Where Are You From??



  • Time2LoseWeightNOW
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    trish55011 wrote: »
    Mississippi.....Ya'll are more than welcome to come to the Hot, Muggy, Deep South! lol

    I just left Jackson on the 3rd. Hot and muggy is right! Still have friends in Jackson and will be going for a visit soon if the Lord permits. Maybe we can get together and have coffee.

    That sounds like a definite plan...just ping me before you come and we can plan a meeting spot...
  • jassnip
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    Portland, OR. I see there are a few of us. @GlitterRayne & @MaryDeLoria friend me, please. :)
  • LauraCoth
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    I live in a small city on Vancouver Island, mid-Island. We moved here last year from Vancouver, B.C.
  • cheleonfire
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  • auntstephie321
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    Dang am I the only one in the northeast
  • Time2LoseWeightNOW
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    Dang am I the only one in the northeast

    I'll ping you if I ever make it up there... My son was working in Buffalo a couple of years ago.. and New York City is on my bucket list...so I could swing up there.....
  • juliegayleh
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    August 26, 2016 10:35AM
    Cary, NC, USA (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park area).

    Hiya. I'm in Winston-Salem. NC
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    trish55011 wrote: »
    @midwesterner85. I would love too! Have never been hiking before, but I really want to. Devil's Den State Park is not very far from me. Awesome trails. There is even an over night trail.

    Absolutely. I think the only area I've hiked in NW Arkansas area is around Hot Springs National Park. There is a trail that starts in town and goes all around before coming back into town. I came back on the east side behind the bath houses and just had a short walk through town. It was around 16 miles total if I remember correctly.

    There are some other spots there and in Oklahoma (Ouchita mountains) that I would enjoy... will try to remember to let you know next time I'm in that area.
  • KenSmith108
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    Garden State, USA

    >:) or o:)
  • Brigit723
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    Southeast Florida
  • McShorty7
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    Alberta, Canada
  • ambergem1969
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    Ottawa, Ontario...feeling a bit lonely on this side of the country right now!
  • CeliaSea
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    So many in the Vancouver area! (Lucky ducks.)

    I'm currently living in coastal Virginia. Recently moved down here after more than a decade in New England. Born and raised in the Garden State, though. What county are you in, @KenSmith108? I grew up in East Brunswick and spent summers at my grandparents house in Ship Bottom. I haven't lived there in 20+ years, but the Jersey will always be home! <3
  • cheleonfire
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    Dang am I the only one in the northeast

    I'm originally from Maryland if that helps. :-)
  • Riche120
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    San Diego, California
  • GlitterRayne
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    Hey all my Portlanders, I have a FB group for local low carbers. Look up PDX Low Carb (can't get link since I'm at work.)
  • tishsmith101
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    Dang am I the only one in the northeast
    Upstate NYer here

  • bametels
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    kpk54 wrote: »
    Cary, NC, USA (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park area).

    I live in Cary, too!

  • kmn118
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    Tennessee, up on the Cumberland Plateau... 30 miles from Butter Bob :)
  • suzqtme
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    I live on the shores of beautiful Lake Winnebago. Go Pack Go!!!