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  • librarycarole
    librarycarole Posts: 3 Member
    Hi, I'm Carole and I'm new to this group. I'm trying really hard to lose the last 10 pounds I need to get rid of to get to a healthy weight and having problems. I love to cook, but I need to learn to cook healthier stuff. I used to be able to eat everything in sight and not gain an ounce, but since I hit 60, all I have to do is look at food and I gain. I'm hoping that having other people for support will help.
  • mbranch1711
    mbranch1711 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi! My name is Marcia. I am currently 204 and working on losing. I had a thought of giving up when I weighed this morning, then I thought to myself "No! I cannot give in that easily, I've just got to change something I am doing" . I am here to learn, to support, and hopefully receive support in return on our journey.