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    spritey86 wrote: »
    I didn't realise that was so heavy for rows?

    it would be heavy for me :p if your experience suggests it was the squats, then it probably was. hope it's improving for you.
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    kimiuzzell wrote: »
    I did bodycombat before work this morning - something I've not done since I started lifting!

    I LOVE body combat! My instructor is so aggressive its funny. " ANNIHILATE YOUR OPPONENT!"
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    I do enjoy it...just took that step away from the cardio room when I discovered weights.

    Mind you....i enjoyed seeing my shoulder definition starting.to emerge when I was punching!!! The lifting has definitely had an effect!!
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    Deadlift Day, Week 1
    Main: Deadlift
    Warm up sets, the 5@53kg, 5@62kg, 6@70kg
    Assistance 1: Front Squat
    5x10 at 15kg - oh my gosh, the burn!
    Assistance 2: Bulgarian Split Squat
    5x5 each leg at 15kg

    My legs were feeling rather shaky by the end.
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    Got my butt kicked at kickboxing this evening. Legs are jelly.

    Looking forward to workout B tomorrow morning haha
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    Due to a mix up in who needed to be where at what time this morning, hubby and I were both running late, and I didn't get to the gym until the time that I would normally be starting to wind down! So I told myself I would just do a 15 or 20 minute HIIT session and then hubby and I are both at the gym AFTER work, so I could lift then.

    However, when I got to the gym, the early morning squat brigade had obviously already left for work, so the rack was free.....not being able to resist the temptation, I jumped right on in and did the quickest 5x5 workout ever!!

    SQ 1x5 @ 60kg, 1x5 @65kg then 5x5@70kgs. That's the second time I've been able to get all 5 sets at 70kgs so I plan on attacking 72.5kgs next time....even if for just one rep!

    DL - didn't have my gloves with me and very conscious of rushing these with my broken finger so just did 1x5 @60kg and 1x5 @70kgs. I should be able to do more of these this evening and up the weight somewhat.

    OHP 5x5 @30kgs - still using my knees a bit - especially on the later sets, but definitely getting a good shoulder workout too.

    Then had the quickest shower in the history of the world and power walked to the office, by which time I felt like I needed another shower!

    Really glad I made the most of the time there, though -it was one of those mornings where, due to the mix up in our times, I could easily have just spent another half hour at home doing next to nothing before work.

    Hopefully, the rest of the day will be steadier!!!

    @ninenines I am watching your transition to Wendler with interest!
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    Skipped my cardio yesterday in lieu of sleep - no regret there, I was exhausted Monday.
    Today, Lifts.
    10 min. warmup
    Squats: 2x5x45, 1x3x75, 5x5x110
    Bench: 2x5x45, 5x5x80
    Row: 5x5x80

    Bench was a little challenging today, squats are squats...I do them fine, but hate them. Rows are pretty easy, may bump them up next time.

    Tomorrow I'm planning on a morning bike ride. I'm scared to run after last weeks horrible pain. I don't know what to do with that. Maybe just back up the distance some. Or maybe just give up on running and stick to the bike. Sigh...
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    So with jelly legs and a bit of a sore foot - I managed to do Workout B.

    Squat: 5/5/5/5/4 at 105 lbs - I actually hit 5x5 but I entered the last one as a fail so I could do it again to get used to the weight. It is definitely becoming more challenging and the last rep is when I am pushing myself to complete. Warm ups at 1x5 at 45, 55, and 65 lbs.

    OHP: Because someone was waiting to use the rack, I changed the weight down to 40 lbs so I could use the fixed barbell. I managed to hit 5X5 with 40 lbs so I hope I can do it with 45 lbs. I am trying very hard not to push with my legs while doing this.

    Deadlift: 1x5 at 95 lbs. Yay! I was very happy with this.

    Practiced some bench because I had some time. One of the guys pulled a prank on me and put an extra 20 pounds on my bar when I was resting. I grabbed it and was like WTF why is it so heavy? Thankfully, he was there to spot but yeah it was heavy! I did 3 though lol so I guess that counts.

    Tomorrow I'm doing a HIIT bodyweight workout...going to be crazy sweaty for that one!
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    After my impromptu session this morning, I have worked out this evening. 15 mins crosstrainer intervals, 45 mins bodycombat and 30 mins various weights stuff.

    Now waiting for hubby to finish his workout so I can cook and EAT!!!!
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    Squats-1X5X 55/65/75/85, 5X5X 90
    BP-1X5X 55/65/80, 5X5X 75
    BR-5X5X 80

    Kettlebell Swing

    Russian kettle bell swing 22X 10 X 30

    Walk 10,000 Miles Challenge

    5 miles
  • canadianlbs
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    glute death, and i do not know why.

    did my deload for ohp 30/35/40, so i'm done my assignments for the week. also did deloaded squats again 45/50/55 because damn. i still suck at squats. i am ALWAYS going to suck at squats. it's written into my stars.

    nothing left on the clipboard now until friday t-day. i think i'll be air-squatting a lot though.
  • ninenines
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    Oh DOMS! Feeling it big time in my glutes today. It's pretty awesome to have done enough to get DOMS.

    OHP Day, Week 1
    Main: OHP
    Warm up sets, the 5@16kg, 5@20kg, 7@22kg
    Assistance 1: Bench Press
    5x10 at 20kg
    Assistance 2: Barbell Row
    5x10 at 20kg

    And that's week one of my first cycle of Wendler done.

    @kimiuzzell so far so good with Wendler. I had been looking around for ages what to move on to, and had originally thought Madcow was a good candidate, but recently I decided I wanted to be lifting four days a week. That's when I started looking seriously at Wendler. It took a while for me to get my head around it, I definitely recommend getting the ebook.
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    Hey everyone! I've been on MFP for years but I just found this group and I'm so happy. I don't know of any females that do strong lifts so this is great! I started the program in January and I love it, I have always loved lifting weights over cardio.

    I had to take a month off or so due to work (I work on ships at sea), so I'm working my way back up to where I left off.

    Yesterdays workout:

    Squat: 5x5 @ 140
    Bench: 5x5 @ 75
    Row: 5x5 @ 75
    Extras: Dips 3x10 @Bodyweight, Pushups 3x10, Planks 3x40seconds

  • kimiuzzell
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    Welcome buckwld!! Some serious weights there...!

    Ninenines, I almost bought the ebook yesterday....am very tempted.

    After yesterday's double workout day, I am having a rest day.....which means walking plenty of miles to maintain my deficit! Gotta love active recovery! My body would rather like a week of very inactive recovery..!!
  • spritey86
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    After resting my back due to bad form squatting on Sunday, I decided to drop a bit of weight and check form.

    Squat - 1x5 20kg, 1x5 30kg, 1x5 40kg, 5x5 50kg
    Felt great! Thanks for all the advice. Assessed low bar position (now much lower) and used recommended ques for posture. Really appreciate the help with this guys! :)

    OHP - 1x5 20kg, 5x5 22.5kg, 1x5 25kg
    Totally screwed this up. Wanted to do 25kg from 27.5kg which were rather difficult for me so wanted to take it back a bit. Ended up going too light lol! Probably for the best since between sets my ex messaged me and it messed my mentality up. :(

    Deadlift - 1x5 60kg, 2x5 65kg
    After my grip failed me on 70kg, I decided to do more sets on deadlifts since I was not working my heaviest on squats today. Felt great!

    Thanks again for the support and advice :) Happy lifting x
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    Time to get back into it. Has anyone elver taken a 4 week vacation which also didn't include lifting? How much did you need to deload?
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    Stronglifts rest day

    Kettle bell swing

    Goblet squat-3X7X 35
    Russian kettle bell swing-16 X7X 35

    Walk 1000 Mile Challenge

    5 miles
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    HIIT circuit today including jumping jacks, squats, dips, mountain climbers, lunges, push ups, and a whole mess of jumping around like a crazy woman.

    Cardio is hardio!
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    Yesterday's workout: (after warmup sets)

    Squat 5x5 120 lb

    Bench 5x5 85 lb

    Row 5x5 100 lb

    Then 20 min HIIT afterward. Good job everyone!
  • kimiuzzell
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    mixed it up a bit today before work - 2 sets of 6 HIIT exercises, and 10x10 squats @50kgs and 10x10 lunges with 12kg dumbells in each hand.

    Harder than I thought - I want a cushion to sit down on.........