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  • heybalesheybales Posts: 16,957Member Member Posts: 16,957Member Member
    Hey folks - hope the reasonable nature of this type of diet encouragement and workouts is useful for adhering and sustaining your loss to goal, and well after.
  • FireORoseFireORose Posts: 16Member Member Posts: 16Member Member
    I’m trying something new. This past year all I’ve done is yo-yo +/- 8lbs. My new goal is to eat more with my current workout schedule. Im tired of losing water weight and lean muscle mass.
  • PiscesIntuitionPiscesIntuition Posts: 1,182Member Member Posts: 1,182Member Member
    Greetings everyone! I joined because I like to eat a lot, and stay within my caloric deficit. Losing fat/retaining muscle is my goal. After which, gaining muscle is my goal.
  • 1quianasmith1quianasmith Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Hello, my name is Quiana. I’m starting again and I’m hoping I can be successful this time around. I think about losing weight daily, but I seem to be stuck! I would like to lose 100 lbs in total, but I set a smaller goal of 50 lbs so I don’t get discouraged. I’m over 40 and my body is not the same. Everything hurts and I think the main issue is the weight.
  • TishounaBTishounaB Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Hi There!!! I am Tish. I am new to this world. I in the past never had to work out, never worried about my weight, etc. Now that has all changed. I am now in double-digit clothing and my health is being affected. I have a poor habit of not eating or not eating enough, I work a sedentary job but most days I move around a lot. As my children get older my activeness continues to dwindle. A few years ago I had a car accident cracking 3 ribs and injuring my left knee and that caused me to become even more sedentary. As a result, my weight has drastically changed. Also, I suffer from severe asthma and allergies which make dieting hard and going without food extremely easy. and when I have exacerbated the medications to counter that also increase weight. A month ago I was feeling horrible and joined a wonderful gym. They listen and they are very helpful but its only step one. This month we will tackle eating with a 10-week food challenge. I am using this app/group to document my efforts and hold myself more accountable...
  • heybalesheybales Posts: 16,957Member Member Posts: 16,957Member Member
    Good program to get yourself to eating at a reasonable level.
    And with stressed out body, it may even be that your's can't take the amount of diet another healthy body could.
    Hope the workouts help strength everything - can help immensely.
  • annieuppannieupp Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Hi, I'm Ann. I'm the heaviest I've ever been at 55 years old (almost to 160) and can't seem to get myself in control. I've always been able to in the past. I lack the desire to get out there and move and also need to curb the evening snacks and weekend beverages - not worth the extra calories. Always looking for encouragement.
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