed-solid si joint, enough to put together an actual plan that goes beyond just making myself do some planks and hoping they'll help (which they don't).

    so i've been doing deadbugs and glute marches and the bear walk. the excitement will wear off, of course. but can i just say for right now that I LOVE THEM ALL. i'd bear walk all over the house for the rest of the night except i'm not sure how i'd explain that to my kid if he tripped over me.
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    ninenines - sorry to hear your news. All the best to you and yours.

    Was sweattttyyy betttyyy doing SL last night at the gym. Usually go in the morning on Sunday but went in the evening - definitely going in the evening from now on. The gym was dead and the ever so opinionated guy who tries to 'help' me isn't around (advise that you feel obliged to follow because of the manner he give your the advice such as: "you should squat last this week", "bend your knees to help your OH Press", "add weights every set".....bore off).

    A nice man helped with my OH Press. He saw me struggle with my first sets and came over. He had his finger tips on the bar enough for me to very shakily complete lifts with good form but not enough to make it easy.

    Squat - 47.5kg 5x5
    OH Press - 27.5kg 3x5/4x5/3x5/5x5/5x5 (Need some smaller increments as 2.5kg added on this is too much!)
    Deadlift - 65kg

    Everything is feeling heavy now. Feels great to be challenged!

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    @ninenines I'm truly sorry for your loss, peace to you and yours.

    Back from Aruba where I did zero weight training. Got some cardio in by default, but enjoyed the heck out of the break! I did gain about 3.5 pounds that I'm lovingly referring to as my Aruba baby.

    Deloaded on my first day back - good idea, apparently because it was pretty brutal (squats, the others were easy enough).

    Squat: 2x5x45, 1x3x75, 5x5x105
    Bench: 2x5x45, 5x5x75
    Row: 5x5x75

    Happy to be back to healthier ways, but not happy it's back to work in a minute...
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    @ninenines, I'm so sorry for your loss.

    I've had to take a week off from being sick. I did some cardio yesterday to get moving again, but I'm back at it today. Today's Workout A is always easier for me, because I have such a hard time with deadlifts. I had to completely deload to work on form and get used to the motion...anyway, here's today!

    Workout A (after warmups)

    Squat 5x5 110

    Bench 5x5 80

    Row 5x5 95
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    So I don't know how wise it was to lift the day after that tough trek up the mountain but I did it anyways because I'm crazy haha

    Workout B today

    Squat: 5x5 @ 85 lbs with 2x5 @ 45 lbs and 2x5 @ 55 lbs for warm up.

    OH Press: Y U SO HARD?! This is my third fail so the app had suggested I de-load. I warmed up with a 30 lb fixed barbell for 2x5 and then did 2/5/5/5/5 at 50 lbs for my work weight. I will see what the deload weight is but yes, this one is definitely my hardest exercise.

    Deadlift: 1x5 at 75 lbs. At least I am getting the lighter lifts - I hope in a few weeks I will be pulling the original 95 lbs that the app started me with.

    Did some stretching to help alleviate the DOMS from my hike. Tomorrow will be a bodyweight exercise day with a little cardio and then Wednesday will be workout A.

    Happy Monday!
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    @ninenines I am sorry for the loss of your dad


    Squat: 45lb 2x5, 80lb 4x5, had to deload to 75lbs for last set, I don't know why I am struggling so much, I feel like I have hit the wall lately and am not and cannot progress anymore.

    OHP: 45lb 4x5, 50lbs 1x5 same thing, went up only 5 pounds to try 50lbs on one set and just struggled to get the stupid bar over my head.

    DL 45lbs 1x5, 95lbs, 1x5, 135lbs 1x5, Ha! I felt strong on this move!

    BB curls 30lbs 2x12

    I think I am just going to stay where I am for the next week, 2 weeks or more- well, I don't really have a choice, I will be staying where I am on the weights, as I am apparently not getting stronger!

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    First off, I'm really sorry to hear that, @ninenines.

    As for me - well, I'm back at it... Back from four weeks cycling in France, so I have strong legs and wobbly everything else. Time to get back to the gym.

    I went on Sunday and managed:

    Squats: 5x5 @ 55kg
    OHP: 5x5 @ 20kg
    Deadlifts: 1x5 @ 35kg

    I'm back to low weights on the deadlifts after hurting myself before going away. I saw a physio and it turns out my right glute and hamstring is stronger than my left, and generally the whole back of my legs is outdone by my super-strong quads. That's what lots of cycling'll do to you, it seems...

    So - now I have hip raises, hamstring exercises, and some re-balancing stuff as accessory work. And now I know why I so dislike bridges, and anything bending backwards - I have feeble muscles!

    I might have a play with a Nina Shanks workout structure that's pretty close to 5x5 but with a few changes to make it interesting. Every time I try something new I miss my squats and go back to 5x5... but maybe I should lay off the quads a wee bit while while building up my butt a bit!

    Anyway, nice to read what you're all up to - you're inspiring :smile:
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    Ninenines, so sorry. I lost my dad 11 years ago, and it feels like a lifetime some days and like yesterday at other times. No rules....take care of you xx

    Lifted yesterday....

    SQ 5/5/5/5/4 @ 67.5kgs
    BP 5X5 @42.5kgs
    Rows 5x5 @45kgs
    Barbell curls 5x5@20kgs
    Press ups and assisted pullups. All good.
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    ninenines wrote: »
    Hi June.

    :( sad about your news. hope you and your family are hanging in there.

    i don't think fasted lifting is for me. second workout in a row without my protein shake, and i just felt really feeble. i did 'accessory' sets at 30 and 45lb respectively for ohp and squats, and even that was quite hard.
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    Ninenines- very sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your dad sounds like he was a fighter!

    Ariadnula- Wow! On your cycling trip in France. I admire cyclists and think it's a really cool exercise. I'm not a cyclist, though I do occasionally bike ride :)

    kimiuzzell- Have you found that assisted pull ups have helped your OHPs? Or overall back development?

    Lifted today ...
    Week 8/Day 22/ Workout B/Total Weeks8

    Squats - 5x5@ 145lbs - went well. Felt strong today. Really focusing on form and breathing.

    OHP - program deloaded me after 2 failed attempts at 80 lbs.
    5x5 @ 70 lbs.

    Deadlifts - 5x5 @ 190lbs Yep, 190lbs! It was really hard today! I really don't know if I can do 200lbs. But, I'll give it a try and do my best. I remember when I wanted to do more sets of DLs ... those were the days! ;)

    Warm-up - did the progressive weights recommended by the program. Planning to try the Agile 8 warm-up next time.

    Take care all!