time to re june vate - daily checkins for june!



  • spritey86
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    Had a mini break from lifting for a variety of reasons so was a bit worried about my lifts yesterday.

    Squat: back up to 52.5kg 5x5 (no good morning form yay)

    Bench: 37.5kg 5x5
    FINALLY. Nailed it. Will do the same again later this week before moving up. Improved form made this possible more than anything.

    Rows: 50kg 5x5 Will probably struggle with next add on but good to finally start feeling this one!

    Added some of the accessory work this time and did skull crushers. Grabbed 20kg as the app said.... nearly broke my nose haha! idiot. So glad the gym was empty at this point!!
  • Deena_Bean
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    I've been slacking on my planned cardio, but have gotten some in (water park all day kind of stuff). Lifts today!
    Squat: 2x5x45, 1x3x75, 5x5x115
    Bench: 2x5x45, 5x5x80
    Row: 5x5x80
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    OHP @ 45 lbs for 5X5. - Okay, so because it was suggested that I deload - would my next weight be a fractional weight or would it bump it up to 50 lbs again?

    i don't know the answer about whether you add 5 pounds or go fractional . . . but if it is fractional and you don't have any then another way to add a little moe challenge is: stay at 45 but add a rep to each set. i played with that idea for a w hile in my first year and it seemed to work really well.

    *i overdid it, of course. added one rep AND one set each time, so it was 5x5 then 6x6 then 7x7. once i had done 7x7 i seem to remember going up by 5lbs and returning to 5x5 worked out pretty well.

    I will try that - don't have the finances for extra equipment right now. Thanks for the tips!

  • fanncy0626
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    Stronglifts Rest Day

    Kettlebell Swing

    Goblet squat-3X7X 35
    Russian kettle bell swing-16 X7X 35

    Walk 1,000 Miles Challenge

    6 miles
  • ninenines
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    Deadlift Day, Week 2
    Main: Deadlift
    Warm up sets, then 3@57kg, 3@65kg, 5@75kg

    Assistance 1: Front Squat
    5x10 at 15kg

    Assistance 2: Bulgarian Split Squat
    5x6 each leg at 15kg
    Superset with Lateral Raise
    5x10 with 2.5kg plates
  • canadianlbs
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    i meant to work out today with light/assistance sets on deadlift and maybe squats.

    got a job offer that discombombulated me instead, so i didn't. spent the day on trigger points and mobility stuff.
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    Congrats on your job offer @canadianlbs! Hope it's a good opportunity for ya!

    Got my butt kicked at kickboxing today...last class of the session is next week. Then we break for the summer. Trying to figure out what to do with my extra day. Already doing Stronglifts 3 days a week.
  • DawnEmbers
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    Today was OHP day. Didn't do much accessories as I did the lifting before work, then had to deal with an apartment situation. Almost didn't make it to work on time cause that and traffic. Luckily, OHP is one of the easier days.

    warmup - 2x8 @ 45, 1x5 @ 50
    1x3 @ 55
    1x3 @ 60
    1x7 @ 70

    seated row 3x8 @ 70
    lat pull down 3x8 @ 70
  • fanncy0626
    fanncy0626 Posts: 6,946 Member

    Squats-1X5X 45/55/65/75,5X5X 80
    OHP -1X5X 45/50/55, 5X5X 50
    DL- 1X5X 135

    Kettlebell Swing

    Russian kettle bell swing-17X10 X 30
  • sammyliftsandeats
    sammyliftsandeats Posts: 2,421 Member
    Stronglifts Workout A this morning

    Squat: 5x5 at 115lbs with 1x5 warm up sets of 45lbs, 60lbs, 70lbs, and 95lbs. - These felt good. I am very proud of myself for coming this far. The sweat puddles were real and so were the ugly faces when getting to the top, but I wouldn't trade the feeling of accomplishment for anything in this world.

