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    msviada wrote: » currently 300lbs and looking to lose 80 long term 6 months and 30lbs by January....i want to fet focused on real weight loss abd permanently keep it off. .....i am getting my mind right spiritual and i just need the other components to line up to....i need help

    Welcome to the group! You will find a ton of information stickied at the top of the community page. Have a look through our information there as your starting point.

    Team EM2WL
  • mtpowell83
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    Hi there, just joined the group. I only have 5 pounds that I would like to lose, but I need some friends for accountability! Feel free to read over my profile to get to know me and add me!

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    Want to lose more than 30#
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    Welcome all new members!
    Please make sure to read through all of our stickies at the top of the community page for lots of information about EM2WL all works. This is NOT a diet or a quick fix, so if you are expecting to jump in and lose weight fast, this is not the place for you. We encourage eating real food, in real time, with real life happening. Life is not all about being a smaller size and we encourage thinking beyond the scale as a means to happiness.
    if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

    Team EM2WL
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    Hello to All in this group. I am new to Fitness Pal. I joined this one group because this is what I need to do. Eat more to Weigh less. I eat not often enough and so I store all my food instead of burning it. I have low energy and I am about 30 lbs overweight. I carry most of it in my middle. I am 61 yrs old. I have terrible arthritis problems. I am on lots of medications. I need some serious help to find room for more food in my day. I am so busy that I work at my desk without eating for hours. Somedays I only eat one meal. And then it's a kid size portion at best. I need help to get a little more activity in my day as well as regular snacks and meals. I have an iphone which I am sure I can use to remind me to eat. Making time and getting this organized is gonna be the hard part. But I will hope to get help, motivation and ideas from my new group of friends. Thanks and nice to meet you all. Wendy
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    Hi! I'm at 182.8 lbs, my goal weight is 130 lbs. I've never tried EM2WL before. I've done diets here and there but haven't in a long time. I'm still confused if I should do cut 15% or 10% but I picked 15%. My goal is to slowly get back in to exercising and losing weight w/out feeling cheated and restricted. I give up easily. lol
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    Hi everyone!

    I am so glad to have found this group. I have been struggling without support for a long time and hoping that a online group would be a safe place to share my struggles and maybe get some real help. I have so many bad eating habits! I did not understand one of them was eating TOO LITTLE until I started really tracking my calories. No wonder I was so hungry at night! No wonder I was cranky and cold. I still don't quite understand why I get to have all the layers of fat for eating at a calorie deficit for all these years but other people in my life that have even worse eating habits can be so skinny! I feel really self conscious about it because my struggles are out in the open for everyone to see. Then they tell me to eat more food? It's so uncomfortable to eat in front of other people and this is also contributing to me skipping meals. I have also had a lot of stress in my life for a few years so I am recovering from that still. I was unable to eat from the stress and the acid reflux.

    Well now I found this group and I have been reading through the posts for the last couple days and I think you are all super cute and I really want to be a part of this supportive group. I want to make changes for life. I'm so tired of starting something up and then doing it all wrong and ending up frustrated and hurt and binging on the weekends.

    This group has a lot of experience and I would really appreciate the help. I get stuck in my own head a lot of the time and asking for help is really difficult for me.

    One thing I am struggling with right now is just figuring out how many calories I should be eating. I'm lightly active on MFP and have a goal of 1,700 calories. Is this right or should I be eating more?

    Looking forward to being a part of this group! :smile:
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    MFP when talking activity level is purely daily life no exercise. Lightly-Active is correct if kids or pets or just busy with many household duties even after a desk job.

    If you exercise - that goes on top. Hence the reason the program works by adding in exercise when done.

    For the eat the same daily method, you add up the exercise for the week and divide by 7, add that to each day.

    And is the 1700 the maintenance level, or you already selected a deficit amount?

    It's always better to start from top down, not from bare bones bottom up. Hoping you guessed the bottom right.
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    Hi I'm Jackie and new to this group, sounds interesting I'm trying to lose about 60 pounds and I can use all the help I can get. I am currently trying to follow Macros I got from an online trainer. I am currently 256 pounds and she has me @ 1652 Cals 144 carbs 55 fat and 145 protein. besides the stress of trying to count macros I'm not sure this is working can anyone help? I work out 6 days a week, weights and cardio.
  • kcmsmith0405
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    Hi Jackie,

    That is a really low amount of calories for someone your weight who is working out 6 days a week. I am 215, lightly active and my amount of calories (minus exercise calories which I add back in) is 1700 to lose 1 lb a week. You should check out the Start Here Link.

    You can also go here to calculate your TDEE and figure out cuts from there: weight loss calculator.


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    Hi there everyone....I am back. Done playing games with myself. I have been feeling so bad about I decided to come back. I have an appt with an Nutritionist this week...I have to do something....I finally hit the weight mark that I was so afraid of hitting...So back to the grind stone....
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    Treena59 wrote: »
    Hi there everyone....I am back. Done playing games with myself. I have been feeling so bad about I decided to come back. I have an appt with an Nutritionist this week...I have to do something....I finally hit the weight mark that I was so afraid of hitting...So back to the grind stone....

    Hi there!
    Have you had a look at our calculator to give you an idea of how many calories you should be aiming at eating?

    You can do this! And you don't have to eat like a bird to get there :) EM2WL is all ablout sustainability so there is no on or off plan, just the same way all the time.

    Team EM2WL
  • slimable
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    Hi everyone. I was a member of this group when it was much smaller. I have been off MFP and just rejoined. Looking forward to losing again and maintaining.
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    Hi @slimable
    Welcome back!
    We have lots of interaction over on our Facebook community page. Have you joined us there?
    Team EM2WL
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    Hello everyone! I'm Ebony. I joined a few days ago. I'm LOVING this concept. Eating to my macros and feeling full. I'm glad to be a part of the crew!
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    Hi @ebonywaters
    Great to have you here!
    Please feel free to ask any questions that come up and make sure you join us in our community Facebook group which is where we mostly hang out.
    Team EM2WL
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    Hello there. My name is Tera. I have not been having any luck losing weight even though I have changed my diet and included exercise on a daily basis. I have been on my fitness pal for 35 days now and barely lost 4 pounds. I am trying to lose 40 lbs. Right now I am 200 pounds even. Goal is 160. I need to try everything to get to my goal and keep it off. So, I am here to see what I am doing wrong and get support, and information to assist me in achieving this goal. I am 43 now and want this weight OFF...Please Help! :)
  • empressichel
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    Hi Tera @74ellison
    Have you read through all the stickies at the top of the group?
    That will really give you lots of info.
    4 pounds off in a month is really good progress. Don’t want to lose much quicker than that.
    Team EM2WL
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    Hello all,

    So glad I found this group. I simply can't go on dieting any further starving my body. This restrict/binge cycle I can't get out of is doing more physical/mental harm than I care to have in my life. I'm a mom to 3. Youngest is 14 months and still nurses. So happy to have found this resource.

    For now I have decided to eat at maintenance and see where that takes me. If I lose or gain or stay the same. I started working out more for the mental aspects quite recently so I have taken that into account. Thank you for all the hard work put into this group. Cheers to the new year and NEVER dieting again.
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    My name is Jannylynn and am 63 years young. I am new to this forum. I am a very frustrated person. Was on a program that I did very well on but had a hard time keeping my fat and carbs at 30% and protein at 40%. Was advised to exercise 300 minutes/week with 90 minutes geared toward resistance training/weights. Lost the weight but now it is steadily returning. I am at the wits end and starting to think I am supposed to be heavy. YoYo dieting all my life.. enough is enough. hope this works.