    Bench: 3/4/4/3/1 @ 70lbs with a 1x5 warm up set of 45lbs. - First time trying a new weight. I will definitely need to work on this. It is getting way tougher and I have to rest properly. Sometimes I dislike working out before work because I feel pressed for time, but I feel unmotivated after work. I have to use my time properly.

    Barbell Row: 5x5 at 65lbs. - FINALLY! I felt stuck at this forever, but I finally did it. It just took some persistence. I am setting mini goals for myself and I hope to be rowing at least 75lbs by the end of summer. :-)

    Debating whether or not I want to rest tomorrow...rest day just determines what kind of breakfast I am going to have LOL. All day I dream about food!
  • ninenines
    ninenines Posts: 197 Member
    OHP Day, Week 2
    Main: OHP
    Warm up sets, then 3@20kg, 3@20kg, 7@23kg

    Assistance 1: Bench Press
    5x10 at 20kg

    Assistance 2: Barbell Row
    5x10 at 30kg
    Superset with Plank
    5x30sec (bodyweight)
  • canadianlbs
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    rode downtown with contract . . . either i need a tune-up or my bike does.

    been extremely stiff and domsy and tight since lifting sunday, but i stopped at the gym on my way home and did accessory squats at 50lbs anyway. 3x12ish work sets. also did same rep scheme on scapular pulldowns for the usual rehabby reasons. not sure i did them right but i don't think i did them too wrong.

    so tired and really discouraged by the paperwork that arrived in my inbox while i was out. i just don't wanna do any of this, sigh. i haven't had ANY contact or dealings with ANYONE human-resourcey for fifteen years.
  • Italiana_xx79
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    Hi Guys! It's been a while since I have logged in but I don't want to fall off track so better late than never!

    Yesterday's Lifts: Stronglifts B

    Squat: 2x5 @ 135lbs Warm ups
    5x5 @ 165lbs - New PR.. Have been stuck on 135 FOREVER!! 165 without struggle... I may dare to try 170 tonight.. guess I will have to see how I feel.

    Deadlift: 3x5 @165lbs
    OHP Machine: 5x5 @75lbs ; OHP Barbell: 5x5 @ 60lbs

    Leg press: 4x5 & 1x10 @ 270lbs

    It's almost FRIDAY!!!! B)
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    Great lifts @Italiana_xx79 !

    I was really exhausted this morning and debated skipping the gym today, but I went.

    Stonglifts B...

    Squat: 1x5 @ 45, 65, 80, and 95 lbs for warm ups and then 5/5/5/5/4 @ 120lbs. - This felt way heavier than 115 - I was really struggling. I am kind of glad I failed because I want to really nail this weight.

    OHP: Took the advice of @canadianlbs and did 6x6 at 45lbs because it bumped me back up to 50lbs. Maybe on a non-SL day I will attempt 50 lbs but I don't know if I am there yet.

    Deadlift: I pulled 1 rep twice for 115lbs. Sigh..

    Not my finest hour - and I don't know if it's because I was tired, I had lifted the day before, I ate a boatload of sweets, or whatever...but I am trying not to let it bother me.

    My goal is to squat and deadlift my own bodyweight (135lbs) by the end of the summer. I hope I will get there!
  • DawnEmbers
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    I didn't go to the gym Wednesday, so decided to try lifting after work Thursday. Was okay but long drive after work as I got off at 11pm. They are doing construction on the highways at night, which cause slow downs even with slightly less drivers, so it wasn't until about 11:45 before I could start lifting. Some guys were at the gym and right when I was getting ready to use the squat rack, had a guy come over and query about it. He seemed a little annoyed at first but let me use the rack. So, I tried not to take long and just did squats there, not any accessories. Later he warmed up though and we chatted a little. He said I had good depth on my squats and hasn't seen anyone my size lift that heavy. His girlfriend was there, in the cardio area. The other guys had left by then but at the start there were three guys working out together, mostly doing curls and making a fair amount of noise while doing them.

    I forgot my phone in my car, so I didn't really follow the weights from 5/3/1 but got close on the last set. Think next week I'll use my belt for the top weights. It went okay today but 165 was really slow still.

    1x8 @ 45, 1x8 @ 95, 1x3 @ 135, 1x3 @ 155, 1x5 (amrap) @ 165

    good morning - 3x10 @ 60
    leg press 3x8 @ 225
    pallor press 3x8 @ 20

    And now it's just after 4:30 am and I haven't slept at all. Glad I don't have work but it's going to be another long day. First day of no sleep in LA. Think I'll get coffee in a few hours. mmm coffee
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    I said I was going to take a rest day today but then my work told me we were having BBQ so I felt like I needed to fit more food into my day...so I made it to the gym this AM.

    Did a lot of back stuff - lat pull downs, cable rows, one-armed rows, back extensions - with some tricep work as well.

    Practiced a bit of bench - just to get the motion right. I have been a little jerky in my bench and I am trying to stop it.

    Tomorrow I will be going on a hike so no lifting until Monday!

    https://www.vancouvertrails.com/trails/quarry-rock/ :-)
  • buckwld5150
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    edited June 2016
    I'm so bad at remembering to post..

    Wednesday's workout:

    Warmup sets: 2x5 @ 45lbs, 1x5 @ 95lbs, 1x3 @ 125lbs
    Working sets: 5x5 @ 155lbs

    Warm up sets: 2x5 @ 45lbs
    Working sets: 5x5 @ 75lbs

    I skipped rows because I did two of the same workouts in a row because the bench was full last time.


    3x40 seconds


    Now I'm headed to the gym to complete todays workout!
  • Italiana_xx79
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    Thank you @Samanda ... I was able to hit Squats @ 170lbs last night without any struggle. I think I am going to stay there though for a little bit.

    Last nights lifts SL A:

    Warm up 2x5 @ 135lbs
    Working 5x5 @ 170lbs

    Warm up 1x5 @ 75lbs
    Working 5x5 @ 80lbs

    Working 10x5 @ 100lbs

    Thigh abductor
    Working 3x12 @ 167lbs

    Going to try and do the smith machine tonight and do low to the ground squats.. I have already gone to the gym 3 nights in a row and need to change it up just for tonight. :)

  • badnoodle
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    I started SL a couple of weeks ago and just found this group. I'm really enjoying the program so far, except for OHP. We hateses that lift, precious.

    Today was the first day that the lifts haven't been pretty easy, and I needed those 90 seconds of rest.

    So SL B:
    Squat 5x0, 2x5x45, 5x5x70 lbs.
    OHP: 5x5x50lbs. That last set was UGLY, but I got it to lockout. It didn't help that at the next squat rack, some guy was doing 155 with perfect form.
    DL: 1x5x105lbs

    I do have a question for you, particularly the more well-endowed ladies. Where should the safety arms/rails be set for benching? At the level of my actual ribcage (like the dudes), or at the top of Mount Boobulon? 'Cause let me tell you, I don't look forward to failing a bench press and squashing the girls. But I've already found that raising those safety arms interferes with lowering the bar properly. Curiously, this is not an issue covered in any "how to lift" Youtube videos I've found.
  • buckwld5150
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    Todays workout:

    2.3 mile run
    My sister has been dragging me for runs, usually on days I'm not lifting. Its absolute torture for me, as I would rather cut my own feet of than go for a run, BUT I have a navy fitness test coming up so I have to suffer in the mean time..

    warm-up 2x5 @ 45, 1x5 @ 95, 1x5 @ 135lbs
    working 5x5 @ 160lbs

    5x5 @ 45 lbs
    This irritates me considering I got up to 65lbs. Its so hard to progress on this lift, and taking a few weeks off ruins it!

    1x5 @ 150lbs
    I'm considering adding more sets. I love deadlifting and this program doesn't allow for much of it.

    Barbell Curls:
    2x8 @ 45lbs

    Hanging leg raises: